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12 Stylish Long Hairstyles For Curly-Haired Men

Curly hair's natural texture can really enhance longer styles when it's given the time it needs to fully grow out.

Words by: James Uden

Deciding to grow your hair long is a huge call for any guy. It is a process that takes a great amount of willingness and perseverance, but the payoff can be epic once you reach your desired end goal. When it comes to curly hair, its natural waviness can really enhance longer styles when it’s given the time it needs to fully grow out.

To start this process, get a grade-one cut across the back and sides while leaving the top with a little bit more length. This template will not only complement your head shape and natural features, but will also allow you to work with a transitional hairstyle while you continue to let the overall length grow out.

Inevitably the levels of volume that can come with longer curly hair will at times get a bit much and become quite the test of willpower, but with the right guidance and the right products (moisturising conditioner is king in the battle against dryness and an anti-tangling brush will help avoid breakage), longer, curlier hair can truly thrive.

To help you stick to your goal, here’s a showcase of some great longer looks that take full advantage of natural curls and will have even the most loyal skin fader looking to ditch the clippers.

Dev Patel long wavy hair

Dev Patel long wavy haircut

Dev Patel really works with the waviness of his long, curly hair by keeping the overall shape bulky and loose while adding some subtle flair with the raised fringe swept over to one side.

Keeping the back and sides as long – if not longer – than the texture on top helps to introduce plenty of volume.

Extra long curly beach hair

Men's Extra long curly beach hair

This extra long, beachy hairstyle is going to take a long time to achieve, but will feel so rewarding once you’re there after months of steady growth.

Add plenty of texturising product to help define that sideways parting while ensuring those extremely long ends lock in plenty of healthy moisture and don’t become too dry.

Messy long curly hair

Messy mid-length to long curly hair for men

Opting for less length can be a great approach to achieving a longer hairstyle, especially when natural curls can bring so much playful volume and texture to the table, as seen here.

By keeping the length above the shoulder and evenly grown across the top, back and sides you will achieve this squarer profile. Once you have the shape down, look to create plenty of texture by ruffling through a lightweight mousse, styling cream or pomade with your hands.

Long length, naturally curly hair

Long length, naturally curly hair for men

Going back to more extreme length that sits beyond the shoulders, this look is more about the sheer natural weight that longer curls can bring, as opposed to boosting volume and texture.

The swept side parting is the real distinction of this style and a great option to consider if you have slightly thicker hair that’s less malleable and you find the layers just want to flow freely down each side.

Long, natural afro hair

Long, natural men's afro hair

This long curly hairstyle is the perfect answer for guys with particularly thick hair that struggles to be tamed. Still requiring a solid amount of length all over, the tousled and almost static texture helps to create this wilder, boxy profile, while plenty of height balances out the heavy sides.

It’s a shape that really suits guys with squarer faces.

Long curly hair with natural texture

Long curly hair with natural texture

The shaping of this long and curly hairstyle makes all the difference. The sides are cut to sit above and over the ears while the curls on the back fall neatly above the shoulders – creating a handsome and neat profile that shapes the otherwise more wild and natural texture on top.

The shorter fringe is a neat touch that prevents the hair from hanging too far over the face and lets the curls above do all the talking.

Long swept back curly hair

Long swept back curly hair for men

This slicker take on a long and curly hairstyle can be achieved with a good helping of a pliable finishing product that can glide through with ease and mould those straighter sweeps of hair back into place.

To build the height on top, add a volumising primer to damp hair and then brush in the lift with some added heat from a blow dryer. The sides can be swept back neatly as part of this process to help frame and enhance those statement waves.

Neat, naturally curly hair

Neat, naturally curly hair

This creative look is all about showcasing the natural shaping and bouncy texture of the curls.

Neatly cut to leave the face and ears uncovered, the length of this hairstyle isn’t overly intimidating while the free-flowing shape helps to create a low-maintenance style that works with curly hair, rather than against it.

Jon Snow long curly hair

Jon Snow long curly hair

As Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones, Kit Harington inspired a generation of men to at least consider growing their hair out in the hope of replicating this rugged take on long locks.

The top itself is kept relatively flat, allowing the volume that is created around the sides to dominate the style. This signature long and curly look is defined by the tousled texture that runs from top to bottom – boosted further by the wet-look/sheen finish.

Long curly hair with side sweep

Men's Long curly hair with side sweep

The long and weighted curls below the ears, sitting towards the shoulders, create an almost triangular profile. By keeping the hair relatively straight and neatly swept over on the top, it helps not only keep the face clear of any rogue strands but gives the bulkier section towards the shoulders freedom to hang loose and thrive.

Naturally curly afro hair

Men's long curly afro hair

This curly hairstyle has been cut just above the eyeline but left to grow over the ears, giving it a fuller finish and more rounded overall shape.

By cutting the back shorter towards the neck, the natural flow of the curls is emphasised along the heavier top and front, offering enough volume to play around with.

Jason Momoa long curly hair

Jason Momoa long curly hair

The mighty Jason Momoa cares less about the volume and more about the easygoing flow with this look. Keeping the top neat and middle-parted opens up the face and lets the care-free curls hang loose around the profile.

This hairstyle is ready to work with the physical demands of any action sequence and be effortlessly ruffled back into place by hand immediately afterwards as if nothing happened.