There Is Nothing Fat About Lardini

Words by: Michael Snytkin

A few months ago, I placed a suit order from a reputable online retailer. When the package arrived, imagine my dismay when instead of a suit I ordered, the package contained a midnight blue, solid, two-button suit by a company called Lardini. After a moment of confusion, I called my tailor: “Daryl, I am coming over.” Five minutes later, I was trying on this mystery label. To his and my surprise, the suit fit really well. While half canvassed and machine made, the suit was made from light Cerruti 1881 wool, had minimally padded shoulder and draped nicely. I needed to investigate further.


Lardini was established in 1978 and made its claim to fame by making suits for Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Ferragamo. In 1993, however, the company began to make suits under its own label. At present, Lardini is a growing Italian manufacturer that has over a thousand employees, produces 1,600 garments a day and has ten boutiques around the world. The bulk of company’s business is derived from its ready to wear line, but recently Lardini began to offer made to measure service to its customers.


Lardini keeps a nice looking website ( that caters mostly to business professionals who prefer a sophisticated edge to their clothing. The Lardini label tends to stay away from the whimsical and trendy, but makes elegant and affordable garments. Suits retail in the average for $600 but can be found online, heavily discounted, for $200 or less. For that price to quality ratio, Lardini presents a viable option. I was so pleased with my new suit that I not only kept it but ordered another suit and a blazer. My Lardini purchases fit true to size, required minimal alterations and look as good as my higher end garments yet at a fraction of cost.