Linkson Jack: The Benefits of Bespoke Ties

I was fortunate enough to receive an eagerly awaited parcel a few days ago, my first two bespoke ties. Having a bespoke tie made is a completely new experience for me, and not something that I’ve been able to afford before, nor is it an experience I’ve really considered. I am pleased to report however, that having trialled the process for the first time, I am a complete and utter convert.

The ties were cut by an up-and-coming menswear name with which you may be familiar; Linkson Jack, who have been recently heralded by the Rake Magazine amongst others, for offering a really rather beautiful product. The ties in question can be seen below, a pair of classic navy and rich purple silk grenadine ties. I also purchased one of the fine linen handkerchiefs which sports a cherry red and blue print, to contrast against the navy tie.

These Italian woven silk grenadines are some of Linkson Jack’s staples, but the latest Autumn/Winter selection sees the brand offering its classic grenadine ties alongside a diverse range of preppy striped, paisley and patterned and woven pieces, all manufactured from the most exclusive silk, linen and wool cloths available.

Since I came across the brand a few months ago, the thing that has fascinated me most about Linkson Jack, is the company’s approach; their accessories have a distinctly preppy, modern and casual feel, but all of Linkson Jack’s products exhibit a fastidious and minute attention to detail, that one more readily associates with luxury prestige formalwear. It is distinctly refreshing to find a gentleman’s outfitter offering something very modern and cool which nonetheless feels like it has had centuries worth of sartorial care and attention poured into it.

This is perhaps due to Linkson Jack’s fastidious sourcing of suppliers, materials and manufacturers. The majority of the firm’s ties are handmade in Italy by Arcuri Cravatte, whilst its handkerchiefs are hand-printed and rolled in France by Simonnot-Godard, both names with real weight in luxury menswear. Arcuri is acknowledged as a company comprised of true master craftsmen producing beautiful pieces in small, limited runs, or indeed one-off pieces for Linkson Jack’s bespoke customers. Linkson Jack’s ties are therefore measured, cut, stretched and shaped, tacked, stitched and lightly pressed exclusively by expert hands, and it shows.

All too often, I am asked the question, why bespoke? I think that most people would agree that this question applies particularly to something subtle like a tie. Prior to having these ties made, I was asking myself the same question. With shoes, or a suit, the answer is relatively simple and the visible difference is obvious.

Well, Linkson Jack make it abundantly clear that the art of crafting a tie, is not as simple as you might think, and that the benefits are also very easily discernable: “our bespoke tie service makes it possible for you to specify the precise length and width of your tie, whether you would like it lined or unlined, or with three, five or six folds.” I can confirm that such attention to detail pays off for Linkson Jack, my ties are delicate, cut in a beautiful silk cloth, knot perfectly, and are exactly what I had in my head when I designed them, and of course, such a result is seldom found when one buys a tie off-the-peg.

Having reflected upon this, when one considers Linkson Jack’s approach to the craftsmanship of their ties, the reality of the choice available becomes abundantly apparent. Think about it, not all ties have to be the same shape, width or thickness, ties can be made in a number of different ways using different weights of cloth, different folds, or linings. They can be tipped or un-tipped. Linkson Jack makes a point of offering this comprehensive variety of options, again, much like a bespoke suit. Furthermore, the price is distinctly competitive. Starting at £75.00, a Linkson Jack tie is approximately the same price as most Jermyn Street mass-manufactured ties. Drakes’ bespoke ties start at nearly double the cost of Linkson Jack’s.

The most important thing to add is that given the personal nature of the bespoke experience, my new ties are exactly what I wanted; slim-bladed, unlined, untipped, easy-to-wear preppy silk ties for smart-casual dress. And to find an affordable service, producing unique and quite simply exquisitely crafted ties on a made-to-order basis, is a real revelation. I would recommend Linkson Jack’s accessories unreservedly; they really are a cut-above.

My thanks to Francesca Moore for her photographic skills.