Le Noeud Papillon and Linkson Jackson

Words by: Andrew Williams


It’s funny how despite being a grown man I still get a slight buzz when returning home to find a parcel on the doorstep – even more so when it’s actually for me.

But who can blame me when what’s inside is one of Nicholas Atgemis’ beautiful bow ties. Nicholas is the founder of newish and upcoming Australian label Le Noeud Papillon. Just in case you were wondering, the name translates as ‘the knot of the butterfly’ and is how the French refer to bow ties. An unusual choice of name for a Sydney based label you might think. But that French connection makes itself felt through much of the collection of bows, ties and accessories, all of which possess a certain bohemian joie de vivre.

Now, I can’t claim any credit for discovering this label, those laurels belong to Will at A Suitable Wardrobe. I highly recommend you listen to the interview between Will and Nicholas which is still available as a podcast on iTunes. I’d also recommend Nicholas’ blog which is attached to his website.


The arrival of this exquisitely executed bundle of silken joy was the first time I’d seen one of Nicholas’ ties in the flesh. This particular bow is called Oskar and is a navy ground and vertical white stripe, self-tie Mogador bow.


Thick and lustrous the bow sits beautifully when tied and I’ll be wearing it to work on Monday. The silks come from Como in Italy, a 45 minute drive from Milan. A location famed for its fine silks, each pattern is woven from one of Nicholas’ own designs, as opposed to being selected from existing cloth books. This makes each tie a limited edition original. Of course such quality comes at a price, and while my tie was a very generous and gratefully received gift I’d have no hesitation in handing over my own money.

At the moment the only place to buy them is direct from Oz via Le Noeud Papillon online. However, for those of us in Europe, and especially Great Britain, that will change very shortly.


I can’t claim any credit for discovering Le Noeud Papillon but remember where you first heard the name Linkson Jackson. A gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting a few months ago, like me Linkson was a Parliamentary Researcher for a number of years. And also like me his love of clothes and fine accessories has brought about a change of career path.

Linkson will soon be launching his own online store specialising in luxury and hard to find accessories from around the world, including Le Noeud Papillon bows and a range of luxury bespoke ties. Currently in the final stages of developing his retail website, the launch of the business is imminent. You’ll be the first to know when it does launch, and my poor old postman will be the second.