Spring Footwear

We all look forward to spring’s arrival. We impatiently drum our fingers as we will the quickening passing of time in late winter; the December wishes for snowfall seem capricious and heartless now as the buds struggle through. The sun is warmer, the days begin to lengthen and a satisfaction touches us all: “This is it. This is the start now” said a friend on a recent, clement afternoon, his face upturned, bathing in the sunshine; his eyes were closed, visions before him, no doubt, of the summer to come; anticipation of the change in season. In the spirit of this impatience I turn my attention (in late February no less) to the ideal shoes for spring.

Putting a ‘spring into one’s step’ is not particularly challenging; the perfect partners to the fresh beauty of spring; the gorgeous floral aromas, sunny afternoons and warm evenings, are available all year round but it is at spring time that they have their greatest effect. For the shoes selected are not of the meek, slink into the background, ‘hope-they-don’t-notice-me’ kind; these shoes are bold, statement shoes. Bright and wonderful, they’ll add a playful touch to a spring wardrobe.

Creamy white shoes

One of my favourite shoes for springtime, creamy white shoes are simply perfect with the lighter colours of the season. They are very rarely worn, which to me makes them all the more appealing. They are simply the most discerning shoe to wear with ‘mostly white’ ensembles – although light tan brogues also look rather swell – because they do not end abruptly the gentle tone of an ensemble; they add to the mysterious paleness and, in doing so, add majesty in pursuit of harmony. They also look excellent with mid-blue suits – add a panama on a bright spring day – khaki and buff colours.

Spectator/co-respondent shoes

The Sartorialist once wrote that spectator shoes are ‘borderline costume’, but I think to label them as such illustrates how reigned in and terrified gentlemen have become of adapting vintage styles; if something looks stylish, adds character and matches an ensemble, why not wear it? Some interesting styles are available from manufacturers at different ends of the spectrum. Dune have some wonderful co-respondents called ‘Allen’ for £85; Edward Green sell the magnificent Malverns in a number of complementary tones for £540.

Light tan brogues

Far more ‘regular’ than the aforementioned suggestions, light tan brogues are nevertheless a rare sight on the streets. If brown is worn, it is usually darker; chocolate and even burgundy browns are far more common. This is perhaps due to the fact that light shoes are not only sartorially less of a ‘safe bet’ but also that lighter tan is a little ‘out there’ and a little less adaptable; but in spring time, there is nothing better. The golden, peanut butter tones look wonderful next to deep blues, charcoals and caramels – perfect choices for a spring suit wardrobe.


  1. Yes indeed the shoes of a gentlemen can make the differents. Those designs are timeless 😉

    February 26, 2009
  2. C.S. said:

    Who makes the tan brogues in the picture? Those are beautiful.

    February 27, 2009
  3. C.S. said:

    Yes, yes, semi-brogues . . . I know. But they’re still nice lookin’

    February 27, 2009
  4. G. said:

    What about brown suede oxfords as a very versatile option? One of my favorites.

    February 28, 2009
  5. The white shoes are definitely a classic but can be a tragedy when done in haste. Not for the amateurs.

    February 28, 2009
  6. The tan shoes in the picture are the Radley by Grenson. I agree, I think they’re rather wonderful – particularly the shape of the toe.


    March 1, 2009

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