Month: March 2007

Facing cold weather and trying to be fashionable can make it far more difficult. Let’s face it: skiing can be a tricky sport to master, and the clothing makes it a lot more challenging. No one wants to be cold, especially when we are trying do something active, so a bit of planning before you hit the slopes can go a long way.

Miami Vice 80s retro clothingIt’s no wonder that 80s fashion trends are taking us by storm again. When we consider that 80’s fashion was about health, style, and comfort, it all starts to make a bit more sense.

The 80s aren’t necessarily known for the most refined of fashions, but they certainly were a time to experiment with color and silhouette like never before—and get a lot more daring in the way of unisex duds.

Between semi-business casual, office casual, and casual Friday, no wonder things can get a little confusing. Don’t worry though: knowing how to dress for success is just a question of getting to know your workplace and its quirks.

Why designer jeans? Are you picky about washes? Finicky about weave? If you answer yes, then designer jeans are for you. In a literal sense of the word, “designer jeans” should be the jeans designed by a famous fashion designer. In a true sense the term means “expensive jeans.” Usually they are of high-quality too.

Luxury watches are a legacy—again. They’re back from being the status symbol, so if you’ve got one that you have inherited, now’s the time to wear it with pride.

Watches aren’t just accessories, but timeless symbols for a generation. Perhaps you’ve noticed that  luxury watches for men have been advertised recently as not only quality pieces, but as heirlooms.

Light fabrics have been taking the forefront in every fashionable man’s closet this summer, but besides linen and poplin, there’s also seersucker to scoop up. It’s got a distinctive look that’ll get you noticed: puckered texture, distinctive look, and color variations beyond belief.

The classic men’s watch is the pocket watch; wearing one is a matter of distinction, especially if the watch is older. Why not distinguish yourself from the colleagues by fashioning admirable pocket watch. How to wear a pocket watch, however, is a matter of practice and preparation.

In today’s world, men can no longer get away with looking unkempt. In the decade of grunge music and baggy clothes, called the 90’s, men got away with wearing ripped jeans and flannel shirts and calling them “fashion statements.” Even the runway showed the influences of the Seattle sound. But those days are long gone, and in their wake we are left with a complete reversal.

John, Medford, OR asks
Question: I’m always having trouble with cleaning suede shoes and, unfortunately, they get dirty easily. Is there a proper way to do it?


The proper way is to take them to professional leather cleaners.