Archer Adams: Revisited

The weather here in London has been nothing short of glorious, and for the first time since Christmas 2010 I’ve managed to get a week off from all my various jobs.

Having been deskbound for the last 5 months this was an ideal opportunity to make a few visits.

It just so happens my girlfriend also secured a weeks holiday, something we’ve not managed since said Christmas. And yet by some deft verbal footwork on my part I was slipped for two days. Off the leash I headed first for Marylebone and Archer Adams shop.

If you’re a long time reader of Mensflair, or BespokeMe, you may remember I introduced American born Archer some time back (regardless here is a reminder). Back then he’d only just launched his label and the store was both unfinished and lacked stock.


As you can see from these pictures the shop is looking really good and those dark grey walls really help showcase the clothes. I particularly liked the green check jacket in the foreground and those fabulous velvet coats, a perfect black tie evening coat.



Full credit must go to Archer for pulling this off in a difficult economic climate. It’s now a proper shop and much closer to the vision we had discussed on previous occasions. Although it looks great to me Archer says there are a few more bits to be done, but customers can now visit Archer and see a good range of his clothes from hats and silk ties to cloth books for the Made-to-Measure service.


It takes a lot to get me out from behind the camera, but a nice pair of shoes and one of Archer’s wonderful raincoats will do it. Having highlighted this raincoat on my first visit I’ve been fixated by it ever since. This was my first opportunity to try it on and it didn’t disappoint. Wonderfully light weight and softly tailored with a full silk lining, this coat stands up well as a signature piece in its own right, and deserves to be worn with as little distraction as possible. The wonderfully uncluttered lines, straight cut pockets and slight elongation to the points of the collar give this coat its distinctive look. A definite touch of the 60’s about it.

Thanks to Archer’s generosity, and some unsightly slobbering on my part, Archer is going to have one made up for me. As soon as I’ve settled my tailor’s bill (yes I do pay for the kit I feature) this raincoat will be added to my wardrobe.

All I need now is a little rain!


  1. Kai said:

    That is one beautiful raincoat.

    April 23, 2011
  2. Jules said:

    Been to his store a few times, he is a great guy. He showed me his ready made jackets and coats explaining to me the custom designs behind each piece. I loved how they are still made in the UK.
    The raincoat is very smart reminds me of that madmen style. And Andrew rain in the UK will happen when you least expect it 😀

    The prices are reasonable and it is that quirky mix of accessories he has in stock which makes me want to visit his store again. From the portland general store after shave to the umbrellas with solid metal animal heads on them. I do like independent stores such as his in London they are a real treat!

    April 24, 2011

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