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Men’s Black And White Outfits: 21 Slick Monochrome Looks For 2024

Black and white fits don’t have to be boring. In fact, we’ll show you 21 reasons why maintaining a monochrome wardrobe might just be the best style decision you ever make.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

In some way or other, most people want to make a statement about themselves through the clothing they wear. They might want to project that they have money, that they don’t care about fashion, that they have a creative sense of self, or that they’re 90s grunge fans.

Whatever it is, style choices make a difference. So what does a black-and-white closet say about you? Boring? One-dimensional? Far from it. A black-and-white closet can be just as expressive and stylish as one bursting with colors and patterns.

Combining uniformity and contrast, with an easy-on-the-eye minimalism, black and white outfits can be the height of contemporary sophistication, whether you’re a sartorial kind of guy or a proponent of casual streetwear fits.

Below, we’ll show you exactly how to turn your wardrobe monochrome and never look back.

21 cool black and white outfits for men

White long-sleeve polo with black pants

Men's black loose pants, off-white long-sleeve polo shirt and black Converse high-top sneakers outfit

Wax London

Is there a more underused, underrated menswear garment than the long-sleeve polo? With the resurrection of a modern brand of preppiness, it’s making a comeback – and rightly so, since it’s a super versatile layering piece.

This white version in brushed cotton pairs well with the black pants and offers the top half a nice textural finish. The black and white Converse are a clever touch to bring the two tones together, too.

Black shirt with white tapered jeans

Men's white jeans, black shirt, light brown suede espadrilles and clear frame sunglasses outfit


A super simple yet undeniably elegant summer look, the combination of a cotton or linen black shirt with smart white jeans is a recipe for style success.

The casual roll-ups are a welcome touch, helping to accentuate the suede loafers, which bookend the look with a neutral tone and a healthy dose of texture.

Ecru T-shirt with black tapered trousers

Men's black tapered pants, heavyweight white T-shirt, gold pendant necklace and grey New Balance sneakers outfit

Wax London

If the black/white contrast is too stark for you, then experiment with different hues of off-white. This ecru-tone T-shirt, for example, completely softens the look and doesn’t create such a hard contrast with the gold necklace.

White T-shirt with a black bomber jacket

Men's black ripped jeans, white oversized T-shirt, black bomber jacket and black gum sole sneakers outfit

Rag & Bone

This is a great example of how to use texture to create visual interest in a monochrome outfit.

The simple white cotton tee acts as the canvas, while the rest of the black elements use different finishes to give the look some depth – the shiny nylon of the bomber playing off the distressed black denim and clean leather sneakers.

Black sweatshirt with white sports shorts

Men's white sports shorts, black oversize sweatshirt, white tube socks and black skate shoes outfit


The statement-making power of this casual sports look comes from the effortless coordination of the various elements. Using black and white throughout turns the outfit into a pattern itself.

The details are key: the black trim of the shorts, the white logo on the sweatshirt, the black branding on the socks and the white laces of the shoes all combine to create a fit that’s more than the sum of its parts.

All-white with a black shirt

Men's off-white pants, black long-sleeve top, off-white shacket and grey New Balance sneakers outfit


More often than not you see the reverse of this configuration, but going for an all-white or off-white outfit that uses black as the base layer can be equally as striking.

The white cotton shacket is a great layering piece, and the turned-back sleeves allow for the black tone to better integrate and break up the uniformity of the white tones.

Black leather jacket with distressed white jeans

Men's white jeans with black leather jacket outfit


Expressive and with a ton of attitude, this outfit incorporates elements of biker culture with streetwear to create a really strong aesthetic.

The layered tones of black are a nice touch, especially since the fabrics are so different, while the distressed cropped jeans help make the most of those killer combat boots.

Off-white shirt with black tapered trousers

Men's black pants, white Oxford shirt and cream canvas high top sneakers outfit

Alex Mill

If in doubt, keep it simple. This look is so easy to style and yet so effective.

The off-white shirt and sneakers are perfectly coordinated, while the black tapered pants lend the outfit a smart finish, perfect for a business-casual office environment.

All black with a white tank top

Men's black pants, white T-shirt, open black short-sleeve shirt and black sneakers outfit

Rag & Bone

The white ‘beater’ has a bad reputation, but as a simple and effective styling device, it punches above its weight (pun intended).

This all-black outfit would be fine in itself – the short-sleeve shirt has a flattering boxy silhouette, and the pants are neatly tapered, but the contrast of the white tank top underneath adds another layer of depth and interest to the look.

White shirt and black cargo pants

Men's black cargo pants, white tank top, open white shirt, black chunky moccasin shoes, black baseball cap and silver chain necklace outfit


A crisp white shirt layered over a tank top again creates a tonal look for the top here, while the black cargo pants bring a contemporary workwear silhouette to this easy monochrome fit.

The leather Derby shoes bookend the look with a slice of luxury texture, while the cap and necklace bring the detail.

White T-shirt with black leather jacket and jeans

Men's black jeans and leather jacket outfit with chelsea boots


One of the most classic black and white outfits you can put together, the biker-inspired white tee and black leather jacket duo has been tried and tested for decades, cemented by style icons such as Marlon Brando.

Masculine to the core, it’s a striking look that lives or dies on the quality and cut of the leather jacket.

White tuxedo jacket with black tailored pants

Men's black dress pants, white long-sleeve top, white tuxedo jacket and black suede slippers outfit


When you’re dressing for a formal occasion or just want to raise the smartness bar, the white or cream tuxedo jacket is a sartorial weapon.

Paired with black dress pants (with or without a satin stripe), it makes for a beautifully classic formal look, but in this instance, the outfit has been softened by the omission of a shirt and bow tie, in favor of a simple white tee.

Cocktail attire never looked so sophisticated.

Black overshirt with white linen pleated trousers

Men's white linen pleated pants, Breton T-shirt, black overshirt and black espadrilles outfit

Todd Snyder

We just love the slouchy nonchalance of this look, which uses a boxy black overshirt layered over a Breton tee to complement the casual sartorialism of the white pleated linen trousers.

The deep collar of the tee and the espadrilles both reinforce the effortlessness of what is a superb summer outfit.

Camp collar shirt with black cropped pants

Men's black cropped pants, white tank top, white Camp collar shirt, white socks and black horsebit leather loafers outfit


An effortless summer look, this aesthetic combines Latin style influences with contemporary fashion to create a succinct yet effective outfit.

The white camp collar shirt is supremely versatile, as are the black pants, which give you the freedom to be expressive with your accessories. In this case, it’s jewelry and buckle loafers.

White ribbed polo shirt with black shorts

Men's black tailored shorts, white ribbed polo shirt and white sneakers worn sockless outfit


Polo shirts are summer essentials, especially when they come with a textural finish such as this ribbed version.

The resort collar immediately offers an off-duty attitude which is well complemented by the black shorts. The clean lo-fi sneakers underline the look’s minimalist aesthetic.

Simple but very effective.

White cable-knit jumper with black pants

Men's black wool pants, white cable knit sweater and black leather Chelsea boots outfit

Club Monaco

An elegant off-duty look for the office in spring, this outfit combines a pair of black pants with a textural cable-knit sweater.

The pants are the supporting act for the classic knit, which provides a stylish degree of tactility. You could wear an off-white Oxford shirt beneath the sweater if you want to add a bit more depth to the look.

White camp collar shirt with black tailored shorts

Men's white camp collar shirt tucked into black tailored shorts with white leather sneakers outfit


The great thing about the camp collar shirt is that it can be dressed up or down with ease. In this case, this slick white version gets the sartorial treatment with a fine pair of black tailored shorts.

The white sneakers ensure the look is still casual, but the clean lines of those shorts add a level of sophistication.

Black camp collar shirt with a white T-shirt

Men's black shorts, black short-sleeve shirt, white T-shirt and black leather loafers outfit


A casual all-black base, in this case utilizing shorts, makes for a suave antidote to bright summer colors. Plus we love how this look stays monochromatic with the white T-shirt.

Matching sets have been all the rage for the past few seasons, but it’s important to introduce different textures elsewhere in the outfit, be it leather in your shoes or metals in your jewelry.

White shirt with a black double-breasted suit

Men's black double-breasted suit, white open shirt and black leather loafers outfit


Too many guys are fearful of wearing black suits because of their association with funeral attire, but they would be missing a trick. A great double-breasted black suit such as this one (note the flamboyant wide lapels) can make for a beautiful contemporary sartorial look, especially when paired with a contrasting white shirt.

Use jewelry or accessories to personalize the aesthetic, which is perfect for cocktail evenings.

Black overshirt with black cropped pleated pants

Men's black wide-leg pants, white T-shirt, black overshirt and black slip on shoes outfit


What makes this look is not necessarily the monochrome palette but rather the modern silhouette, thanks to the boxy overshirt and cropped pleated trousers.

The white tee creates a clean blank canvas for the black garments to better stand out, while the shiny black leather slip-ons are a nice textural touch.

Black camp collar shirt with black tailored trousers

Men's black tailored pants, white T-shirt, black open knit shirt and taupe suede tassel loafers outfit


While the white T-shirt is an essential device to bring depth to this outfit, what’s clever is the use of different shades of black.

Black has a tonal range of its own, especially when played out in different fabrics, so it’s always wise to think about mixing them up for a more dimensional look.

How to wear black and white

Texture is your friend

Men's all black outfit with turtleneck, checked wool overshirt, black chinos and boots


When you’re working with a restricted color palette of two – in this case, black and white – your go-to tool for giving your outfits depth is texture by way of interesting fabrics.

Incorporating tactile wools, brushed cotton, linens, leather, waffle knits, seersucker, crochet elements, shiny nylons… whatever it is, it will help to create contrast and definition and prevent your fits from looking flat and boring.

Experiment with silhouette

Men's wide-leg pants, white T-shirt, black zip jacket and black leather penny loafers outfit

Banana Republic

Silhouette is another really important lever you can pull when only wearing black and white clothes. You can experiment with slim svelte silhouettes when you’re trying to achieve a smart, more refined look. Conversely, you can add boxy or oversized layers when you want to project more of a relaxed contemporary aesthetic – think overshirts, short blousons, baggy jeans and wide-leg pants.

Incorporating layers of different lengths and width profiles will give you a plethora of styling options without having to break out of your two-tone palette.

Accessories are important

Men's loose black pants, black varsity jacket, black & white chunky sneakers, black sunglasses, black beanie and black tote bag outfit


If you are going to be strict with your black-and-white palette for your garments, then your accessories are where you can break ranks and add subtle accents of color or different materials, such as gold or silver jewelry. Even shiny metal hardware on a black bag or some sunglasses will offer something different.

Given that black and white outfits can be pretty minimalist, a gold necklace or bracelet can be a powerful addition that elevates the look, so don’t underestimate just how effective the fine details can be.