Internet Tailoring Series: Interview with Andreu Fernandez of Tailor4Less

Let’s face it. Internet tailoring is like a lottery draw held in the middle of a soggy minefield during an electrical storm: if something can go wrong, it probably will.

You’re uncertain. You doubt them. I hear you; which is why I am interviewing a series of these firms to get the individual lowdown on their product and service.

For the second interview, I spoke with Andreu Fernandez of Tailor4Less.

1. What is the Tailor4Less story and what are Tailor4Less seeking to achieve in tailoring?

In the summer of 2008 I was in Shanghai, travelling for pleasure. At that moment, I was about to start working at a strategic consultancy and I needed a few elegant suits for the office. In Shanghai, I found a good quality product at a very reasonable price. With this discovery, I looked for a way to continue to buy those clothes directly from Europe. One thing led to another, and when I came back home I had already created a business plan for the development of a new tailor-made clothing online business. Two months and a couple of trips to China later, we launched Tailor4Less in Spain. Our aim then is the same today: we think that everyone should have the possibility to create their own style.

2. Why should someone choose a Tailor4Less suit?

We have a catalogue of 180 fabrics and 1,500,000 different ways to customize your suit. Tailor4Less is probably the most complete online tailoring shop and also the fastest of the market, as we deliver our products just 15 days after ordering.

The quality of our materials ranges from Australian Merino Wool, which gives a mark of excellence to our fabric collection, to cotton, linen and blended fabrics, if you are looking for more informal clothing.

We are also the first brand to carry out a 3D visualization system, which enables all our users to see the result of their configuration in real time and with a high level of detail. The 3D visualization is available for all our products: shirts, suits, coats and trench-coats, polo shirts, blazers and tuxedos.

In addition to the high quality of fabrics, the usability of our webpage and the fast delivery, another good reason to buy from Tailor4Less is our competitive price point (shirts from £36 / €39; suits from £159 / €179).

3. How would you compare a Tailor4Less suit to one from a traditional tailor on Savile Row and how would you say you are different from other internet tailors?

When comparing different suits you need to take into account fabric, workmanship and fit.

• Fabrics: we have a huge range of fabrics from blended wool to 100% merino wool. So you can make a suit with similar material qualities to one from Savile Row. Other internet tailors tend to have only blended fabrics or ask very high prices for 100% wool fabrics.

• Workmanship: all our suits are cut by laser (only a small amount of tailors have the resources to cut each suit individually by laser) and are then hand-tailored by expert tailors with similar skills to those on Savile Row.

• Fit: all our suits are made-to-measure. We do not adapt a ready-to-wear suit, so each suit is made individually for each customer.

Overall, we combine the craftsmanship of the past with new technologies to reduce costs and offer the best possible price to our customers.

4. Could you tell me what personalisation is possible on Tailor4Less suits?

We can tailor nearly anything you can imagine.

However, most customers are not experts and get lost when given too many options and, therefore, our 3D designer has been developed to show the most common options in order to simplify the process. Those with more specific requirements and more expertise can contact us directly to ask for additional features not available on the site.

5. What fabrics do you use and where do you source them from?

Recently we launched a new categorization of our fabrics:

– Urban. The basics of each season: this category includes materials such as cotton, linen and smooth blended fabrics.

– Business. Striped or patterned 100% wool fabrics or mixed fibers (wool and polyester).

– Executive. High quality 100% wool fabrics: the kingdom of classic style.

– Premium. Made from 100% Australian Merino Wool, Premium fabrics keep the body temperature stable, repel dirt and have a great soft touch.

6. Where are Tailor4Less suits made?

All suits are cut by laser and hand stitched by our experienced tailors in our Shanghai center.

We offer a unique and consistent product for each of our customer. Therefore, every customer has one group of tailors assigned in order to maintain the same finishing for all the different orders sent to the same person.

7. What are the plans for Tailor4Less for the future? (Increasing fabric range, designs etc)

During 2013, we have focused on developing a 3D version of our site where customer can design and check in real time their product. In addition, our website has been adapted to be compatible with all devices.

In 2014, we will re-launch a 3D version of our women’s site with an improved usability and much larger range of products (similar to the men’s site). In addition, we will keep launching monthly collections from designers all over the world to offer fashion at affordable prices.