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Men’s Suede Jacket Outfit Inspiration: 17 Stylish Looks For 2024

A suede jacket will keep you looking effortlessly stylish for years to come, giving your casual looks a roguish charm and more formal attire a sophisticated edge.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

It might not be the most practical form of outerwear, but a suede jacket is undoubtedly one of the coolest. Favoured over the years by everyone from Alain Delon to Ryan Reynolds, the softer, more supple alternative to leather has cemented itself as a luxury menswear staple.

It’s a common misconception that suede is less durable than leather. Find a well sourced, mid-weight suede, look after it and it will last a lifetime, developing a unique patina of its own that will mark the jacket out as yours. Until it rains, of course, but then you wouldn’t want to wear a leather jacket in a downpour either.

Regardless, a suede jacket – whether cut in a trucker, bomber, chore or Harrington silhouette – will keep you looking effortlessly stylish for years to come. Want to give your casual looks a roguish charm and more formal attire a sophisticated edge? Look no further.

How to wear a suede jacket

Slim it down

Buck Mason

Buck Mason

The underlying issue with many suede jackets is that they’re simply too big. Too many ill-fitting, baggy suede jackets line the walls of vintage shops, giving the style a bad rap. Seek out slimmer cuts that are more flattering and easier to style.

You don’t want to go too tight, of course, and you should always be able to button up or zip the jacket, but suede jackets look their best when relatively trim to the body.

Treat them in the same way you would a denim jacket: find one that hugs the shoulders and shapes the arms, without being restrictive, and ensure you can comfortably wear T-shirts and light crew necks under them too.

Consider colour

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

Suede jackets are often at their best when kept classic. Not only in style but also colour. That means tan is an easy choice, given that it’s largely the most popular suede jacket colour there is. But darker browns and black are timeless offerings and easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe.

For something more experimental, don’t be shy of bolder hues. Green is an increasingly popular suede jacket shade, whether you opt for something light and pastel or darker, olive or bottle greens. Navy is another a versatile choice and pairs well with black jeans or blue chinos.

Meanwhile, rich colours of burgundy offer something else entirely – they make more of a statement and work best as the focal point of a look. Ensure everything else is muted and a bolder colour suede jacket might become your favourite wardrobe staple.

Give it space

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

Which brings us onto perhaps the most important thing to consider when wearing suede. Allow it to breathe. A suede jacket is already something of a statement piece, before you start experimenting with colour and cut. Like leather it will likely be an expensive purchase, and one that will last if looked after correctly.

But it’s not a garment that does well when it’s crowded with other bold, standout pieces. Wear one with confidence and ensure the rest of your look is toned down. If in doubt, stick to classic wardrobe staples such as tees, Oxford shirts, polos and jeans.

Men’s suede jacket outfits

Simple is best

Men's wool grey trousers, grey sweatshirt, suede jacket and grey suede slip-on sneakers outfit

Officine Generale

You’ll know by now that when it comes to wearing a suede jacket, simple outfits work best. That means keeping the style of the jacket itself classic, and combining it with similarly timeless pieces like chinos or tailored trousers, knitted polos or sweatshirts and minimal suede sneakers.

Suede jacket and natural shades

Men's beige trousers, taupe sweater, khaki green suede bomber jacket and brown penny loafers outfit


If you’re not opting for a tan, brown or black suede jacket, it can be difficult to know what to wear it with. But, if you stick to an outfit consisting of natural shades, from stone to light grey, you’ll be on the right track.

Take this green suede jacket, which effortlessly complements the neutral colour palette. This look would also work with a navy or burgundy version.

Brown suede jacket and blue jeans

Men's blue jeans, white T-shirt, brown suede bomber jacket and white sneakers outfit


If you’re investing in a suede jacket, there’s a high chance you will have been inspired by something similar to this outfit. A brown suede jacket, white tee and blue denim jeans combination is a classic. You will have seen it worn by James Dean, Steve McQueen, and perhaps most famously, Bruce Willis’s Butch in Pulp Fiction.

It’s a combo that just works; the brown suede perfectly complementing the blue weave of the denim. Try it today and update the look slightly with a pair of minimal sneakers, which gives it a more contemporary twist.

Brown suede jacket and white pants

Men's white trousers, grey sweater, brown suede bomber jacket and brown suede loafers outfit

Pini Parma

If you want to inject a dash of Mediterranean cool into your suede jacket look, wear it with some white tailored trousers.

Go for a mid-brown suede and finish with a matching pair of suede loafers and you’re left with a sleek smart casual look that wouldn’t look out of place on a yacht in Port Hercule harbour.

Green suede bomber jacket

Men's black jeans, white shirt, green suede bomber jacket and white canvas high-top sneakers outfit

Buck Mason

One of the most stylish suede jackets is undoubtedly the bomber. While they come in many subtle style variants, the classic A-1 style with button front and front pockets is an evergreen winner.

They traditionally come with a bit more room in the middle to aid movement, but find one with a more trimmed down cut, wear it with black jeans and canvas high-tops and you’ll be the best dressed guy in the room more often than not.

Grey suede jacket and raw denim

Men's dark jeans, cream polo shirt, grey suede blouson jacket and brown suede chukka boots outfit

Thom Sweeney

A leather jacket is a natural fit for jeans, but so too is a suede version. The soft nap and subtle texture of suede stands up to the distinctive weave of denim, giving a smart finish that combines the worlds of luxury and workwear.

Combined the two with a knitted polo and complementary suede chukka boots for a classic weekend fit.

Smart casual suede blouson

Men's blue pleated trousers, white Cuban collar shirt, green suede blouson and suede loafers outfit


For a more casual tailored outfit, try swapping out the blazer and replacing it with a smart suede worker jacket. Find one with a slim fit that hugs the torso in the same way a tailored jacket would, and combine it with pleated trousers, an Oxford or Cuban collar shirt and minimal suede sneakers.

Suede overshirt and sweatpants

Men's cream sweatpants, white T-shirt, navy suede overshirt and white sneakers outfit


One way to inject a luxurious edge into your workwear shirting is by looking for versions made from suede. While we wouldn’t advise clocking in for a nine-hour factory shift in one, a suede overshirt is a modern-day menswear staple, and one that will sit on the fence of both your smart and casual wardrobe.

Mod-inspired suede shirt jacket

Men's wool trousers, knitted polo shirt, suede jacket, white socks and black penny loafers outfit

Todd Snyder

Leather jackets are notoriously difficult to pull off in any colour other than black or brown. Go a bit experimental and the potential for success drops dramatically.

That’s not the case when it comes to suede. With its soft nap and texture, suede takes colour exceptionally well, somehow muting it down and making it more wearable. That means vibrant shades of dark red and burnt orange are plausible, as this mod-inspired look will attest.

Suede trucker jacket & wide-leg chinos

Men's wide-leg chinos, acid wash sweatshirt, black suede trucker jacket and black chunky Derby shoes outfit


Not many styles of clothing are improved by switching things up. Although originally a denim piece, the trucker arguably looks even better when cut in suede. The fabric elevates this once humble design into a luxurious smart casual piece that works just as well worn formally as it does casually.

Go for one in black suede, keep the fit slim and wear it with tapered chinos and chunky Derby shoes for proof.

Monochrome suede

Men's black cropped chinos, black T-shirt, charcoal suede bomber jacket and black canvas high-tops outfit


Regardless of your personal style, you can’t deny the appeal of monochrome. Colour is all well and good, but forgoing it entirely avoids the annoyance of trying to find complementary shades. You don’t have to think with black, grey and white.

Therefore, a charcoal suede bomber is incredibly easy to wear. Try it with jeans and a polo or wear it over black chinos and a tee.

Grey suede jacket and black jeans

Men's black jeans, light grey T-shirt, grey suede bomber jacket and brown Chelsea boots outfit


Still not convinced by the monochrome look? Try a lighter shade up top for more of a contrast with a black bottom half.

Monochrome looks are all about simplicity, so ensure the cut and detailing of the bomber is as classic as possible, while the jeans and shoes keep things neat and sophisticated.

Relaxed fits


As we’ve already spelled out, oversized suede jackets are difficult to pull off. This is especially true of vintage pieces, which nearly always look too baggy.

However, if you want a more laid-back look, try going for a purposely designed relaxed fit, which is roomy in all the right places. Just make sure the rest of your fit is complementary, with wider leg trousers and boxy tees working perfectly.

Suede shirt over a shirt

Men's black trousers, blue denim shirt, taupe suede overshirt and navy suede loafers outfit


The trick to successfully pulling off the double shirt look is texture. You need two noticeably different styles: one slimmer and lighter in weight, and the other heavier and more robust. It’s no good if they’re cut from the same fabric.

Mix it up and go with a denim bottom layer and a suede outer, for a stylish, layered fall outfit that’s bang on trend.

Brown suede bomber with wool trousers

Men's grey wool trousers, charcoal turtleneck, brown suede bomber jacket and brown leather loafers outfit

Ralph Lauren

Of all the suede jacket styles, the most iconic has to be the A-1 bomber. First introduced in the inter-war years, this is a style that served the US Air Force in style with its twin front flat pockets, elasticated hem and high collar.

Today it’s a versatile piece and can be worn casually with jeans and a white tee, or more formal with tailored trousers, a turtleneck and loafers, as shown her.


Men's navy tailored trousers, navy knitted polo shirt, khaki green suede Harrington jacket and white sneakers outfit


Suede jackets often look their best when they’re dressed down. Sure, the fabric is as luxurious as it gets and naturally complements tailored pieces. But go too smart and you risk looking like you simply forgot your blazer.

Aim for a halfway house and combine it with pleated trousers, but swap out the leather shoes for sneakers. Forget the shirt and go for a polo instead. These casual pieces help to dress the whole thing down, resulting in a sharp yet relaxed business-casual look.

The shearling suede jacket

Men's grey pants, burgundy top, brown check blazer, tan sheepskin suede coat and brown suede shoes outfit


An alternative suede jacket style, the sheepskin coat has become an unconventional wardrobe icon of its own, worn by everyone from the likes of Del Boy through to Tom Hardy.

While not strictly suede, this soft leather variation has a similar look, injecting bags of texture into any fall look. Lined with fur and usually incredibly warm, shearling coats are perhaps the coolest way to wrap up when the weather makes a turn for the worse.