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The Hottest Men’s T-shirt Trends For 2024

It’s tempting to think that T-shirts are trend-proof. They’re classics, after all, must-have and ubiquitous. And it’s true that traditional T-shirt styles, like block-colour crew necks, Breton stripes, polo shirts and a few others never change and never need to.

But fashion never stays still for long, and T-shirt trends come and go. Designers play with fabrics, patterns and cuts to keep this most basic of basics interesting. Below, we’ve picked out 12 fashionable T-shirt trends to help refresh your wardrobe in 2024. 

Heavyweight tees

Men's T-shirt trend - thick, heavyweight tees

Wax London

Like heavyweight hoodies and sweatshirts, T-shirts made from thick, substantial cotton have never been more popular. It may be part of the backlash to fast fashion as discerning menswear fans look for well-made and long-lasting clothes. But they also look great. The chunkier weaves on heavyweight tees mean they’re never clingy or see-through like thinner styles and drape from the shoulders in a flattering way, too. 

There’s no need to overcomplicate the styling. Heavyweight T-shirts look great with denim and other workwear essentials, plus shorts in the summer. You can also pair them with tailored trousers, like a pleated pant, to create a little contrast in your look.

Sustainable tees

Men's T-shirt trend - two sustainable tees hanging outside in the environment


About 2 billion T-shirts are sold around the world every year. That’s a lot of cotton, a lot of water and – many would argue – a lot of waste. Tees are one of the cheapest and most widely worn items of clothing out there, contributing a huge amount to the environmental footprint that fashion is now beginning to contend with. So it’s little surprise that we’re seeing labels push more sustainable tees to the fore. 

GOTS-certified organic cotton tees take less water and energy to produce than standard cotton, while alternative textiles like hemp and lyocell are becoming more common and more popular. Lyocell has a silky, premium texture, while hemp holds color better than cotton and usually lasts longer, too. If you want to wear your eco credential on your sleeve, this is the way to do it.

Performance fabrics

Men's T-sshirt trends man wearing a UNIQLO Airism performance tee


Once upon a time (it was about 10 years ago), innovative performance clothing was reserved for jocks, not nerds. Moisture-wicking materials and T-shirt designs with ventilation at their heart were for professional athletes and everyday runners. Today, however, everyone’s a jock and everyone’s a nerd, and performance tees are as much about fashion as they are about sport. 

Uniqlo’s successful Airism range is a perfect example of how technical details have infiltrated everyday menswear. The Japanese brand’s tees come in a moisture-wicking, odour-repelling, quick-drying stretch fabric. But they’re cut in line with broader menswear trends, oversized in the body, wide at the shoulders and elbow-length sleeves.

Check out brands like Lululemon, Arc’teryx or Pangaia for a similar blend of posing and performance.

Knitted tees

Men's T-shirt trend - Antione Griezmann wearing a knitted tee with a black jacket


If you’ve heard of the quiet luxury trend but are unsure what it means, knitted tees are a good example. Take the tried-and-true shape of a crew-neck tee but fashion it from a finer fabric, like merino wool or Sea Island cotton, woven more intricately than your usual tee. That’s quiet luxury – understated basics elevated in ways that aren’t always immediately obvious. 

Knitted tees are often softer on the eye as well as the skin. They pair nicely with smarter trousers and look good under blazers and wool overcoats. And if you don’t have to be quiet about this T-shirt trend if you don’t want to be. There are also more elaborate knitted tees out there, with crochet-style finishes as well as 50s-inspired short-sleeve knits and luxury polo shirts rendered in yarns like cashmere and merino wool. 

XL logo treatments

Men's T-shirt trend - man wearing a large AMIRI black logo tee over a grey hoodie with black jeans


Logos on T-shirts have been a thing since the 80s, when sports brands – especially skatewear labels – splashed their branding across the chests of their customers. These days, everyone does it, from Gap to Gucci, but the most recent twist is to create logo T-shirts that get playful with the label’s own insignia. 

Some brands are ransacking their archives or using unexpected placement or design treatments. Others are going XL with the size of their typeface, applying huge lettering across the front of their tees.

You’ve got to love the label to wear this kind of T-shirt. And whether it’s a community thing or just a show-off thing, you might as well let the logo do the talking and keep the rest of your outfit relatively muted.

Soccer shirts

Men's T-shirt trend - man wearing a fashion soccer shirt

Aime Leon Dore

Terrace fashion has had its own corner of streetwear ever since the 70s, but it’s rarely been as closely interwoven with the trendy end of men’s style as it has recently. Blokecore (terrible name) sees guys wearing replica soccer shirts with jeans, Adidas Sambas and bucket hats like it’s 1994, but the trend has also gone designer. Brands as diverse as Palace, Gucci, Martine Rose and Percival have all produced their own versions in the last couple of years.

The clubs are getting involved, too. AC Milan, for example, is creating fourth strips in collaboration with its regular kit sponsors and fashion labels. Vintage shirts are also very much on the team sheet. Fans are pulling old jerseys out of storage and listing them on reselling sites, while Adidas is reproducing some of its best and obscure designs from seasons past – anyone for the Olympique Lyonnais shirt from 95/96?

Henley shirts

Men's T-shirt trend - man wearing a Henely shirt with a denim shirt, shawl collar cardigan and raw denim jeans


Most people either love a Henley shirt or loathe a Henley shirt. There’s not much middle ground for this storied garment. The style, with its distinctive buttoned placket and collarless neck, traces its roots back to 19th-century rowers and labourers who traditionally wore it as an undergarment.

It still has a slight workwear vibe today, which might explain why it’s trending again, as menswear continues its obsession with blue-collar clothing.

Try one with a pair of cargo pants or a mid-blue jean for a simple casual look. Henleys are also a good summer alternative to polo shirts, pairing with shorts or dressed-down tailoring. Or you can lean into beatnik and hippie style (two subcultures that also loved a Henley) with more tactile fabrics, such as wool trousers and cardigans.

Washed-out T-shirts

Men's T-shirt trends - man wearing a black heavyweight washed tee with black jeans


The thrifted look is in again, but that doesn’t have to mean going to the thrift store. A lot of brands are producing washed-looking tees that have the character of a vintage piece but not the shapeless fit or funny smell. The look is a little distressed and the tees are often garment-dyed to give them a unique patina of ‘lived-in’ fades. 

It works for grunge fashion, especially in off-black, but garment-dyed tees can also look the part in workwear-inspired outfits or teamed with preppy summer shorts.

All over prints

Men's T-shirt trends - man wearing an all-over leopard animal print T-shirt by Celine with black jeans


Minimalism and maximalism tag in and out of fashion often, and big looks are having a moment right now. We’re seeing lots of all-over prints, from gnarly tie-dye to wild animal prints. Colorful and high-contrast, they’re supplemented by equally garish logos, meaning this T-shirt trend isn’t necessarily for everyone. However, it is a bold and brilliant option for streetwear fans.

Usually, the rule would be to pair this kind of tee with less out-there trousers, but many tastemakers are currently having fun clashing prints and patterns or wearing pants in wide, exaggerated fits.

You could also use a printed tee to break up an otherwise monotone look. Try some black jeans with a black coach jacket or shirt, but slip something loud and proud underneath for a flash of color.

Heritage polo shirts

Men's T-shirt trends - man wearing a heritage print polo shirt

Billy Reid

It might be the ongoing prep revival, courtesy of Aime Leon Dore, Lacoste and other preppy labels, but throwback polo shirts are definitely having a moment. Think knitted polos with heritage stripes, bigger-than-usual logos, piping details on the collar or monogram patterns through the body – show us an old-school polo style and we’ll show you a modern designer bringing it back. 

It’s a great look, too. Masculine but with a bit of color and character, it’s a T-shirt trend that you can dress up or down depending on your preference. Tuck a polo into some smart trousers or under a blazer for a take on dressed-down tailoring, or play into the throwback athleisure vibe by wearing it with piped track pants. 

Boxy cuts

Men's T-shirt trend - man wearing a short boxy black T-shirt with white jeans


We didn’t have this one on the T-shirt trend bingo card but short, boxy tees are a thing. Boxy cuts have been around for a while, with wide shoulder and chest measurements and sleeves reaching way past the middle of your bicep.

What’s new is that designers are exaggerating this fit even further by shortening the length of their tees. We’re not quite in crop-top territory but lift your arms over your head and you’ll feel the breeze on your stomach. 

The style is eye-catching precisely because it’s jarring and unexpected, so it works best with off-center fits. Make the most of its unique silhouette by trying it with techwear or military-inspired streetwear, such as combat pants.

Tank tops

Men's T-shirt trend - man wearing a white tank top underneath and open camp collar shirt with white pants

Wax London

Is it a T-shirt? Is it a vest? Who knows, but tank tops are everywhere right now, from Calvin Klein ads to the red carpet. Usually worn as a layering piece rather than an Eminem throwback, we’re seeing tank tops slotted under Cuban collar shirts or even suit jackets, leaving plenty of chest on display. 

To make this style your own, pick a flattering fit and a neutral color (white or black, basically). Depending on how you style it, a tank can look rugged, sleazy or chilled, but the easiest way to wear it is with a summer-friendly or workwear-style shirt, worn open at the front. Leave the dog tags at the barracks.