WeAdmire.net T-Shirts

Words by: Andrew Williams


Some men these days wear little else, but you will rarely find me in a T-shirt. However, if I’m out on the water, on the beach, or relaxing at an informal BBQ – as I will be in New Zealand this Christmas – then you will see me in one, usually under an opened shirt.

Weadmire.net are my go too people. Indeed, this week Theo and his team have been helping me design a t-shirt as a gift for a friend of mine.

T-shirts are either festoon with the designer’s logos or have some trivial, nonsensical design on them. Theo Stegers wants to change all that. Feeling that T-shirt designs could actually mean something to the people who wear them he conceived of WeAdmire.net. He then jacked in his recruitment business and hasn’t looked back. In contemplating designs and topics he tells his team of young, energetic designers to consider the things, places and people they admire, not what’s commercially successful. What results are designs that are original, thought provoking, vibrant and sometimes whimsical. Many are artworks in themselves.


The T-shirts cover everything from Theories that changed the World to sportsmen, politician and film starts – my favourite T-shirt is the Fred Astair homage. I first met Theo some 12 months ago when I was searching out independent retailers in the East End of London, he showed me a T-shirt with Margaret Thatcher on it. I was somewhat surprised, but as he explained to me; “love her or loath her, you’ve got to admire her”.