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Individuality is hard to come by these days. So often we see something we have seen before. Our eyes, narrowing with boredom, look upon ubiquity every day. And yet, there are the moments of pleasure; the simple smile on seeing something new, something unique.

Johnny Depp has exhausted most interpretations of the word ‘unique’ in his acting career. His roles are his own. He brings cocktails of personalities to his characters that both delight and surprise film fans. The same can be said of his style.

Philip John Clapp, better known as Johnny Knoxville, was a born daredevil. According to his parents, he threw himself from his crib as a baby. Since then, he has hosted the MTV hit series “Jackass” and has had a string of memorable roles in a variety of films. A true wild man at heart, Johnny is well known for his sadomasochistic pranks and goofball sense of humor. First becoming famous for testing out self-defense weapons on himself, Knoxville has been a trailblazer in extreme physical comedy.