On the Radar: Otis Batterbee, London

Words by: Andrew Williams


As you’ll know the tag line at the bottom of my articles is the slightly pretentious “style is a frame of mind, not just a state of dress”. Pretentious though it may be, I actually believe it and live by it. It’s about the way you dress, behave and treat people; it’s making an effort in all things and never forgetting the devil is in the detail. This week I came across an interesting and relatively new English brand which very much fits this personal philosophy.

Specialising in luxury travel goods and accessories for men, Otis Batterbee first attended Central St Martin’s School of Art & Design, then went on to work for Louis Vuitton before setting up Otis Batterbee two years ago.

Very British styling, coupled to a dash of English eccentricity,  the product line consists of lavender filled eye masks, wash bags, travel candles, smart luggage and clothing refreshers, some nice hankies and sprays for the home and travel, all of which are made in England –box ticked for me. Even the lavender is picked from Norfolk fields, which as you may remember is my home county.

While I don’t have to travel abroad for work, I’ve done more than enough to earn membership of the Travelers Club, and have too often found myself at the wrong end of a long haul flight or time zone. So for me several products stand out, including the Revive Me spray and the Clothes Refreshers. The eye masks contain a hint of lavender which emits a tranquil and sleep inducing aroma. Having previously used those grotty freebies the airlines provide, I like the idea of having to hand something a bit individual, stylish and practical. I just love the version in the Prince of Wales checked cloth – woven in England and inspired by Savile Row. There are plenty of choices available so it should be easy enough to find something to match your traveling attire, provided you’re not part of the travelling tracksuit and trainers brigade.

There are some choice wash bags in distinctive and dandy materials; the travel envelopes also caught my eye. A good idea in this age of heightened airport security; personally I’m not keen on carrying my in cabin wash kit in a clear plastic bag, or leaving items to rattle around in my hand luggage.

Despite being in business for just two years, Otis has already attracted a fair few celebrity clients and boasts some distinguished London stockists, including such stores as Harrods and the Queen’s grocer Fortnum & Mason.

I’m not a little Englander, I enjoy exploring foreign parts it’s just the getting there I loath. Anything that makes that tedious process bearable is welcome as far as I’m concerned.