Beginner’s Guide To “Designer Jeans”

Why designer jeans? Are you picky about washes? Finicky about weave? If you answer yes, then designer jeans are for you. In a literal sense of the word, “designer jeans” should be the jeans designed by a famous fashion designer. In a true sense the term means “expensive jeans.” Usually they are of high-quality too.

Mens designer jeansDenim is great for comfort, but it’s also great for style. High quality designer jeans  should give us the best of both worlds. These jeans are usually hand-processed, one at a time. Pocket details will sometimes be hand-embroidered, and the wash won’t have any irregularities that, um, weren’t supposed to be there already. While traditional designer jeans brands include Seven, True Religion, and Evisu, newer designer brands include Nudie, Gold Sign, and Stitches.

The silhouette has changed quite a bit, and you’ll want to stay ahead of the game. One of the biggest trends for fall 2007 is the comeback of the slimmer, straight leg jean. Some jeans available this fall will have simple straight legs all the way down from the knee to ankle, while there will be more than a hint of the ‘80s with taper leg jeans, too. Designer jeans models to watch include Diesel’s Viker jean, which is similar to the popular Zathan jeans, but with a straight leg. If you want to go a bit fancier for a celebrity kind of jean, try Diesel’s Yarik—it’s got zippers and embroidery to really set you apart, with the in-demand straight leg style.

Choosing the best look for your shape and style is easy. If you want a pair of straight-leg jeans but you’ve got muscular thighs, try the best of both worlds. One example: the Levi’s Hesher jean is straight legged, but in a slightly more relaxed fit, so if you’re slightly on the muscular or heavyweight side, these will be your friend. If you’re a slim but medium-height guy, then don’t go for extremes. You may be able to pull off a super-slim fit, but it won’t necessarily flatter. Go for an average slim cut, and leave the ankle-stranglers for the models.

If you’re looking for washes that are very in this season, try a raw look in a dark shade. Not black, but a deep blue, sans the heavy whiskering of seasons passed. If you’re afraid of ruining your precious wash, just remember that jeans naturally wear a bit. You can slow down the process by avoiding long-cycle washes and dryers. Woolite Dark Laundry liquid will help preserve your jeans for a lot longer. Some dark wash lovers refuse to wash their jeans, so if you’re part of this group, try dry-cleaning or even tossing your jeans in the freezer for a short period of time. Some “dye hards” swear by it.

Going for the regulars

Sometimes it’s not your intention to put on a pair of up-to-the-minute designer jeans, but just relax in your comfy casuals. Your classic jeans don’t need to be a designer brand. If they will get a lot of wear you want them to be a reputable brand, bur replaceable. A pair of jeans with relaxed or bootcut styling, four traditional pockets, and in a standard color of black, blue, or gray is a mainstay in your wardrobe. Aim for minimal details, and avoid excessive sandblasts, bleached patches, different stitching, and rips, even if you’re tempted.

Another plus: basic blues, designer or not, are very similar in appearance. Delaying a laundry day or two won’t give you away—your basic jeans will be hard to differentiate between. Go for a simple style from the Gap, or Levis, or go for higher scale jeans from Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren.

Finding a deal

Love the designer jeans look but don’t love the price? Here are a few tips to help you find what you want at a reasonable rate. Levi’s, although a more everyday brand than “designer”, offers some choices that are completely up-to-the-minute, trend-wise. Levi’s Matchstick takes things to more of an extreme. Matchstick is a leaner, sexier jean that tapers a tiny bit at the opening. Try them with a pair of boots or vintage-style casual shoes. If you’re not completely into the designer price but you want the look, then Levi’s is for you.

Investigate! Go to a department store and get looking. Finding brands like Seven and True Religion will be easy—they are well known and offer a great selection. Find a style that really flatters you. Ask a department store sales associate if there are upcoming sales, and if there is a call list for big sales. If there is, then you’ve found one more way to buy designer denim at a reasonable price. Discount sites like YOOX.COM offer authentic designer wear on sale, so look around for your next great trendy purchase before committing to a full-price purchase.