Month: September 2007

There are other measures of self-respect for a man, than the number of clean shirts he puts on every day”, so said Ralph Waldo Emerson. I would like to know what these are – as yet I have not been furnished with details. However, triviality aside, Emerson’s mockery of the pride a gentleman takes in a shirt is only half-strength; shirts are terribly important, and the donning of a good shirt should give a man pause for a little self-congratulation.

There is a single, tiny moment in a man’s life which is always one of exquisite fear. That moment comes upon hearing that it is time to meet your future prospective in-laws. You could refer to them as your partner’s parents and nothing more, but this would not give the occasion of dread the correct gravitas.

As December and the shiny new year approaches, some men will be looking to dust off their old tuxedo. And so, whether your tux is old, whether you plan to ‘get by’ with what you have or are considering splashing out, this advice is for you.