Johnny Knoxville: Jackass with Style

Philip John Clapp, better known as Johnny Knoxville, was a born daredevil. According to his parents, he threw himself from his crib as a baby. Since then, he has hosted the MTV hit series “Jackass” and has had a string of memorable roles in a variety of films. A true wild man at heart, Johnny is well known for his sadomasochistic pranks and goofball sense of humor. First becoming famous for testing out self-defense weapons on himself, Knoxville has been a trailblazer in extreme physical comedy.

Johnny Knoxville fashionWith his good ol’ boy image and cult following, Knoxville, Tennessee native, Johnny wears an eclectic blend of clothing. He has re-popularized the “wife-beater” sleeveless undershirt and favors fashions from hip brands like Chopper. Not taking himself too seriously, he recently wore a stark white suit to the Dukes of Hazzard premiere that looked like it was stolen from the closet of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. Yet, he manage to have his style recognized, not as a fathead’s but as a unique, ultra-casual style flavored with classics like Converse sneakers or pair of Aviators which only adds to that “coolness” factor he possess.

Only those with carefree, ultra-casual personality are able to successfully emulate his style. If you are afraid of criticism of your lifestyle and care about people’s chitchats, Johnny Knoxville style won’t work for you. It will obviously end up like trying too hard. And trying too hard is not the path to success with this carefree style. You will end up Kevin Federline, at best.

To achieve the style of Knoxville, ultra-casual, skateboarder wear is the key, peppered with styles worthy of a long-haul trucker. Untucked t-shirts, low-slung jeans, oversized aviator specs, and of course, baseball caps round out his typical attire. Don’t be afraid to wear shirts emblazoned with logos from favorite roadside diners or bars. As Johnny is never averse to showing some skin, feel free to go sans shirt at leasure times to expose your chest and any conveniently placed tattoos.

For evening, Knoxville likes to further display his fun-loving nature. He has been known to sport pastel leisure suits with Converse sneakers, and he frequently wears dress shirts with wide 1970’s inspired ties. On more serious occasions, he prefers simple black suits with upturned lapels and skinny ties.

While Johnny keeps his hair in an overgrown crew-cut hairstyle, he uses styling products to create a spiky, edgy look. To recreate this hairstyle, rub a texturizing paste or pomade from roots to ends of hair and spray with an extra-hold hairspray. With his short hair, Johnny likes to mix it up with his facial hair. Sometimes he is clean-shaven, and at other times, he wears a moustache and goatee combination. He has even been known to wear scruffy, long sideburns that would have made Elvis Presley envious.

Knoxville’s unique blend of country boy style and comedic eccentricity has garnered him a tremendous amount of publicity and has even landed him on the cover of GQ Magazine. Though he may never be on the list of the world’s best-dressed men, he has achieved a look that is all his own. If you, like Johnny, want to march to the beat of your own drummer when it comes to fashion, stay focused on styles that best represent your own personality. Embrace your own particular influences and blend them together to create your own unique look.