3 Wardrobe Essentials for the Fall Season

I am actually looking forward to autumn. I may regret this statement in a month or so, when it has turned drastically colder, when the streets are cheerless wind tunnels and the rain beats down relentlessly on my trusty umbrella; all things which explain why usually, I hate this time of year.

However, the pending arrival of “Fall” does not bother me. Call it whimsical nostalgia if you will but I can’t help dreaming of a street of red and gold; sad sepia reminders of the glories of summer. Beautiful sunset walks in the park on Sunday afternoons, and cosy dinners in the purple twilight and beneath the twinkling lights of old St James. Autumn has its considerable charms.

When spring seems a lifetime ago, and summer a quickly fading dream, it’s time to turn ones wardrobe inside out; light blues, greens and bold pinks are wonderful colours for the warmer times of year, but September rules apply soon; rusts, earthy greens, rich reds and classic browns are musts.

There is pleasure to be had in a classic mackintosh raincoat, and a good pair of slim-fit trousers really set the style for the golden season. I have compiled a list of three autumn essentials, giving a simultaneous nod to trend and style; I am looking forward to seeing them around soon.

A Classic Raincoat

Rain doesn’t belong in autumn. It’s awful when the crisp leaves, normally crunching beneath ones feet get soggy. But in certain climates, you will experience some precipitation. A classic mackintosh from Burberry (pictured) is just the ticket for soggy days, and never looks out of place when there’s not a cloud in sight. Smart and sporty, it matches a number of looks. If you can’t afford Burberry’s prices, then check out the Zara man version. Excellent manufacturing quality and style at a fraction of the price.

Dark Slim-fit Denim

Skinny jeans weren’t for everyone, and baggy boot-cuts are just not elegant. However, a happy (and definitely stylish) medium has found its way into most high street shops; the slim-fit jean. Look out for darker colours for autumn; light washes can look good too, but this time of year is about toning down on ones lower half. Brown and burgundy denim is finding its way into the clothing market, and these can add a subtle sophistication to any look. Diesel, Seven and Replay (pictured) make very good denim (despite what ‘denim purists’ might have told you.)

Brown Shoes

It may sound cliché, but above all corduroy jackets, tweed trousers, ivy green cashmere jumpers and plaid shirts that are currently hot looks for the coming season, I rate the brown shoe as the third essential item for autumn. The reason for this is the drama of the colour against darker tones; purists will suggest one should never wear brown shoes in the metropolis, however, I have always thought the brown shoe looks individually smarter than the its black cousin. And of course, the rich tones of colour bring warmth to a look in the colder seasons.

And finally, in autumn, as there is much focus on a preppy, collegiate style, keep the looks smart. The brown shoes should be something like an Oxford lace-up in style, or a penny loafer. Nothing encapsulates early autumn style better than Ivy League chic.