The Impact of Technology

Words by: Andrew Williams

The UK’s general Election has so far had me travelling back and forth to my boss’s constituency, and tramping the pavements of London. All this travelling has forced me to look again at my travelling kit, or rather the means of transporting the daily inventory of needful things.

When I wrote about Pens a while back I suggested that men were allowed certain accessories, namely; a watch; cuff links; a tie clip; belt or braces; and a wallet. In my own list I would add a pen and a cigarette case, and others wisely advocate a key holder. What links all these things is that they fulfil a practical function.

All these items also represent a pre-technology life we men once lived. I don’t know about you, but these days I rarely leave the house without my mobile and ipod. Indeed, these days even a wallet is excess bulk, requiring just my electronic Oyster travel card and debit card, a simple card holder is all that’s required.

Technology has quite an impact on our sartorial lives. At the macro level, it has made the World our department store, and allows websites like this, where people can exchange ideas and insights, to exist. At the micro level, life is increasingly dominated by those pieces of technology that help it run smoothly. So to me anyway, it makes sense to invest in apparel that allows that tech to blend elegantly and unobtrusively into my wardrobe.

So this week I’ve been looking into something practical and elegant to carry my ipod, mobile, laptop and other items. Many of the old school leather goods and luggage merchants have been a bit slow to cotton on to the necessities of modern life, and that’s how I came by Knomo of London.

A young company, it was founded in 2004 by Howard Harrison, Benoit Ruscoe (Creative Director) and Alastair Hops. Based in Great Titchfield Street London, where all the creative designing takes place, the company was set up precisely to produce bags and accessories to carry laptops with a mix of practically and stylishness. The name Knomo comes from combining the words, ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Mobility’ –hence the ‘K’ is silent. The company say they work closely with tech manufacturers in order that their bags and accessories fit the most popular shapes and sizes.


A few items caught my eye; first was the leather iphone wallet, which combines a pouch for your iphone and card holders for debit and credit cards. Anything that cuts down on the number of items one has to carry is a good thing. Also, for the first time I understood the appeal of tote bags, thanks to the stylish Riley Tote, and having to try and manoeuvre a large satchel on a busy train.


This all represents another avenue of expense, so here’s hoping all that campaigning pays off.