Fall/Winter 2005/2006 Men’s Fashion Trends

Dressing Up

fall trend: dressing upMen this fall/winter are (finally) dressing up. Elegance and sophistication in combination with nonchalance are key words this fall/winter in men’s fashion world. For years, men, particularily youngsters, have been striked with loud streetwear. Ultra low-cuts, screaming jeans and tracksuits are changed this season with blazers, neck-ties and tailoring. Even the younger men that aspire to be fashionable, as well as regular guys will adopt smart blazers, shirts and start favouring formalwear and tailoring instead of street-influenced casualwear. The polished look will mix more and more into everyday clothes this winter and following seasons as well.


fall fashion: glamourMen finally care what they wear and how they look. Men’s fashion goes mainstream – into the closets of regular guys. It doesn’t mean that all guys will be suddenly well dressed, but lot of them will try to be. As a result, glamour will take its place this winter. Lot of guys will want to look glamorous. Decorative and excessive new details in fabric mixture, colorful and unexpected accessories or color variation will be present on this winter’s fashion setting. We’ve seen at catewalks a lot of interesting mixes of chalk stripes and pin stripes, sound colours and matching ties, creative knits in exquisite coloring and patterns. This glamorous look is far from being showy and loud. This fall/winter trend is glamorous in a more sophisticated approach, with classic styles serving as the foundation.

Key Element: Casual Blazer

fall blazerThe key element in this fall/winter (and every other) season is blazer. Even young men will fashion blazers with delight this fall. Blazers are very versatile and great piece for mixing and matching with various looks. Success of blazers also lies in fact that “Men are a little less afraid of wearing a blazer because it’s less formal than a suit, and worn essentially as outerwear,” says Erica Archambault, Gap spokesperson. Very hot this season are tweed and velvet blazers. Colors for velvet blazers are dark and subtle, mostly black and brown. Tweed blazers colors like its material are classic, mostly grey and neutral.

sweaters for fall/winter 2005/2006Another Key Element: Sweaters Of All Kinds

Sweaters of all types and shapes are big this winter. Cardigans, vests, cable knits, and turtlenecks – they are all in vogue this winter. Very present on catewalks were cardigans, sleeveless sweater vests and chunky oversized sweaters inspired by hunting sports and British country life. Cardigans are slimmer and not ziped, but buttoned. Biggest pattern is classic argyle in new colors and simpler arrangement, mostly cut into vests. Hottest fabrics are cashmere and fine wool.

Shoes: Sophisticated In Formal, Rustic In Casualcasual boots for fall

dress shoes for fallTrends for formal shoes this year are in accordance with general trend of dressing up. New variation of classics with long front and lightly raised tips are big hit. Chelsea boots are once again boots of the year. Trends on casual scene are quite opposite. Mid and low rustic boots with leather in natural fashion are major look. Cowboy boots are also hit once again.