Warby Parker: The 2011 Collection

Words by: Andrew Hodges

I wrote back in December that Warby Parker, the online purveyor of vintage-inspired acetate eyeglasses, planned to launch a new collection for 2011. That new collection is now available on their website. The 2011 collection includes fourteen new frame styles and a variety of new colors.


Warby Parker sent me a selection of the new frames to inspect ahead of the launch. As a group the collection appears to be bigger and bolder than their original offerings. The most striking aspect of the collection are the new colors.


The only new solid color is Midnight Blue. I like the new color. It’s conservative without being black. Pictured is the new Begley frame in Midnight Blue.


There are several different versions of what Warby Parker calls a “fade.” A dark color at the top of these frames fades to a lighter one at the bottom. There is Lunar Fade (pictured on the Winston frame) that blends from black to clear. From a distance the Lunar Fade provides a fairly subtle effect. The other fades are much bolder. The Burgundy Fade (pictured on the Crosby) fades from dark burgundy to almost clear. The Old Fashion Fade (pictured on the Felton frame) transitions from dark brown to a light caramel. The Oakwood features a similar combination of brown and caramel, but it has a mottled pattern instead of a fade.


The other three colors, Greystone (a greenish gray), Striped Maple and Striped Evergreen remind me of the Celluloid barrels of vintage fountain pens. The Beckett is pictured in Striped Evergreen.


On another subject, several readers who live outside the United States have asked me if Warby Parker plans to offer international shipping in the foreseeable future. I am informed this is a project that is in the works.  Canadian shipping was launched a few months ago. Currently the hope is that they will be able to offer full-fledged international shipping in the next six to nine months; however, that is a moving target so it could be sooner or later than that estimate. Nevertheless, for those of you outside the United States who are itching for a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses, your wait may end in 2011.