The Longest Lasting Mens Fragrances

Brad, St. Louis, MO asks
Question: I have always been using sporty fragrances like Adidas or something. Since I have started using Aqua Di Gio, which I get as a gift, I don’t want to go back. I would like to buy some other good fragrance, but my budget is not too high, so I wonder what are the longest lasting fragrances?


To answer your question fully, we would have to execute some serious lab testings and still you will not get the answer that you are really in need of.
What you should look for is actually how pleasent fragrance is and how to find the one that complements you the most.

One thing is for sure: any more expensive fragrance you chose will last longer than the ones you’ve been using before. It is known that fragrance lasts longer on oily skin. You could use some moisturiser before applying faragrance to make it last longer.

Aromatic woody scents will last longer than fruity notes. Almost every old macho classic fragrance is usually very long lasting and nowdays trend in fragrances is returning to classic aromatic scent, so you’ll have plenty of long lasting fragrances to choose from.

Probably the best way to find the most accurate answer for your question is to test them out before you buy and see which one suits you the best and last longest.

For the sake of your curiosity, we’ll name a few that we know lasted long on our own skin:

  • Joop Homme (this thing really last)
  • B*Men by Thierry Mugler
  • JPG Le Male
  • Magnetism by Escada.

For more suggestions check this great list of long lasting fragrances.