Corbin Trousers

Words by: Andrew Hodges

Some readers may recall my previous complaints about the low rise of today’s commercially available trousers. They look terrible with a waistcoat. They make a man’s legs look short. They are unflattering to any man who has a paunch around his middle.

Last month I took my complaint to my local gentleman’s shop. The suggestion was made that I order a pair of trousers from the Corbin Trouser Company (link:] in Pennsylvania. Corbin offers a selection of about 150 fabrics in their custom trouser program. The service is certainly not bespoke; you start with a standard-sized pattern and then choose custom options.

I decided to order a pair of flat-front trousers in a mid-gray flannel. I asked for an extremely high rise (at least compared to today’s offerings), no belt loops, side buckles, and buttons for braces. After about a week I received word that the flannel was no longer available and that I would have to choose a different fabric. I opted then for a mid-gray cavalry twill. After that minor hiccup, the trousers were delivered to the store within a few weeks.

Once the pants arrived it became quickly apparent that some alterations would be necessary by the shop’s local tailor. Both the waist and seat were let out, and the pants were cuffed at an appropriate length. These alterations added a few more days and hassle to the process.


Now that I have the trousers in hand, I can say that I am pleased with the result. You can see from the photograph the height of the rise; it is about two to three inches higher than most of my pants. The waistband hits at about my navel. I have tried on a couple of vests with the pants and they cover the waistband appropriately.

The pants also have some nice details. The four-button fastening system is an interesting and secure design. The side buckles are out of the ordinary, and the decision to eliminate the belt loops has resulted in a very clean and smooth waistband.


The downside is that the trousers cost $295 plus tax. I think that’s a pretty high price tag for a fairly basic pair of trousers. Nevertheless, it was a price I was willing to pay for options that are unfortunately not readily available elsewhere.