How to Fold Shirts

If you’re feeling skeptical about this topic, keep in mind that this skill can come in handy. If you’re traveling, moving or just doing a little spring cleaning, you can cut your time spent folding short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and dress shirts.

Follow these handy steps to fold your shirt easily!

Folding Long-Sleeved Shirts

There is a basic way to fold a basic long-sleeved shirt. If your shirt is long enough, you can fold it twice at the end to get it to fit your storage space and look neater when stored.

1. Begin the process with a freshly laundered shirt. If you want your shirt to come from the dryer wrinkle-free, simple remove it from the dryer before it’s completely dry. Hang it on a sturdy clothes hanger and allow it to dry completely.
2. Lay the shirt face down on a flat surface, while smoothing it to avoid crinkles and wrinkles.
3. Cross one sleeve across the back of the shirt and meet the cuff to the seam of the opposite shoulder.
4. Cross the other sleeve in the same fashion as the first sleeve.
5. Fold the shirt lengthwise to the midpoint of the back and then continue by folding the other side in the same manner.
6. Fold the shirt so that the bottom half reaches the point of the crossed sleeves.
7. Fold again in half to complete the folding process.

Folding Short-Sleeved Shirts

Japanese Style

You can fold a short-sleeved shirt using this quick technique—perfect for when you’re in a rush! This technique is called “Japanese” Folding and will give you quick results.

1. Lay the shirt face up with the long side facing you and the neck positioned on your left.
2. Pinch the shirt slightly below the sleeve and about 2 inches in from the side seam with your right hand.
3. Now pinch the left shoulder with your left hand.
4. Fold this shoulder over and cross your left hand over your right.
5. Pinch the hem and shoulder together using your left fingers.
6. Lift the shirt and uncross your hands, which will pull the shirt taught.
7. Place the shirt down with the sleeve first and fold in lengthwise.

**Note** You can also fold a long-sleeve shirt using the above technique. All you need to do is lay the shirt face down instead of face up, and fold the sleeves in before completing the final lengthwise fold. See the video links below for more details!

Traditional Style

You can also use this more traditional technique of folding a short-sleeve shirt. While it takes a little extra time, it’s not as tricky as the Japanese Folding. Try both and see what works best!

1. First, fold your shirt in half vertically with the arms together.
2. Fold the arms over together on the shirt where the seam line is located.
3. Fold your short-sleeved shirt horizontally. You can fold it horizontally again if you find that your shirts are too long to be folded just once and won’t fit in their storage space properly.

Traveling Tips

Are you traveling and you need tips on getting your shirt wrinkle-free? It can seem tricky, but folding your dress shirts properly can save you time and just take a few minutes of your time to learn the ropes.

1. First, follow the tips to fold your short or long sleeved as shown above until you reach the step where you begin to fold the shirt horizontally.
2. Instead, place a sheet of tissue paper under and over the shirt, and then roll the shirt from the bottom up. Rolling will crease your shirt less.
3. Add more tissue to cushion the shirt when traveling and stack them with the most expensive or fragile in the middle.

Once you fold a few shirts, it’ll become second nature. If you’re a visual learner, head to these YouTube links to watch the techniques being performed! Remember, when you fold your shirts properly, your closet will look as good as your shirts do.

1. “Quickie” Asian Folding Guide:
While not in English, this guide will show you how to fold any shirt, from a tank to a dress shirt, quickly. (

2. Japanese Short-Sleeved and Long-Sleeved Shirt Folding:
This is an English-narrated version for those who prefer to hear the instructions while watching the techniques. (