Introduction To Seersucker Fabric for Suit and Pants

Light fabrics have been taking the forefront in every fashionable man’s closet this summer, but besides linen and poplin, there’s also seersucker to scoop up. It’s got a distinctive look that’ll get you noticed: puckered texture, distinctive look, and color variations beyond belief.

Seersucker pantsFor some men, it proves hard to coordinate. To simplify seersucker for you a bit, here’s some history: developed in India, seersucker means “milk and sugar” in the original Hindu and Persian languages. It’s known for its cooling properties, as the crinkles help the fabric stay away from the skin. Interestingly, it was introduced to North America as blue-collar wear, but quickly moved up in status when southern gentlemen started wearing it. Now we see seersucker suit on clothes racks from Jil Sander to Alexander McQueen.

Seersucker is just plain fantastic. It’s no iron, comes in great colors, and best of all, it feels cool when you’re wearing it. Seersucker pants will work well at afternoon parties, hot beachside wandering, and traveling trips. Each tone can blend into your wardrobe beautifully with the proper color coordination. Key colors are sand grays and beiges, and being neutral it will look great with most other colors.

If you are feeling daring, suits are often made in unusual patterns as well. Multi colored stripes can course across your suit in groups of the skinniest pinstripes which can create an illusion of a solid color choice. If you’re a newbie to the seersucker suits, give traditional seersucker a chance in medium stripe size, which you’ll be able to find in any upscale shop. Push limits a bit more with multicolor stripes with this season’s muted casual taupes, creams, and light blues. Seersucker is also available in a gingham pattern, similar to a check.

Just be cautious of overdoing it. If you’re not careful, you’ll look “too busy.” When choosing special novelty style, it’s best to only wear the pants or the blazer with a solid separate.

What to pair with seersucker? Some sticklers insist that a seersucker suits must be paired with its traditional trimmings of bucks and suspenders. The old rules don’t apply anymore, though, so feel free to match your suit with another pair of summer shoes. It’s better to coordinate seersucker with light colored shoes, like white and browns. Shape-wise, try a shoe sans a heavy sole, like moccasins or loafers.  Heavy black shoes won’t really do the trick with a fabric so light and airy.

For casual outings, your suits can still be worn, just separated from its twin. Matching it with clean white, ivory, and khaki tones is a no-fail summer look. Pants can be worn as ordinary summer slacks, and when paired with a simple tee, can be very modern and clean-looking. For quality seersucker pants and suits you shouldn’t look farther from Brooks Brothers.