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“Go digital”, “The world’s going digital”, “Are you ready for digital?” There is so much talk of digitalisation these days. Everyone is scrambling for a share of ‘the digital age’.…

Many wardrobe items experience a renaissance. It is well known that even fashion has its limits; classic designs are rarely bettered, and instead of replacing what works, designers merely alter and sometimes improve timeless pieces.

The necktie has ballooned and dieted more than a narcissistic Californian; a tiny slither one minute, a vast kipper the next. Shirts had frills, and then no frills; the fact remained that it was still a piece of cloth which buttoned down the centre of a man’s torso.


I became a fan of the “Americana workwear” clothing when I first walked into Drinkwaters in Cambridge sometime in the winter of 2003. At the time I didn’t know Gary Drinkwater by name (though I had already met him while he was working at Stonestreets,) but I gotten a mailer. I was particularly interested in a brand called ‘Engineered Garments” that I’d never heard about but had been mentioned on a blurb on the store in a free local magazine.

The Look

The silhouette for Fall/Winter is fitted, following the slim silhouette set earlier in 2006. Soft looks are seen sans jackets, and paired with knit sweaters or jackets with a slightly relaxed but tailored shape. We’re seeing borrowed Edwardian elements, which lend a slightly dandified effect to men’s fashion—just slightly!

Dressing Up

fall trend: dressing upMen this fall/winter are (finally) dressing up. Elegance and sophistication in combination with nonchalance are key words this fall/winter in men’s fashion world. For years, men, particularily youngsters, have been striked with loud streetwear. Ultra low-cuts, screaming jeans and tracksuits are changed this season with blazers, neck-ties and tailoring. Even the younger men that aspire to be fashionable, as well as regular guys will adopt smart blazers, shirts and start favouring formalwear and tailoring instead of street-influenced casualwear.