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Men’s Khaki Pants Outfits: 22 Foolproof Looks For 2024

Whether you’re after a casual weekend trouser or something more suited to office wear, these veteran fatigues can do it all. Here's exactly what to wear with your khaki pants rotation.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

As far as easy-to-wear, versatile trousers go, few are better than khaki pants. The shade has a long history of military use, having been utilized in battle dress for decades – particularly in warm, desert regions where the light hue camouflages well with the landscape. (A reminder that if war is good for anything, it’s menswear with staying power.)

Away from the battlefield, khaki is a staple of the contemporary wardrobe, particularly in trouser form where it rivals the adaptability of navy chinos or even denim jeans. Essentially, if you’re looking for a sharp pair of trousers, khaki is an excellent alternative to navy or black. Whether you’re after a casual weekend pant or something more suited to a business casual office, these veteran fatigues can do it all.

But how to wear khaki pants and more importantly, what to wear with them? Here are 22 outfits all men can pull off, as well as some styling advice you should bear in mind when creating your own looks.

Men’s khaki pants outfits for 2024

Simple khaki casualwear

Men's khaki pants, white T-shirt, charcoal sweater and brown leather Chelsea boots outfit

Banana Republic

This look is as easy as it gets when it comes to styling khaki pants. Take a white tee, layer over a well-fitting black sweater or sweatshirt and finish with dark leather Chelsea boots.

The khaki pants bring some much-needed light and contrast to the outfit, making them a much better choice than navy or black alternatives. When the temperature drops, throw on a green or black bomber jacket and you’re good to go.

Khaki pants and a leather jacket

Men's wide leg kahki pants, tucked in white T-shirt, black collared leather jacket and beige/brown suede gum sole sneakers outfit


Proof that a leather jacket can bring a masculine edge to even the most dad-friendly of garments, this look sees a plain white tee tucked into high-waisted, straight-leg khakis.

It’s the type of look your pops would have worn back in the day, yet the addition of the boxy leather jacket and tonal gum sole sneakers makes it feel much more contemporary and of the moment.

Khaki pants and blazer twist

Men's khaki cargo pants, green polo shirt, green patterned blazer and brown suede Derby shoes outfit


This outfit takes the classic blazer and chinos combination and gives it a contemporary twist via the choice of khaki cargo pants. It shouldn’t work, but it does – and that’s largely down to the tapered cut of the trousers and the flat, slimline pockets, which don’t ruin the clean lines you need for tailored looks.

The palette is kept complementary and earthy, with the dark green polo shirt working well with the light green textured blazer. Meanwhile, the brown suede Derby shoes add a nice touch of contrast to punctuate the bottom of the outfit.

Timeless khaki pants

Men's loose/wide khaki pants, grey T-shirt, chunky ecru shawl collar cardigan and brown suede desert boots outfit

Buck Mason

This is a timeless look that men young and old can wear, as proven above. It harks back to the golden age of Hollywood and the likes of Steve McQueen relaxing on set – the King of Cool was a huge fan of chunky shawl collar cardigans.

Everything is kept relaxed and slouchy here – from the loose khaki pants to the drop-shoulder cardi – creating a rugged, masculine silhouette that would translate to any era. 

Vacation-ready khakis

Men's loose khaki linen pants, white grandad/band collar shirt, white tank top and beige slider sandals outfit


When the temperature is sweltering but you need to look smart, let this look be your guide. Wide, loose khaki pants in a cotton-linen blend are breathable and allow air to circulate, while a lightweight cotton grandad shirt keeps things just as breezy up top.

However, it’s the supporting garments that will help you keep your cool: the tank top absorbs any sweat and the open-toe sandals ensure you don’t suffer from sweaty feet. 

It’s an ideal getup for any wedding abroad in the height of summer.

Weekend casual khakis

Men's khaki pants outfit worn with white t-shirt, check shirt and white sneakers


The beauty of khaki pants is that they’re so easy to wear. You can throw them on in the same way you would a pair of navy chinos, and they generally complement the same color combinations, too.

For a laid-back weekend look, try a plaid shirt worn open over a white tee and finish with minimal sneakers.

Khaki pants color pop

Men's khaki chinos worn with a yellow hoodie and navy bomber jacket outfit

Todd Snyder

Due to the neutral nature of khaki, you can combine it with just about any shade. It works well with classic navy, green and burgundy, but also bright tones of orange and yellow.

To spice up your casual attire, try some khaki pants with a sunshine yellow hoodie and finish with some canvas low tops.

Khaki prep

Men's khaki pants worn with a check shirt and suede loafers outfit

Ralph Lauren

Khaki pants are often at their best when worn as part of a prep-inspired outfit. Chinos are inescapably preppy, worn by Ivy League students since the 50s and featuring in pretty much every Ralph Lauren ad in the last four decades.

Channel the look for yourself by wearing yours with a check shirt, a woven belt and suede tassel loafers.

Minimalist khaki pants

Men's khaki green pants worn with a grey sweatshirt and white sneakers

Rag & Bone

Khaki pants work well with color, but they also shine as part of a minimal outfit.

Opt for the latter and keep things simple with a grey crew neck up top, and pared-back white sneakers, which keep the look firmly in casual territory.

Khaki workwear

Men's khaki combat pants worn with a zip neck top and black loafers outfit


Thanks to a decorated military career, khaki will always subtly reference battle dress, especially if you go for functional, multi-pocketed designs. Workwear garments have a similar practical feel to them but are different enough to not feel like you’re heading to a re-enactment.

Take these combats, which are wide-legged and feature flat side pockets for a more streamlined feel.

Khaki and black

Men's simple khaki pants outfit with a black t-shirt and boots

Taylor Stitch

Black is arguably khaki’s best friend. The two shades just work, in a way few color combos do.

If you’re new to khaki pants, the easiest way to wear them is by simply tucking in a black T-shirt and finishing with complementary black leather boots, which give a rugged feel that would be impossible to achieve with sneakers.

Keep it neutral

Men's khaki pants outfit with crew neck sweater and tonal sneakers

Mango Man

While khaki does work exceptionally well with black, keeping things neutral is another way to successfully style the shade.

Tap into the lighter tones by wearing some pleated khaki pants with a heather grey sweater, a white tee and off-white suede sneakers, and you’ll be the most stylish guy on casual Friday.

Khaki and light blue

Men's khaki pants worn with a pale blue linen shirt and canvas sneakers outfit


A smart-casual vacation look, or one that works just as well in the office in summer, this is a classic combination that will never fail.

The light tones of khaki perfectly complement the pale blue of the shirt, while the off-white canvas kicks add a casual edge to keep things from becoming too stuffy.

Smart-casual khaki pants

Tonal smart casual khaki pants outfit for men with a turtleneck and suede jacket


Khaki tailored trousers are the ideal finishing touch for a navy blazer and white shirt. But they’re more versatile than you might first think, bringing a sharpness to casual garments such as T-shirts, roll necks and lightweight jackets.

Just make sure you keep the fit consistent between the jacket and trousers – not too slim, not too relaxed – and you’ll be on to a winner.

Khaki chinos

Men's khaki pants worn with an open Oxford shirt and black t-shirt

Club Monaco

If you’re going to invest in just one pair of khaki pants, go with chinos. This bonafide wardrobe essential will get plenty of wear through all four seasons, almost matching the versatility of jeans in that they can be dressed up or down with ease.

Find the middle ground and wear them with a white Oxford shirt, black tee and simple sneakers.

White and khaki

Men's simple khaki pants outfit with a white t-shirt and sneakers


A staple summer outfit, a white tee combined with khaki chinos and white sneakers will always look good.

When it comes to looking effortlessly cool in hot weather, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Wide-legged khaki pants

Men's wide khaki pants worn with a fisherman smock and beanie outfit


Wide-leg khaki pants are as easy to wear as smarter, slim-cut versions. A sleek alternative to navy or black, they work especially well with workwear-inspired garments such as chore jackets and overhead smocks.

Go for the latter to channel a mid-century fisherman feel, and complete the look with suede moccasins and a beanie.

Lumberjack khaki pants

Men's khaki pants worn with a red plaid flannel shirt and suede Chelsea boots


Khaki pants are an integral part of the classic lumberjack aesthetic, replete with bright red plaid shirt, leather boots and large but manicured beard.

As long as you don’t veer too far into the cliche, this is a look that can work well for the fall months. Smarten it up slightly with an Oxford shirt worn underneath the plaid, and suede Chelsea boots in place of beaten-up round toes.

Khaki athleisure

Men's khaki chinos worn with a white tee and black overshirt outfit


One for the purists, khaki and black is a classic combination that suits both casual and formal attire. For the former, all you need is a lightweight jacket such as a bomber or Harrington, and wear it over a white tee and a pair of tapered chinos.

This is a sporty, athleisure look that feels relaxed yet put together.

Turn up khaki pants

Men's khaki chinos worn with a brown knitted polo shirt and white sneakers look


Due to the versatility of khaki pants, it’s possible to appear smart without wearing a blazer. Simply go for a pair of tapered and cuffed suit trousers and combine them with a brown knitted polo shirt for a look that’s sharp without being overly formal.

Relaxed-fit khaki pants

Men's wide khaki pants worn with a striped shirt and grey tee outfit

Alex Mill

A pair of wide-legged khaki pants may be the perfect compromise between smart and casual. This in-between style goes well with field jackets and polo shirts, but also works perfectly with tees and OCBDs.

Khaki and denim

Men's khaki pants and denim jacket outfit

34 Heritage

Another staple combination is khaki pants combined with denim. A slim-fitting pair in cotton twill combines well with a classic denim trucker jacket and canvas low tops.

Finish the look with a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses and you’ll be ready for spring.

Tips on how to wear khaki pants

Type of pants

Men's khaki pants worn with white socks and suede shoes

Private White V.C.

Khaki pants come in a wide variety of styles, so it’s worth deciding which one is right for you. On the smarter end of the spectrum, simple, plain-fronted chinos or tailored trousers work for smarter occasions, but khaki is a great choice for pleated styles too. 

The color pairs up well with navy, so for a smart-casual look you could combine some khaki pleated trousers with a navy unstructured blazer and white shirt.

For more casual outfits, combat trousers suit the color down to a tee, referencing classic militaria, so if that’s the look you’re going for you’ll be well catered to. That said, a slimmer pair of cargo pants look best when dressed with similarly smart-casual pieces like Oxford shirts and chore jackets, which elevate them somewhat and soften the military connotations. 

Elsewhere, and for more of a workwear feel, a pair of carpenter pants in khaki are contemporary and comfortable. Coming with side pockets that are more subtle than cargos yet no less functional, they are perhaps the perfect crossover between a smarter style and something more laid back.

How khaki pants should fit

Smart khaki pants outfit with rugby shirt and penny loafers

Todd Snyder

As with any pair of trousers, fit dictates everything. Aside from deciding on the style you want, it’s the most important aspect of choosing the right pair (and probably inform the former). If they don’t fit right, whether too baggy or slim, then there’s nothing you can do to make them look good. However, fit tends to be more nuanced than that. 

Generally, smarter trousers will fall on the tailored side, although it’s important not to go too slim. You want the pants to flatter your leg shape, not hug them. Aim for a mid-rise style with room in the thigh, so they’re not clinging to you, and look for a taper from the knee to the ankle so the hem doesn’t billow over your shoes.

Casual trousers on the other hand are more relaxed and wider-legged. With wider fits there are fewer guidelines, but generally, you’ll want to aim for a mid-to-high rise and a straight leg with rolled hems so your shoes don’t get lost. This kind of cut is best suited to cargo pants and carpenter styles.

Material matters

A pair of men's khaki pants on a table

34 Heritage

The right trousers won’t be much good if they’re in the wrong fabric. The type of pants you go for will largely dictate the kind of material they come in, but it’s important to consider the cloth’s weight and how suitable it is for the season you intend to wear them.

For the spring and summer months, for example, a pair of khaki pants in lightweight cotton twill would be perfect; whereas for the cooler times of year, you’ll find heavier fabrics such as wool herringbone and cotton canvas to be warmer and more durable.

Some fabrics are generally smarter than others as well, so if you’re on the hunt for tailored khaki pants, prioritize ‘flatter’ yarns with less texture, as they’ll be better suited for wearing with office-ready shirting and blazers. Fabrics with more character like canvas, denim and moleskin tend to better suit weekend attire.