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A reader asks
Question: I’ve been told that I shouldn’t wear a black suit to an interview. Why?


Black suits are generally considered too severe for interviews. While black is elegant and formal, it can be severe and a little standoffish for first impressions.

No matter what’s in style, you can be sure that classic hats are always hot. Dress hats complement a suit, add that special touch to your suit or even casual outfit, and are available in so many different looks that you can be sure to complement your personal style.

Wedding guest attireHeading to a wedding as a guest? Relax; it’s not your wedding. Your only worry is what you’ll be wearing. Luckily, you can’t go wrong when you follow a few rules when it comes to wedding attire. If you haven’t done it already, the first thing that you should check is the invitation, which will usually guide you in what kind of wedding you’ll be attending.

The Look

The silhouette for Fall/Winter is fitted, following the slim silhouette set earlier in 2006. Soft looks are seen sans jackets, and paired with knit sweaters or jackets with a slightly relaxed but tailored shape. We’re seeing borrowed Edwardian elements, which lend a slightly dandified effect to men’s fashion—just slightly!

Dressing Up

fall trend: dressing upMen this fall/winter are (finally) dressing up. Elegance and sophistication in combination with nonchalance are key words this fall/winter in men’s fashion world. For years, men, particularily youngsters, have been striked with loud streetwear. Ultra low-cuts, screaming jeans and tracksuits are changed this season with blazers, neck-ties and tailoring. Even the younger men that aspire to be fashionable, as well as regular guys will adopt smart blazers, shirts and start favouring formalwear and tailoring instead of street-influenced casualwear.

Hat sizing can be tricky, especially if you don’t buy them often. As a perfect way to finish off your look, hats look right at home with a suit and can be perfect vacation accessories at the beach. Simply follow out our guide to get you in a perfectly fitting hat!

Shoe sizing can be tricky at times, but Men’s Flair is here to help. Follow our shoe sizing guide for comfortable shoes to take you anywhere, whether that’s the office, the beach, or the corner store!

How to Measure Your Foot at Home

You can measure your feet easily on your own. If you simply don’t have the time to hit the shops or you want to avoid the crowds, then use this easy technique to measure your feet.

French cuffs are quintessentially stylish and the perfect touch for formal business wear. When combined with funky colors and fashionable prints, they can be the mark of a seriously fashionable man. Dress them up or dress them down, French cuffs are an essential.

What They Are

If you’re not familiar with a French cuff, think of the ultimate power suit. Now imagine your cuffs…are you wearing cufflinks?

Matching tie with shirtMicro-checks, plaids, stripes, and even polka dots can really pose a problem for those of us used to basic dress shirts of light gray, crisp white, and light blue. While we can normally mix-and-match our simple shirts, a little added pattern can really complicate coordination.

So what do we suggest for you to easily match your tie and shirt? If you keep just a few things in mind, you’ll not only be perfectly matching, but will be perfectly stylish, too.