Dressing to Look Slimmer

It really doesn’t take much to look slimmer. Note that I didn’t say “slim” exactly, but it is possibly no matter what your size to look as though you have lost five, ten or even twenty pounds. Embracing slim style means less time at the gym, extra attention at your job, and an extra notice or two from potential partners. . . tempting, right?

Tips for Dressing Thinner

• Suit Up
Get tailored suits to help your frame. No matter what you’re tempted to buy, loose shapes won’t help you look any slimmer. Instead, find fine fabrics with the help of your tailor, and wear lined jackets and trousers that skim over your problem parts, such as your legs or stomach area.

Have a big tummy?
Try to make your legs look larger to avoid magnifying stumpiness. Rolling up your pants may be convenient, but it’s a heck of a lot less flattering than a pair of properly tailored pants.

• Leg It
Wear flat-front trousers instead of ones tricked out with extra pockets, front pleats, and any extra tightness. If you get any extra puffiness in the front of the trousers, that won’t do anything for your stomach area.

• Go Monochromatic
The more even and similar colors will make you look much slimmer. All you need to do is choose similar colors like a brown sweater, brown slacks, and brown shoes to visually lengthen your frame.

• Mix in a Little Black
Black isn’t everyone’s favorite color, but you’ll be amazed at what it does for your shape. If black is too severe and you don’t want to look like you’re on your way to a funeral, try dark colors like deep navy and charcoal.

Major Things to Avoid

• Have you gotten bigger? If your suits don’t fit well, don’t force it. Whenever items don’t fit should be given a good clean and put back into storage to avoid temptation when you’re already running 15 minutes late and a clean suit is sitting right there in your closet.

• Don’t wear blocks of color that draw attention to areas you’re not into. If you have a large stomach and you’d rather not have anyone looking right at your middle, stay away from bright dress shirts like hot pink, purple, and yellow. Instead, choose softer colors that coordinate with your suit instead of a stark complement.

• Try not to have any dramatic color changes at your waist, such as a light shirt paired with a pair of dark pants.

• Don’t use a satchel with a strap that runs across your chest. You’ll add definition to any extra weight there, and that includes the “moobs.” On the other hand, you’ll need to find a suitable bag and not stuff your pockets– who wants to add an extra 5 pounds around the middle?

• Consider custom shirts if your weight stays pretty even. Otherwise, hunt for quality shirts with free alterations until you reach a size worth investing in.