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Men’s Hoodie Outfit Inspiration: 19 Looks For 2024 That Are Stylish Not Sloppy

From streetwear fits to combining with tailoring, the hoodie works in a wide variety of looks. Here's how you should be wearing yours in 2024.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

Design classic, loungewear staple, casualwear icon. The hoodie is all of those things and more. It began in the 1930s as a garment marketed at labourers working in the freezing winters of upstate New York. But it’s since morphed into a cultural mainstay that’s spanned multiple subcultures, from the worlds of skating to hip-hop.

It formed the backbone of the lucrative streetwear market throughout the 90s and 2000s, and has since been adopted by luxury fashion houses who’ve appropriated the look into order to cash in on its current popularity.

But above all, the hoodie is comfortable and easy to wear. You can throw it on without thinking twice, and it works with all manner of looks, from workwear-inspired getups to smarter, preppy outfits. With that in mind, here’s how you should be styling yours in 2024.

How to wear a hoodie tips

Fit = formality

Man wearing grey hoodie and grey jeans

Buck Mason

When it comes to the way a hoodie fits, it’s largely down to personal preference. But it also links to formality. A slimmer hoodie is always looks smarter than an oversized one, so keep this in mind when it comes to buying your own.

You’d struggle, for example, to wear a boxy-cut hoodie under a tailored jacket, as it would be too bulky, ruining the line of the jacket. Instead, a slimmer cut, with a narrower body and arms would better sit under a smarter piece of outerwear.

Conversely, if you want the hoodie to be the outer layer, you should consider a baggier fit. Classic cotton jersey hoodies look their best when slightly more relaxed in cut. You don’t want to go too baggy, unless you’re purposely going for a full streetwear-inspired fit, but something with a boxier middle would make for a versatile outer layer that you can combine with jeans and sneakers, or even wide-legged corduroys and chunky-soled Derbies.

Prints charming

Men's big Palace logo streetwear hoodie


Given its history as a streetwear icon, you’d be remiss for not considering a printed hoodie. There is plenty of real estate on both the front and back of a hoodie for designers to showcase their latest logos and insignias. So if you want to show off your loyalty to your favourite brand or sports team, this could be the way to go.

Of course, logos and prints come in all manner of designs, shapes and sizes, so it depends how far you want to go with it. You could opt for a subtle design – perhaps a small embroidered logomark at the chest – or you can go all-out with an all-over print that makes an unapologetic statement.

Matters of cloth

Man wearing smart wool hoodie, shirt and navy tailored trousers

Brunello Cucinelli

Hoodies are typically made from cotton jersey, a tightly woven fabric with little loops of fabric on the reverse, which gives it the ‘loopback’ name you might be familiar with. These loops were originally designed to draw sweat away from the body (seeing as it was originally created for athletic purposes), but today they are more an ode to tradition than a functional element.

Cotton jersey hoodies are classic and comfortable; the design in its most casual form. But, hoodies aren’t just available in jersey these days. In 2024 you can pick them up in all manner of fabrics, from luxurious merino wool and cashmere to heavier terry cloth and corduroy.

If you want to mix things up and bring a contemporary feel to your outfit, try experimenting with your choice of fabric. Depending on which way you go, it will either elevate the hoodie (in the case of cashmere or merino), allowing it to be dressed up with tailored trousers and even a sports coat, or make it even more comfortable (in the case of cotton terry), giving you a cosy loungewear option for relaxing at home at the weekend.

Men’s hoodie outfits for 2024

High low contrast

Men's brown corduroy trousers, yellow streetwear hoodie and brown sneakers outfit


Hoodies will always look good with jeans and casual pants. But for a more interesting look, try wearing one with tailored trousers.

The key is not to go too smart with the pants, else your top and bottom half will jar and look like a mistake. Instead, opt for a pair made from a typically casual fabric, like soft cotton or corduroy, to bring them closer together in formality, and the two pieces will go together surprisingly well.

Finish with a pair of suede sneakers for an alternative take on modern smart casual.

Contemporary Americana

Men's black wide leg trousers, green hoodie, black varsity jacket and black canvas sneakers


The hoodie is an icon of American style, so why not fully tap into its roots? A varsity jacket channels that early mid-century Americana feel while referencing the hoodie’s sporting heritage.

Ensure the jacket is cut with a boxy fit to accommodate the hoodie underneath, and finish with relaxed, wide-leg trousers and suede sneakers.

Hoodie with cargo pants

Men's black pants, grey Champion hoodie and chunky sneakers outfit

Urban Outfitters

Cargo pants are a practical, comfortable trouser choice that, when worn well, can be just as stylish as a crisp pair of khakis or jeans.

Opt for a relaxed-fit pair and combine them with a similarly boxy hoodie for a laid-back, streetwear-inspired combo that’s ideal for the weekend.

Hoodie with a flannel

Men's cropped black chinos, charcoal hoodie, grey checked flannel overshirt and grey high-top sneakers


If in doubt, incorporating the hoodie into a monochrome fit is never a bad idea. Try layering it below a plain or checked flannel overshirt, as shown above, which brings the texture often missing from minimal tonal looks.

Keep the fit nice and relaxed for a casual feel, or go slightly slimmer if you want to dress it up. Either way, finish with high-top sneakers and you can’t go wrong.

Elevated athleisure

Men's grey tailored sweatpants, white T-shirt, grey zip hoodie and white sneakers outfit

Brunello Cucinelli

For a modern take on classic sportswear, try wearing a zipped hoodie as part of an athleisure-inspired look. Part gym-ready, part tailored, this is sportswear at its most refined. Keep the palette minimal, with simple greys and whites, and the fit relatively slim.

Look for a pair of drawstring trousers cut in a stretchy cotton blend, and team them with a hoodie made from a similarly technical blend. Complete the look with minimal white sneakers for ultimate, sophisticated comfort.

Hoodie under a chore jacket

Men's brown wool trousers, navy hoodie, red chore jacket and white high-top sneakers outfit


For a simple, adaptable casual look, try wearing a hoodie under a chore jacket. The utilitarian piece of outerwear looks relatively smart next to the hoodie, with its sharp lines, pointed collar and patch pockets. And this contrast is furthered if you combine the two with some tailored trousers, resulting in an interesting mix of high/low dressing.

Finish with a baseball cap and leather high-tops for a workwear-inspired, fall-ready outfit.

Men's loose khaki chino pants, navy hoodie and black leather loafers outfit


This classic colour combination has long worked for suit separates. A navy blazer paired with stone trousers is the consummate business casual look, after all. But it also works perfectly with casualwear.

Swap the blazer for a navy hoodie, keep things minimal – with no logos and simple leather Derbies or loafers – and you’ve got a sharp yet relaxed outfit that borrows both from the worlds of tailoring and streetwear.

Colour pop hoodie

Men's white pants, bold blue hoodie, white and black checked flannel overshirt and white sneakers outfit


While hoodies are at their most versatile in classic shades of navy, grey and black, sometimes you just need to mix things up. And a bold block-colour hoodie is the ideal way to refresh your casualwear.

Find a design in bright red, yellow or blue and combine it with other neutral shades to make it the focal point of a look. To really make it stand out, utilise light shades of cream and off-white for surrounding pieces, as shown above.

Wear it under a jacket for a more restrained finish, or leave it as the outer layer for a vibrant shot of colour.

Neutral middle layer

Men's brown carpenter pants, white hoodie, red puffer jacket, yellow beanie and sneakers outfit


If you’re going to buy just one hoodie, make it a grey or off-white version. Far and away the most versatile options, they work perfectly as a neutral middle layer, complementing virtually every other colour, from rich blues and greens to reds and oranges.

This look is a case in point, with the off-white hoodie anchoring what is otherwise a very colourful fit.

Tonal top half

Men's wide leg black jeans, beige hoodie, beige cord overshirt and white sneakers outfit


Tonal looks can be incredibly stylish, but they can also quickly become boring. If you like a limited colour palette, try instead a tonal top half, with a hoodie and jacket in similar shades.

It’s easy to wear and just as cool, especially when finished with some wide-legged navy pants and minimal sneakers.

Minimal with a twist

Men's burgundy chinos, navy hoodie and retro running sneakers outfit


You’ll never regret buying a navy hoodie. A casualwear staple, it looks just as good with black jeans as it does chinos, or even shorts in spring. Find one with a classic design without logos and you will get years of use out of it.

Try yours with similarly pared-back chinos, either in a neutral shade or a complementary hue, like burgundy. Finish with a pair of brightly-coloured, retro runners for an added bit of spice in what is an otherwise minimal look.

Hoodie under a check jacket

Men's flannel shirt streetwear outfit with skate pants and hoodie


If you’re still unsure of the hoodie’s potential as a mid layer, this look will dispel any lingering doubts. On colder days you can treat it as you might a T-shirt in spring or summer. Simply wear one under heavier outerwear – whether it’s a denim jacket, bomber or chore coat – and watch it work its magic.

You can even a neutral coloured one under a bold statement piece, like this colourful check number.


Men's white jeans, green hoodie, brown waxed jacket and brown tassel loafers outfit

Private White V.C.

Green is a surprisingly versatile shade. From deep olive through to rich emerald, the colour suits a wide variety of skin tones and styles. This outfit is a case in point, with the vibrant teal hoodie perfectly complementing the dark green waxed jacket.

The bottle green socks are a nice touch, while the off-white jeans and brown leather loafers finish things off with stylish aplomb.

Black and tan

Men's black sweatpants, black hoodie, camel trench coat and black loafers outfit

Ralph Lauren

We’re certain we don’t need to extol the virtues of a black hoodie to you. But, in case you’re in need of a bit of persuasion, consider this outfit.

A black hoodie looks great with other black staples including jeans and sneakers, but combine one with a tan trench coat and you’ll really start to see its benefits. The two shades create a superb contrast, while the casual nature of the hoodie works surprisingly well with the sharper, more refined silhouette of the raincoat.

Smart casual hoodie

Men's white trousers, white hoodie, checked grey overcoat outfit

Todd Snyder

You might not think a hoodie would work with tailored pieces, but this outfit should convince you otherwise. Find one in classic cotton jersey with a relatively slim fit and try it with pleated trousers, a raglan sleeve overcoat and brown suede loafers.

It channels a slice of 80s elegance that wouldn’t have looked out of place on Richard Gere in American Gigolo, while still looking contemporary enough for casual Friday in the office.

Casual Friday hoodie

Men's grey pleated trousers, blue hoodie, brown suede jacket and white sneakers outfit


Speaking of which, the hoodie might be the perfect way of dressing down for casual Friday. Don’t go too casual though. Swerve the jeans and instead dress it up with a suede jacket and tailored trousers – two pieces that help elevate this classic sportswear staple.

Finish with clean, minimal white sneakers and you’ve got a sophisticated, luxurious take on laid-back officewear.

Sportswear staple

Men's white cotton shorts, grey hoodie and running sneakers outfit


Channel the hoodie’s athletic heritage by combing it with drawstring shorts and sneakers. But don’t go too obvious with a matching cotton jersey set. Instead, try a hoodie cut from merino wool (a natural performance fabric), which offers a more refined aesthetic, and team it with shorts made from stretch cotton.

You have free rein with your kicks, but we’d suggest completing the sophisticated feel with a luxury pair made from high-grade leather or suede.

Pastel shades

Men's grey chinos, grey hoodie and white Wallabee shoes outfit

Wax London

Pastel shades are grossly underrated for sweatshirts and hoodies. Dusty pink, lilac and soft greens are often found with OCBDs and polo shirts, while heavier knits are often made from darker shades befitting of the colder seasons in which they’re worn.

Try a hoodie in a pastel colour though and wear it with heavyweight chinos, moccasins and a baseball cap for a brighter take on autumn style.

Matching hoodie and sweatpants

Pale stonewash denim jean jacket outfit for men with tracksuit and boat shoes

Aime Leon Dore

It’s not for the fainthearted, but a matching set of sweats gives off a playful, retro vibe that looks great when dressed up with denim and leather shoes, as shown here.

This outfit has a distinct 90s New York City feel to it, only reinforced by the Yankees cap, and would be perfect for weekend walks or drinks in the pub.