Johnny Depp Style: Individuality

Individuality is hard to come by these days. So often we see something we have seen before. Our eyes, narrowing with boredom, look upon ubiquity every day. And yet, there are the moments of pleasure; the simple smile on seeing something new, something unique.

Johnny Depp has exhausted most interpretations of the word ‘unique’ in his acting career. His roles are his own. He brings cocktails of personalities to his characters that both delight and surprise film fans. The same can be said of his style.

It’s hard to predict what Johnny Depp will wear to a premiere, or an autograph signing, or a press conference. So in control of his own wardrobe is he and confident, that his sartorial direction of an evening could take any turn. He is fortunate to be blessed with looks that can carry off eccentricity with aplomb, but his individuality is much more than a thespian effeteness. His outfits define who and what he is when he wears them.

People often ask of impressionists who the ‘real person’ is behind the voices, behind the satire and the laughter. Some reveal, and many do not. I think that Mr Depp is so fantastically talented at developing characters from his imagination, that he even takes it as far as allowing their personalities to influence his own choice of clothing.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps Mr Depp himself is so colossal a personality that his clothing merely reflects each and every side of it.

When he was photographed arriving in Venice for the film festival, bringing with him a huge amount of luggage, Depp looked like a 1940’s screen idol; grey fedora, white peacoat, chalkstripe trousers and a green skinny scarf; a virtually unheard of combination that worked exceedingly well.

One thing of value to take from the way he dresses is that he manages to look aloof and beyond the posing and the superficialities that dog the public appearances of many screen stars, but at the same time, concerned enough to appear well turned out, which shows a refreshing respect for his surroundings. He dresses for himself indeed, but he never insults the event to which he is invited.

Later on at the festival, Johnny turned up on the red carpet looking cool and dignified in a cream shawl collar double-breasted dinner jacket, loose fit trousers, white shoes and black bow-tie. Only someone with his natural public timidity could look suave in such an outfit. Had it been attempted by a brash, outspoken rapper, it would have looked rather cheap and another attempt at gangster emulation. I like the clever mixture of black and white and the forgivably formal-yet-casual finish to the outfit which, for Venice, feels very appropriate; it’s sharp but it’s not stiff.

Johnny Depp’s sartorial choices should go down as some of the most original combinations you will see in Hollywood; Depp could teach Milan and New York a thing or two about originality. There is no question that he is an appealingly eccentric dresser.