Spring in the Changes: Style Updates

I am of a somewhat impatient nature when it comes to looking forward. On home improvements, I like everything to be done all at once; I like order and preparation, and I prefer the temporary chaos of complete change to long term limbo.

This year, I have been markedly impatient in relation to the arrival of spring. It’s a time of year I always enjoy and look forward to eagerly and now that March has arrived, I can with considerable excitement herald the official change of season. The dreary months of January and February have passed and the daffodils and early blossom are out.

Though there is some considerable rising in temperature required, everything already feels a lot more upbeat, less grey and suddenly alive: the cobwebs have been blown away, the drudgery of winter will soon be a memory and the “winds of March” have already made “my heart a dancer.

With this in mind, I have begun to change wardrobes. Although I have, unforgivably, overlapped due to my aforementioned impatience, I can now relish the embracement of spring-like gear.

Spring is a time of year to throw back the heavy curtains, to let the glorious sun shine in and to throw a vase of flowers on the windowsill. In many ways, this represents exactly the sort of approach one should take to the wardrobe.


The time of winter denim is now aglow in twilight; the steel and gunmetal greys, the thick blacks and the browns are to be packed away and blue sky, indigo and white are to be deployed as seasonal substitutes. Somehow, gothic tones are the antithesis of what spring represents so, the brighter the better.

White shoes

It’s extraordinary how much attention white shoes attract. Nevertheless, they are an excellent and refreshing change from the muddied blacks and browns of winter. They are incredibly versatile but, in rainy weather, they can attract more than attention; save them for sunny, cloud-free days.


Think of a bouquet of flowers, or a sunny promenade past the old pier; green, blue and white are three of the best representatives of the undeniable freshness of spring. They do not need to be particularly bright, but using them in conjunction with less inspiring colours can help to lift an ensemble.

Going sockless

Although it’s a little early yet for such a practice, going sockless is elegant and attractive. With jeans that swing just above the top of a loafer, showing a little ankle on a sunny Sunday looks, and feels, marvellously youthful.

Doing the ‘neckerchief’

To many, one of the joys of warmer weather is not having to wear a scarf to keep warm. However, there are those who miss an adornment for the neck. The solution? To wear a silk handkerchief around the neck with a shirt and sweater or cardigan. It can feel slightly strange at first, but it allows for more colour matching or complementation and it looks terribly romantic.

Change the fragrance

Dumping the spicy and heavy ‘winter scents’ into the ‘winter bin’ leaves space for a spring scent; something fresh, fruity and much lighter, something that will complement your sleek, bright and mouth-watering spring ensembles. There are great options from the likes of Acqua di Parma and Marc Jacobs.