Year: 2007

If there was ever a misunderstood item of male clothing, then the bow-tie is that item. Perceived as an accessory appropriate for mockery, relegated from everyday use to infrequent evening…

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The 1980s, the decade in which I came into this world, seems to be the decade everybody loves to hate. The music, most people will claim, was not music at…

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Black and white is so simple. One is the very apex of colour, the other the complete absence of colour. The basic art of sartorial monochrome was certainly one of the most influential fashion movements of the 20th century, and it seems like designers and the public can’t get enough of the penguin palette. Read More Timeless Appeal of Black and White

Looking shorter may seem like a ridiculous thought to shorter folks, but if you’re tall and thin, you’re probably looking for a way to decrease your gangliness. Read More Dressing to Look Shorter