Words by: Andrew Williams


This season I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with the colour turquoise. That’s not a sentence you’ll read very often, and with good cause.

As colours go it’s jarring to the eye and seems almost unnatural. It would seem impossible to pair it successfully; and incorporating it into a look certainly appears to go against the accepted wisdom that a successful look is one of harmony. What might conceivably harmonise with such a colour?

But sometimes things can be so damned ugly that they become beautiful, and I’ve developed a strange appreciation for this colour which possesses a peculiar versatility.

I’ll confess I’m not a fan of summer clothing. Consequently, most of my purchasing takes place in the autumn and winter months, and are of a weight and colour palette to match. But the clothes of a well dressed man should compliment the season as much as they do the wearer and each other.

And so rather than try and reinvent my wardrobe from scratch or try and become something I’m not, I’ve been using turquoise to reinvigorate my core wardrobe and provide a splash of summer vibrancy and seasonal harmony.

Turquoise sits well with all shades of blue as well as browns, from tobacco to beige. If you want brighter and lighter, it compliments white without that common conformity of white and navy. And for those with boldness coursing through their veins, then try turquoise with orange, particularly burnt orange, and red. However, this last combination works best when the red is confined to a tie or handkerchief.

Personally, despite this new found fascination I’d still take my turquoise in smallish doses. I’m not sure of the virtue of a Turquoise jacket for example.

But, whether you opt to take that splash of summer colour in the form of a shirt, bag, watch strap or sock you could do far worse than opt for turquoise.