Small Menswear Brands with Online Stores

There is a lot of mentioning of ‘micro brands’ recently (and not far off from here: If You Can Buy It at an Airport It Ceases to Be Exclusive, Micro Labels and Brand Longevity), which provoked me to compile a list for my shopping reference. So one of the criteria was that they must sell online. Another was that they’re really small. No chains of shops. Any evidence of largeness excludes them from the list. Though I’m afraid that one or two outsiders managed to slip in.

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

A Suitable Wardrobe – Stocking highest quality classic menswear labels in addition to goods under own label.

Berg & Berg – Scarves, ties, pocket squares, socks.

Brooklyn Tailors – Suits, shirts and neckties.

DandyStore – Ties, Scarves, pocket squares and socks.

Etsy – Individually hand-made clothing and accessories from around the world. Not really brands but who cares.

Everlane – Clothing and accessories.

Exquisite Trimmings – Scarves, ties, pocket squares and cufflinks. Stocking high-end brands as well.

Fine and Dandy Shop – Ties, pocket squares, hats, belts, jewelry, and other goods.

Grunwald – Stocking highest quality classic menswear labels in addition to goods under own label.

Henry Carter – Ties, scarves and socks.

Howard Yount – Clothing, shoes and accessories.

Jack Robie – Shirts.

Kent Wang – Clothing, Shoes and accessories.

Le Noeud Papillon – Ties and pocket squares.

Marshall Anthony – Ties.

Michael James Milton – Scarves and pocket squares.

Panta Clothing – Trouser, ties and scarves.

Read’s Clothing Project – Shirts and ties.

The Cordial Churchman – Bow ties.

The Hanger Project – Hangers, shoe care, clothes care, and accessories. Stocking high-end brands as well.

The Knottery
– Ties, pocket squares, lapel flowers and other small goods.

Vanda Fine Clothing – Ties, pocket squares and pins.

I’m sure there are many more that escaped me. Please share your candidates in the comments.