Review: Made-to-Measure Shirt from Solosso

Words by: Grant Harris

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing several made-to-measure (MTM) shirts in my sartorial journey. My most recent experience came by the way of the online shirtmaker Solosso. Solosso is a Swiss owned Singaporean company (don’t ask me how that came about) founded in 2009. They take pride in creating environmentally friendly and socially responsible stylishly tailored custom dress shirts at an affordable price. I’ve taken the time to bring you the details.


The product
: Solosso shirts are made from premium two-ply Egyptian cottons and linens. All the other usual high-quality shirt features are there as well: pattern matching, mother-of-pearl buttons, single needle stitching, split yokes, removable stainless steel collar stays and gussets. Shirts are handmade in Bangkok, Thailand under the supervision of one single tailor for each garment.

Shirt Models
: Solosso offers four different shirt models. Business for the office, casual for the country, elegant for formal attire and design from scratch for those looking to make something of their own.

Pricing: Solosso shirts start at a mere $89 and go up to $149 depending on fabric selection.

Design: A slew of options beginning with four different collar selections from button down to the wide spread English cutaway. Two collar button options. Three cut options in slim, regular, or loose. Three placket options in regular, French, or hidden. Five chest pocket options. Four short sleeve options. Three cuff options from single button to double cuffs. Three cuff shape options in rounded, angled, or squared. Three pleat choices including none, box, and side. Three bottom cut choices in straight, rounded, or enhanced for extra tucking security. And last but not least a single or split yoke option which allows for easy pattern matching for striped or checked fabrics and molds to the wearer’s body over time.



Personalization: Three monogram script options with eight locations in a bevy of colors. Contrast collar and cuff options. Inner collar and cuff contrast color and design choices including flowers, polka dots, and solids.

Measurements: Customers have the option of measuring themselves, sending in measurements of their favorite shirt, choosing from standard sizing, or mailing their favorite shirt to have the sizing duplicated.

My shirt
: I choose to design my shirt from scratch in a white Twill cotton with a cutaway collar with one button, two button angled cuff, single French placket, no pocket, side pleats, enhanced tail, blocked monogram on the left stomach in light blue, blue flowers inside collar, solid light blue inside cuffs, with my own specific measurements.





The good: The ordering process was clean and simple with loads of personalization options and I like the fact that they offer linen shirting when most online shops don’t. My shirt arrived within two weeks which is an exceptional turnaround time. The presentation was great. A discrete box embossed with the Solosso logo. Packaged expertly with a personalized note and shiny stainless steel collar stays. Sturdy construction but a soft feel and light sheen will make it a joy to wear. The dressy fabric will make it office appropriate, while the contrast inner collar and cuffs will make it easy to transition to a night on the town.

The bad: It shrunk a bit. I washed this shirt intentionally to test the degree of shrinkage. After the fact it definitely felt like it shrunk more than what’s comfortable but after ironing and wearing it seemed OK. The collar was a bit big. This is common in custom shirting to allow for fabric shrinkage and physical expansion over time. However, this felt a bit more than normal.

Bottom line
: For a new company offering the fabrics and options they have and with the stellar customer service, turnaround time, price point and overall quality; I highly recommend Solosso for the gentlemen just introducing themselves to the MTM world of shirts.

– Grant Harris (Image Granted, LLC)