Some of my acquaintances have asked me how I get into some of the conversations that I reference in my articles. The truth is, I am fortunate to have a wide array of friends and acquaintances, with whom the discussions vary greatly. With some, I talk a great deal of current affairs; with others, I might venture more into the art world and there are a few friends with whom I talk, sometimes rather seriously and almost exclusively, of sartorial matters.

One of these friends is Barima, a style and music blogger, dapper chap and all-round good egg, who delights in eBay finds, tailored adjustments, antique and retro fashion and individual style as much as, and perhaps even more than, myself. His blog Mode Parade is a delightful collection of his musings on the world of art, music and style. He has a unique aesthetic and is a favourite subject of many fashion and style photographers.

It was through Barima that I met Danielle, a talented fashion illustrator and blogger who has an insatiable curiosity for understanding other bloggers and their experiences and who loves to talk about the world of art and style, much like Barima; the perfect company for a leisurely Sunday afternoon at a street café.

It should come as no surprise to me then that these two garrulous individuals should begin to share, via live webcast, their views with a wider audience. After a successful pilot, the second ‘ModeCast’ – named after Barima’s blog – has been pencilled for Sunday 4th March. As the title suggests, much of the discussion centres around ‘mode’ (fashion, clothes, style – call it what you will). Barima and Danielle approach subjects such as fashion models’ poses, the fashion-must of the moment and the way people carry handbags with a tongue-in-cheek earnestness that is delightfully entertaining.

Viewers of the live cast, as expected, have an opportunity to send in questions, respond to the content or simply engage in banter with Barima and Danielle, who host the show in good humour, and always pay heed to the requests and interests of the viewers.

Have you always wanted to discuss why you believe light coloured ties and white shirts ‘wash people out’? Have you been frustrated with a luxury shoe manufacturer and want to get it off your chest? Have you wondered if girls are going to respond positively to a waistcoat you just purchased? Barima and Danielle, sharing a bottle of vintage Scotch, will comb through topics with conversational panache and provide knowledge, entertainment and – perhaps – inspiration.

So, what are you doing this Sunday evening? I, for one, will be tuning in.