Stussy Guide: Everything You Need To Know About The Original Streetwear Brand

Our Stussy guide covers everything from how the brand was founded to what the name means to where it's sold and labels that are similar.

Stussy is a name synonymous with streetwear culture and to many the ‘original’ streetwear brand. Founded in 1984 by namesake Shawn Stussy, the label originally started as a small surfboard company based in Laguna Beach, California. Stussy himself was a skilled surfboard shaper who started screen printing T-shirts and giving them away to his friends within the Orange County surf scene, and often threw one in for customers when they purchased a board.

It didn’t take long for the label it to garner a cult following, thanks in part to Stussy’s distinctive hand-drawn signature logo, which was applied to everything from T-shirts to caps. It was quickly adopted by a the burgeoning hip-hop and skateboarding communities in particular, which appreciated its humble, authentic roots and what the founder stood for. As a result, the brand expanded rapidly in the 80s and 90s, both in terms of its product line and its geographic reach.

A skateboarder wearing the Stussy x Nike collaboration

Fast forward to today and Stussy is a global name with a loyal fan base around the globe. It’s stocked in retailers that run the gamut from skateboard specialists like Zumiez and Slam City Skates, to streetwear favourites END. and HBX, to luxury outlets like MR PORTER and SSENSE, such is the brand’s wide-ranging appeal. Despite its success, Stussy has managed to maintain its streetwear roots, and continues to be intrinsically linked to youth culture and alternative lifestyles.

Part of the brand’s appeal its ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to its core values and not selling out. Stussy has collaborated with a wide range of revered designers and hype brands over the years, including the likes of Nike, Supreme, BAPE, mastermind, Comme des Garçons, Gucci and Dover Street Market. This has helped to keep the brand fresh and relevant, even as the fashion landscape has shifted.

Much like the aforementioned Supreme, Stussy has managed to maintain a certain level of exclusivity, which has helped to maintain its status as a cultural icon. The brand has never been one to flood the market with products, instead opting to release limited runs of highly sought-after items. This has created a sense of scarcity and desirability, which has only fuelled its popularity.

What does Stussy mean?

Stussy storefront being painted with the iconic scrawl signature logo

The word ‘Stussy’ itself does not have any particular meaning, it is purely the surname of the brand’s founder, Shawn Stussy. The iconic scrawl logo that is applied to the brand’s clothing and accessories was actually Shawn Stussy’s signature – he began using it on his surfboards in the 80s and it’s gone on to become one of the most recognisable logos in the world today. There have been very little modifications to the design in the company’s history.

When was Stussy founded?

Shawn Stussy holding one of his original branded surf boards

Stussy was founded in 1984 by Shawn Stussy in Laguna Beach, California. Initially, Stussy started as a small surfboard business, but it eventually evolved into a clothing brand that quickly gained popularity in the skateboarding and hip-hop scenes throughout the 80s and 90s.

Today, Stussy is a global brand that specialises in skate- and streetwear and is still headquartered in California.

Who owns Stussy?

Stussy is owned by Stussy Inc., which is the original company founded by Shawn Stussy and Frank Sinatra Jr. in 1984. However, Stussy stepped down as President of the company in 1996 and sold his stake in the business to his business partner so he could spend more time with his family.

Stussy Inc remains headquartered in California and is now run by CEO David Sinatra, the son of co-founder Sinatra Jr.

What does Shawn Stussy do now?

Stussy founder, Shawn Stussy

After leaving the brand he co-founded in the mid-1990s, primarily to spend more time with his family, Shawn Stussy has turned his attention to other creative pursuits. He has continued to work as an artist and designer, creating artwork and designs for a variety of clients, including Nike, A Bathing Ape and Burton Snowboards.

Stussy has also focused on his own art and design projects, and has exhibited his artwork in galleries around the world, including shows in Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York. His artwork tends to stay true to his roots, incorporating elements of the surf culture, graffiti and streetwear which made him and his eponymous brand famous.

In addition to his artistic endeavours, Stussy remains an avid surfer and continues to be heavily integrated in the surf industry. He has designed surfboards, wetsuits and other surf-related products, and has been involved in various industry initiatives and events.

Where is Stussy sold?

The Stussy storefront in Shanghai

Stussy is sold globally in a wide variety of bricks-and-mortar and online-only retailers, from skatewear specialists to luxury department stores. The brand also runs its own webstore,, where customers can purchase Stussy products directly.

Stussy has flagship stores located in major cities across the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London. The brand’s limited editions and collaborative collections are often stocked at these flagship stores, with many customers camping for days to get their hands on the sought-after merch.

How long does Stussy take to ship?

The shipping time for Stussy products varies due to a number of factors, such as the shipping method chosen and delivery address of the order. Stussy offers several shipping methods, including standard ground shipping, two-day shipping, and next-day shipping, with the estimated shipping time for each found during the checkout process on

In general, standard ground shipping take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days for delivery within the United States, while expedited shipping options such as two-day or next-day shipping will arrive within the timeframe specified. For international orders, shipping times vary depending on the country and customs processing times, making it hard to give an exact timeframe.

How does Stussy fit?

Stussy tends to fit slightly relaxed an oversized, due to it being a brand created for skaters, which value comfort and manoeuvrability.

For a full break down of how Stuffy fits and associated sizing charts for all of its products, check out our dedicated Stussy sizing guide.

Does Stussy restock?

A selection of Stussy clothing piled high in a branded clothing basket

Following the blueprint that made the likes of Supreme so sought after, Stussy often releases limited edition drops of new products or collaborative products. These releases sell out quickly, often within hours, and once they are gone, are typically not restocked. The reason why is because this format creates scarcity and pushes consumers to act quickly to avoid missing out. FOMO is very real within the streetwear industry and drives the huge revenues.

Outside of the limited drops, Stussy does restock some of its popular items – particularly the core items such as logo tees, hoodies, and baseball caps  – but it is difficult to predict with any accuracy when a specific item will be restocked, especially as there is no option to sign up for stock alerts on its product pages.

Therefore, the best way to stay up to date on Stussy restocks is to sign up for its newsletter or follow it on social media. The brand often announces new drops and restocks through these channels, so it’s best to turn your notification settings on.