Needful Things Part II

Words by: Andrew Williams

Continuing from where I left off last time, here are a few more of my planed purchases and looks for the two seasons ahead.

Jean Jacket and Colourful Plaid


I make no apology; I’m ripping off the look of the chap above. This caught my eye a while back when I wrote about my desire for a jean jacket. I’ve made my choice with regards the jacket, and now I’m looking to play with the look. I’ll be trying the jacket out with black shirts and British Khaki chinos, but I want to go further. Again this is all about contrast. This time it is between the bright peacock plaid and the functional workman like denim. Likewise, in the midst of a cold grey London winter a clever touch of colour and pattern can add contrasting warmth.

This is a speculative experiment so I’m not going to go balls out on this one. That being the case, A. Hume stock a range of reasonably priced brighter Viyella plaids and checks, as does Orvis –some more wearable than others.

Navy Polka Dot Silk Scarf and Grey Cashmere from Johnstons of Elgin


The most versatile scarf of all is a silk navy polka dot. It sits with just about anything, from a Crombie to a Harrington, and yet by some mishap I’ve never owned one. However, being silk it’s not going to keep you warm when winter really bites –even if it is wool backed. As such I don’t see the virtue in investing too heavily in this. So a reasonably priced example, like that at Wood’s of Shropshire, would fit the bill.  But it’s wise to have something for the coldest days of winter. I think the natural counterpoint to the silk polka dot scarf is grey cashmere. And as this scarf has a serious job to do, and ought to be a life time companion, I’m prepared to invest serious money for high quality. This version by Johnstons of Elgin peaks my interest. Not only is the quality assured but the pattern adds a touch of texture and interest. It looks even better in real life.

Argyle Socks


I frequently wear black and brown suede shoes. With this more casual shoe the Argyle sock is the natural bedfellow. Such things are easy to come by, but I have something special and a bit different in mind, naturally. Marcoliani have been making fine quality luxury socks for 60 years in a family run factory located in the Milan region of Italy. They are widely recognised as being amongst the finest sock makers in the world. Aside from this fact, the pattern on their Argyle socks extends from top to toe, unlike most where the pattern ends at the ankle. Normally this wouldn’t make a difference. But I like to wear loafers and would like the pattern to be seen beyond those moments when I’m seated. I’ve seen it done to great effect, but until now I haven’t been able to lay my hands on the requisite sock. Hitherto near impossible to find in the UK, I’ve now found a source for Marcoliani socks in the form of bespoke shirt maker Sartorial Executive.