Q&A: What Hairstyle for Narrow Face and Thin Body

A reader asks…
I have long thin narrow face and long narrow thin body (6 ft tall and 134lbs.) I would to get my hair cut short, but people around me say, “no”. I am 49 y.o., but I look early 30. Your opinion would be welcomed.


David, props to you for not completely ignoring your friends and just going through with it. While I’m not sure how long your hair is now (chin length? longer?) and what you’d consider short, I can tell you what would look best on you. Have you considered a “medium” haircut (around 3 inches)? If your hair type is wavy or has any body to it, you won’t run the risk of making yourself look thinner, but you can get away with a satisfying haircut or trim, anyway.

As a general rule, tall and thin people may look even slimmer wth a super short haircut like a buzzcut, but it also depends on how you wear it. If you already have a longer, more classic style cut but you slick it back for work, you can probably get away with a shorter haircut. That is, if everyone thinks you look good now. . .

Don’t forget that long, straight hair will also make you look taller and skinnier. Embrace styling products to add some body, no matter what hairstyle you end up choosing.