Choosing Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

When I went shopping with a young lady recently for some new glasses, the massive range of designer frames on offer pushed me into a state of contemplation; I began to wonder what frames would suit my face, should the need for eyewear present itself. At present I have very good vision, although as both my mother and elder brother are now wearing prescription glasses, it wouldn’t surprise me if I needed vision assistance in the years to come. The difficulties I faced in choosing hypothetical eyewear made me appreciate the considerable troubles that a person requiring glasses faces.

Some people may reject spectacles altogether and plump for contact lenses. Glasses, to some people, look geeky and unattractive, and no amount of modernisation or flashing of designer credentials will change their opinion. Admittedly, if you need vision assistance all hours of the day, then contacts are probably preferable. However, they will be very fiddly for those that require assistance in relation to specific problems such as reading or viewing from a great distance; the ‘in/out’ debacle is likely to infuriate the most patient of people.

Therefore, frames are just unavoidable, and as such, some people choose to attempt to hide this fact by wearing rimless glasses or very thin-framed spectacles. Unfortunately, it never really works; any facial scaffolding will show, and the extravagant cost of these glasses is hardly justified by the mixed results. Speaking as a person who is likely to be a future spectacle man, I would prefer to embrace my need for glasses; elegant and stylish frames can be found for the modish man and whatever your face-shape, there will be plenty of choice.

Round face

If you are a man with a smooth, round face then some spectacles with a bold rectangular frame should suit you. Keep the lenses larger, as on your particular face, shallow lenses can make your eyes look smaller.

Square jaw

If you have a round face with a square jaw, wearing square glasses might make your face look a little hard. It’s better to wear oval glasses to soften your jutting chin. Be careful not to go for frames that are too narrow as these will look childish.

Flat chin, tall head

If you have a tall head with a flat chin, you would look best in thin, wide rectangular frames. The wide glasses balance your face well.

Heart shaped face

If you have this shape of face then you will look fantastic in oval glasses. The softer frames will balance the sharpness of your features.

Oval head

If you have an oval head, with a tall forehead and long chin, it’s best to try and balance your look by wearing large rounded-square spectacles. Harsh angles would look too hard against your face shape, so rounded corners are perfect for your features.

Style of glasses

There are literally hundreds of styles of frames available. It’s important to pay attention to your particular combination of features; how large and prominent your eyes, nose and mouth are will influence how frames will suit you. Also, remember to refrain from falling in love with particular frame styles that may not suit you – they can sometimes only look fabulous when lying on your desk. It’s also important to choose glasses consistent with your personality and clothing style – retro frames will suit the man who exudes a vintage style, but they are unlikely to look well on a man who is ultra modern.

The style of glasses that suited me (pictured) in every sense are rather retro, if a little comic, but I feel they represent my personality and personal style very well.