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Men’s All White Outfit Inspiration: 22 Stylish Looks For 2024

All white outfits are easier to pull off than you might think, and will quickly mark you out as a confident and stylish dresser. Here's how to get it right.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

There’s no denying it, all white outfits are tricky to pull off. But, in the right place at the right time, it’s a look that will cement your style credentials.

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to the fashion novice, wearing all white does have its benefits. The shade is a natural heat reflector so it’ll keep you cool in the sun, and it looks particularly at home on vacation – whether you’re by the pool, in the bar or at a restaurant.

Just don’t forget the napkin.

How to wear all white

Mix your shades

Tonal all-white outfit for men using cream, brown, stone and off-white pieces

A Day’s March

While it may seem counterintuitive, when considering all white, it’s actually easier to not wear all white. If you want to ease yourself into the look, introduce tonal shades of off-white, beige and light stone.

Bright, stark white is extremely hard to pull off successfully and is far from flattering for most skin colours and body types. By combining other shades of near white you will look both cool and relaxed.

Try, for example, pale stone cargo pants with a light grey T-shirt and off white chore jacket for a workwear-inspired outfit that’s perfect as adaptable holiday attire – it’s a combination that’ll take you from city strolling during the day to al fresco dining with ease.

Keep it tactile

White trousers and white knitted T-shirt Outfit for men

Massimo Dutti

When attempting to pull off any tonal outfit, texture is imperative. Try to create a one-colour outfit in the same or similar fabrics and it can appear flat and a bit off – like some weird, miss-matching suit.

Instead, go for pieces in differing materials and finishes, which will create a bit of visual contrast, breaking things up and keeping it from looking too matchy-matchy.

Which fabrics you opt for depends on the season. For spring and summer, lightweight cloths that offer plenty of texture include linen, cotton canvas, merino wool and tencel.

In the colder months prioritise heavier weight pieces in things like lambswool, denim, moleskin or fleece.

Avoid skinny fits

Sophisticated all-white outfit for men


As with any outfit, fit is key. And with all white this rings particularly true. We’d advise avoiding anything with an overly slim or skinny fit.

Apart from the fact that tight fits have generally given way to more flattering cuts across the entire men’s fashion industry, skinny-fit clothing looks especially try-hard in all white.

Instead, look to the world of workwear for inspiration and opt for something more relaxed and laid back.

The same goes for tailoring. For those wanting to try an all white suit, think ‘tailored’ instead of ‘slim’. Blazers should comfortably button up over a shirt and tie, and trousers should boast a clean line that tapers gently towards the ankle.

Not only will you look better for it, but your body is going to thank you for the increased space and airflow in the heat.

Right foot forward

Men's All White Outfit By Aime Leon Dore with contrasting shoes and cap

Aime Leon Dore

When going all white you’re never actually going to go all white. The shoes you wear should ideally break things up, either adding a flash of colour or a subtle element of texture depending on what you’re wearing up top.

For more casual all white outfits, a pair of sneakers will rarely fail. Vintage running shoes, Vans slip-ons or Converse All Stars will never let you down, managing to remain contemporary yet classic.

Sharper looks that incorporate tailoring require something a little smarter though. When wearing ‘proper’ shoes with all white, avoid going for anything that contrasts too heavily.

Lighter coloured leather and suede – think tan, beige or stone – is ideal as the softer shades complement white without drawing too much attention from it.

All white outfits for men

Here’s a selection of modern, stylish all white outfits suitable for a number of occasions. Use and save them as inspiration for your own summer looks.

Simple all white summer outfit

Men's white chinos, brown leather belt, white pocket T-shirt, sunglasses and cream espadrilles outfit


This all white outfit is as simple as it gets and an easy introduction to the look. It combines pieces every man should already have in their warm-weather rotation – white chinos, plain white pocket tee, a pair of light espadrilles – to create an effortlessly cool way to dress in the heat.

Note how the sunglasses, leather belt (with slight T-shirt tuck) and espadrilles create some welcome contrast at the top, middle and bottom of the outfit, which stops it looking too white.

White shirt over white T-shirt outfit

Men's off-white jeans, white T-shirt, white open overshirt and retro running sneakers outfit

Rag & Bone

All white isn’t just for summer. For dry spring or fall days it’s just as appropriate, particularly if you opt for hardier materials, like above.

Here we see rugged off-white denim set the foundation down below, with a plain cotton tee layered underneath a thicker work shirt that’s left open to create visual interest and depth.

All white quiet luxury outfit

Men's white linen pants, knitted white silk polo shirt, beige suede penny loafers and off-white sweater outfit


This is the type of all white outfit that’s commonplace at high-end resorts across the Côte d’Azur and Amalfi Cоаѕt.

The look oozes quiet luxury thanks to the absence of any branding and use of high-end materials such as 100% linen (pants), cotton-silk (polo shirt and sweater) and calf suede (loafers).

Try it for yourself by placing greater emphasis on fabrication and tailored cuts when pulling together your own sophisticated fits.

All white athleisure outfit

Men's off-white sweat shorts, off-white T-shirt, white tube socks and white sneakers outfit


The athleisure trend shows no sign of slowing down post pandemic, with men across the globe realising that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort to look good.

Case in point: this simple sporty summer getup, which combines off-white sweat shorts with an oversized cream T-shirt, white tube socks and sneakers.

Loose and relaxed to allow airflow, it doesn’t appear sloppy thanks to the tucking of the tee and clean tonal white palette.

White pants and cashmere sweater outfit

Men's white pants, white T-shirt, beige V-neck sweater and tan suede sneakers outfit


The V-neck sweater has made a surprising comeback and this look offers the perfect suggestion on how to style it. 

Here, straight-leg white pants and a classic cotton T-shirt set an all white base that would work on its own on for warm spring or summer days. But when the temperature drops at night, reach for a rich off-white cashmere V-neck and throw it on over the top. 

The plunging neckline allows the tee to peek out underneath, creating some much-needed contrast in this tonal fit, which is punctuated by the tan suede sneakers at the bottom.

All white shorts outfit

Selected Homme

All white outfits can sometimes fall a bit flat. To ensure yours doesn’t, try layering an off-white crew neck over a white shirt, which will add depth while toning down the starkness.

Finish with stone shorts and minimal sneakers for a look all men can pull off.

All white and outerwear


It’s surprisingly easy to create all white outfits using your existing wardrobe.

Combine a white pair of jeans with an off-white sweatshirt and throw a stone mac or trench coat over the top and you’ve got a look ready for those spring showers.

White top and jeans outfit

Selected Homme

It may not be the most practical way to dress casually, but if you don’t like thinking about what to wear in the morning, wearing all white takes some of the frustration away.

It can be as simple as throwing on a long-sleeve top over a pair of jeans or chinos and finishing with your favourite sneakers.

Relaxed all white suit outfit

Men's all white outfit - linen blazer and trousers with grey t-shirt


Looser silhouettes are continuing to make headway in the world of menswear, with relaxed-fit jackets and wide-legged trousers more popular than ever.

If you’re looking to channel the look, try opting for an all white top and bottom half, broken up by a micro-striped T-shirt and leather boat shoes.

It’s an outfit that’s equal parts nautical and workwear inspired.

All white safari jacket outfit


Another place all white has traditionally been worn is on safari. Look up old photos of Hemingway, Prince Charles and Attenborough and you’ll see they’re often wearing all white or stone as it kept them cool under the intense heat.

Try it for yourself by opting for an off-white safari jacket and neutral chinos, finishing with suede loafers for added elegance.

All white sportswear outfit

All white sportswear outfit with shorts and T-shirt

Aime Leon Dore

Wearing all white doesn’t mean you can’t throw some branding and pops of colour in there. A logo’ed T-shirt will break up the monotony of the look, while white sneakers with colourful accents create an additional point of difference.

For bonus points try wearing a cap that picks out shades in your shoes or tee, which will further keep things from looking too stark.

All white Riviera outfit

Todd Snyder

All white is never more at home than it is in sunny climes. For a look that borrows all the best bits from Mediterranean style, try a white knitted polo with white jeans and brown leather loafers or Derby shoes.

It’ll give your tan a boost and reflect the sun’s rays, keeping you looking and feeling cool.

White T-shirt and jeans outfit

Buck Mason

The best tonal outfits are often simple, and with all white it’s no different.

Sometimes a T-shirt and jeans combination is all you really need, but with such a pared-back getup you need to nail the fit.

The jeans should be slim but not too slim, while the T-shirt should have a bit of give and not pull across your chest or stomach.

Smart-casual all white outfit


For something smart but still relatively relaxed, all white can be a good option.

Try a tailored long-sleeve polo shirt in off-white, paired with white chinos and minimal sneakers for a look that’s perfect for a garden party or summer work drinks.

All white streetwear outfit


Streetwear outfits tend to feature plenty of logos and colour, so going the all white route offers a refreshingly different take.

Try a matching shorts and jacket combo layered over a hoodie and finished with a cap, sneakers and white socks for an outfit that’s adaptable and ideal for summer.

All white combat pants outfit


Combat pants in white provide an interesting look – the ruggedness of the style isn’t lost, and the large pockets still reference classic military garments, but white gives them a more luxurious feel.

It means they can be combined perfectly with sports-luxe pieces such as down jackets and suede tennis shoes, as shown here.

All white outfit with contrasting shoes

Men's all white shirt and trousers outfit with suede loafers

Massimo Alba

We know it’s tricky to pull off, but all white outfits are softened when finished with the right shoes.

White sneakers can make you look a little too bright, so start with a pair of light brown suede Derbies or loafers, which add a nice touch of visual contrast.

All white and pastels outfit

Men's all white outfit with white jeans, turtleneck and jacket


Another way to soften the harshness of all white is by combining it with pastel shades.

A soft, faint green overshirt is your friend here, and will perfectly finish off a look consisting of white chinos, a turtleneck and light brown suede Chelsea boots.

All white workwear outfit

Men's all white streetwear outfit with worker jacket and jeans

Tommy Hilfiger

If you’re only going to try one all white outfit, make it a workwear-inspired one. An off-white chore jacket is incredibly easy to wear and looks great over a pair of matching tailored trousers.

Complete this simple getup with a chunky pair of boots or Derbies and you’ll be the freshest guy in the bar.

Relaxed white tailoring outfit

Men's all white outfit with relaxed trousers and blazer


White can often appear overly formal in the form of tailoring; perhaps because it’s reminiscent of white dinner jackets and tuxedos. But when channelled in more laid-back silhouettes it instantly looks more comfortable and easy to wear.

Try varying the shades slightly to give it an extra edge, with pure white trousers, an off-white blazer and a pale pink shirt.

Great Gatsby inspired all white outfit

Brunello Cucinelli

White clothing has, in certain parts of history, signified wealth and worldliness, so it was no surprise it was a favourite of Jay Gatsby.

Channel the literary anti-hero and combine a white cardigan with pleated trousers and loafers and you’ll be the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

All white summer suit


If you want to make a tailoring statement, few colours do it better than all white. There’s no denying you’ll stand out, but with the perfect suit and accessories, it’ll be welcome attention you receive.

Try a double-breasted jacket and high-waisted, pleated trousers combined with brown leather loafers and a knitted polo.

Sophistication personified.