Wearing a Pocket Watch Is a Matter of Distinction

The classic men’s watch is the pocket watch; wearing one is a matter of distinction, especially if the watch is older. Why not distinguish yourself from the colleagues by fashioning admirable pocket watch. How to wear a pocket watch, however, is a matter of practice and preparation.

Pocket watches used to be popular, as they were obvious signs of wealth, and their accuracy was second to none, making them great for occupations where schedules and timekeeping were important. They have fallen out of favor as they just aren’t as handy as the wristwatches. However, the pocket watches are great for any occupation that a wristwatch won’t work with, or where the electronics of the digital watch are an issue. Even in situations where a wristwatch is acceptable, the pocket watch is great for that added bit of class.

Before you start wearing them, be advised that the pocket watch itself should be a balance between simplicity and ostentatiousness. The watch should be well designed, and look nice. Plating should be avoided at all costs, as the watch will see some use and plating tends to peel off after a while. There should be engravings, but not to the point that the watch creates a conversation every time you pull it out. It may sound strange, but make sure that the watch and chain are all of the same metal; the main culprit will be the fob (some watchmakers believe that the fob should be a different metal than the watch, but sometimes that’s tacky, such as copper fob on a brass watch).

Keep in mind that different metals are used in making them, but gold and silver are best (for soft metals, they take the punishment rather well, especially considering that other metals tarnish and rust under the punishment). Brass also works, but needs to be polished frequently. Style-wise, silver is the best option; hopefully it’s confused with nickel by would-be robbers, and works with almost anything (gold has some limitations when it comes to colors it works with).

Ideally, you should wear a pocket watches with a vest. The vest usually has a place to connect the watch’s chain, allowing the pocket to rest in the pants pocket. If you don’t wear a vest, then there are some options (such the watch in the back pocket and the fob in the front pocket, or the watch in a front pocket and the chain along the belt towards the front). Make sure that the pants aren’t too tight, as the watch should come easily when pulled, not yanked. Also, wear the chain opposite your natural handedness; you should be able to write and check the time at the same time (the customary side to wear the pocket watch is on the left as most people are right-handed).

As the pocket watch is passed down as an heirloom, the nature makes it ideal for certain occupations, or the look of one continues to be considered classic, then the pocket watch will continue to be around. Enjoy the classic look, and remember to keep it wound!