Author: <span class="vcard">Meieli Sawyer Detoni</span>

It may seem like just an itty-bitty detail, but it’s important to choose the proper shirt collar. You can change the entire feel of your ensemble with different choices of collars, including dressing your outfit up or down, gaining a more formal appearance or looking professional and polished.

If you’re feeling skeptical about this topic, keep in mind that this skill can come in handy. If you’re traveling, moving or just doing a little spring cleaning, you can cut your time spent folding short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and dress shirts.

Follow these handy steps to fold your shirt easily!

Caring for your shirts in the proper fashion will result in a crisp look and a more professional appearance. By treating your shirts their best, you ensure that they’ll last longer and look better for as long as you care to wear them. Banish the wrinkled look and say hello to perfectly pressed, utterly stylish shirts for both work and play!

You should always check the care suggestions on your dress shirt and try to stick to them. Always wash your dress shirt after you purchase it. If you wear it right after buying, it will feel stiff and could still contain chemicals.