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What Colour Pants To Wear With A Navy Blazer: 8 Foolproof Options

The navy blazer is one of the most versatile garments in menswear, provided you know how to pair it up with different pant colours and styles.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

No one can say the navy blazer hasn’t put a shift in. One of the most widely worn pieces of men’s tailoring, it has been an ever-present silhouette in male wardrobes for over a century, and it is still, today, being adapted and reinvented for a modern audience.

Navy suits were once the trademark uniform of city types, so naturally the navy blazer became a separate of choice, being easy to pair with other tailored trousers, or chinos when off-duty. But those city connotations have dispersed, leaving the navy blazer to be used in a much more free and creative spirit.

Whether single-breasted or double-breasted, it is always an excellent option for smart-casual events, easily assimilated into a variety of looks. The dark navy tone is an excellent device for creating a strong contrast against light tone pants, but can also neatly complement tonal blue tones such as indigo dyed denim.

We’ve curated eight different colours of pants to show you just how versatile the navy blazer can be. Shake the old notion that it’s only a business garment, and see the navy blazer for what it really is: an essential piece of sartorial flair.

Light grey pants with a navy blazer

A sublime yet surprisingly simple combination to put together, the navy blazer makes for a great dance partner with light grey pants, creating a strong contrast between the two halves of one’s look, and reinforced by the addition of dark shoes.

Contrast is a critical element to crafting a confident look, so the neutrality of the light grey works hard to bring out the nuances of tone in a navy wool blazer. While less formal than a navy suit, this combination can nevertheless look exquisitely smart when styled in the correct manner. But by and large it leans more towards an understated yet elegant business-casual look that you could wear to most office situations or smart day events.

Men's double-breasted navy blazer, light grey tailored pants, navy turtleneck and navy dress slippers outfit

Ralph Lauren

If you need any persuading that this combination can be exquisitely smart then this image should do the trick. Classical elegance writ large in the beautiful silhouette of the double-breasted blazer, the lines of which are accentuated by the extremely sharply tailored pants.

The use of a turtleneck keeps the look feeling modern and fresh, while the suede velvet slippers are a nod to sartorial heritage.

You could cut lemons with that pocket square, too.

Men's navy blazer, white shirt, light grey tailored pants, grey socks and brown leather tassel loafers outfit

Pini Parma

This is one of the more popular and widely-seen dynamics of this sartorial twosome. The single-breasted jacket, while smart and well tailored, nevertheless feels relaxed and informal when paired with the light grey pants and the open-collar shirt.

The brown tassel loafers are the cherry on the business-casual cake.

Navy single-breasted blazer, light grey jeans, white shirt, brown leather belt and brown leather sockless penny loafers outfit


The most casual of the three looks, this contemporary navy blazer has been cut with a slim silhouette which is perfectly complemented by the tapered jeans.

Again, the fact that the model is tie-less brings the formality down a notch, while the penny loafers-and-belt matching combo pulls the look together.

Another great example of sophisticated business casual that you could achieve with your eyes closed.

Dark grey pants with a navy blazer

Unlike with the light grey pants above, the dark grey variation creates much less of a colour contrast, offering a softer look overall. This plays into a more conservative and business-like attitude that you could certainly wear in most modern office environments.

With the tool of colour contrast taken out of the equation, you need to prevent your outfit looking flat by being clever with textures, be it flannel wool pants with a soft fuzzy nap, or trousers with lighter grey flecks in them, or indeed a navy blazer with noticeable textural qualities.

Incorporating different textures will give the look more depth, and create more interest.

Navy knitted blazer, navy crew-neck sweater, dark grey tailored wool pants and brown leather penny loafers outfit

Ralph Lauren

Talking of texture, the knitted blazer brings it in spades in this particular outfit. Paired with the grey flannel pants, this duo creates a really tactile finish, which is again added to by the navy sweater and silk neckerchief.

If you’re going to opt for a generally dark look, this is an excellent example of how texture lifts each of the various elements.

Men's navy blazer, white shirt, red/navy club tie, white pocket square, dark grey pants and brown leather monk strap shoes outfit

Brooks Brothers

When you’re looking to change up your business suit uniform and still need to retain a good degree of formality, this ensemble is a good benchmark.

The tailored pants have some textural interest in them, while the classic navy blazer with gold buttons is paired with a repp tie for some preppy nostalgia.

The double monk-straps reinforce the smart, traditional refinement.

Men's grey trousers, navy blazer, light blue shirt, navy tie and navy leather tassel loafers outfit

Thom Sweeney

Relaxed yet professional, this combination of cut and colour exudes sophistication. The key to this fit though is the navy blue tonality throughout.

The pale blue shirt offers a stark contrast to the navy blazer and tie, while the navy socks and leather loafers round up the look to make it more than the sum of its parts.

Khaki pants with a navy blazer

Another great way to offset the rich navy blue tones of the blazer is by using khaki pants, especially the lighter tones that verge into cream territory.

Whether casual jeans, tapered chinos or tailored pants, the khaki and navy colour combination works a treat for business-casual looks, but also elevated casualwear.

Roomy cuts of trousers dial down the blazer’s formality, especially if you go for modern single-breasted styles in textural fabrics such as waffle, or even knitted jackets.

Navy single-breasted blazer, light cream chinos, white printed T-shirt, navy neckerchief, beige baseball cap and brown leather chunky boat shoes outfit


We love the styling of this look, which has taken the classic single-breasted navy blazer in a modern slim silhouette and turned it into a casual garment thanks to the light khaki jeans and T-shirt combo.

The tan deck shoes bring a preppy flavour while the navy blue neckerchief is a really clever trick to complement the blazer.

Navy double-breasted blazer, khaki linen pants, light grey shirt, navy printed tie and brown suede penny loafers worn sockless outfit

Hawes & Curtis

From the waist up, this outfit is business as usual (and pretty refined at that), but by ditching the suit in favour of light khaki pants the look becomes altogether more individual.

The pants have a nice subtle texture to them too thanks to the slubs in the linen, which is nicely complemented by the addition of brown suede loafers.

Men's Navy check blazer, khaki chinos, navy sweater and brown leather Chelsea boots outfit


The more relaxed outfit of the three, the off-duty attitude here is catalysed by the textural check blazer and the straight-leg chinos.

But the details really bring it together: tan Chelsea boots and a navy crew neck with just an accent of white tee peeping above the neckline ensure the easy-going credentials.

White pants with a navy blazer

Navy and white have been worn together for centuries, and combined to great effect in garments such as the Breton top. The pairing creates a crisp, clean contrast, whether smart or casual, and can very easily be complemented with a host of other colours, but especially muted autumnal tones such as browns and greens.

White pants are typically worn in the spring and summer months, because no one wants puddle splashes halfway up their legs, but if you’re brave, they can be really effective year-round.

Men's white pants, green polo shirt, navy blazer and brown suede penny loafers outfit

Thom Sweeney

Here’s a really versatile setup that you can adapt with any number of different polo shirt or crew-neck sweater options.

A classic navy single-breasted blazer paired with tapered white pants and finished with a pair of suede loafers creates an elegant smart-casual look. Then simply add a touch of colour via the polo.

In this case, a muted olive green tone keeps the outfit elegant but with a modern attitude.

Men's navy blazer, sky blue shirt, off-white turn-up pants and brown leather penny loafers outfit


Business casual for C-suite execs, this look is perfect for those offices that require a level of formality in attire that doesn’t necessitate a suit.

It feels very cosmopolitan thanks to the roomy chinos and brown loafers, while the open-collar pale blue shirt sets just the right level of relaxed.

Think business lunches with familiar clients.

Men's Navy double-breasted blazer, white T-shirt, white tapered pants and brown leather penny loafers outfit


This look feels instantly modern for a number of reasons. Although the double-breasted jacket usually leans formal, the slim cut of this style makes it feel very contemporary, especially when paired with the white T-shirt.

The slim-fitting white tapered pants add to the svelte silhouette while the brown leather penny loafers are a natural laid-back choice.

Brown pants with a navy blazer

The saying ‘no brown in town’ has been thoroughly debunked and these looks show you exactly why. Navy and brown are sublime partners, with most shades of brown pants providing an elegant foil for the navy blazer.

Light tan tones will make for a bolder outfit, whereas dark brown pants create a muted yet sophisticated ensemble. Use textural fabrics to lift the brown tones, while the same goes with your choice of footwear.

Men's Navy single-breasted blazer, cropped light brown pants, white T-shirt and brown suede penny loafers outfit


Simple yet sophisticated, the light brown pants and brown suede loafers combine to great effect, while the navy blazer and white T-shirt bring the contrast to the party.

Without the blazer, the look is super casual, but with it the look retains some sartorial gravitas.

Men's Navy double-breasted blazer, sky blue T-shirt, dark brown pants and white sneakers outfit

Loro Piana

A really contemporary look, here the double-breasted blazer is worn open to create a modern boxy silhouette, while the dark brown pants are cut with a straight leg for a casual finish.

The pale blue crew neck reinforces the oversize nature of the blazer, while the white kicks bookending the fit provides the contrast to set all the elements together.

Men's Navy blazer, white shirt, brown corduroy pants and black leather penny loafers outfit


Business casual with a textural twist, the addition of the corduroy pants completely lift an otherwise sterile white shirt and navy blazer combination.

It’s proof that you don’t necessarily need bright colours to add interest to a look.

Light-wash jeans with a navy blazer

The first of a trio of denim styles, light-wash jeans afford you a hint of tonal matching with the navy blazer, while still creating plenty of contrast thanks to the heavily washed finish.

More and more, denim can be worn in looks that are sophisticated. When it comes to stonewashed jeans, the fun is in the contrast between the Americana element of the denim versus the traditional tailored aspect of the navy blazer. Styled well, it can be a really effective juxtaposition.

Men's Navy blazer, light-wash jeans, sky blue striped shirt and brown suede penny loafers outfit


Easy breezy. A simple tonal look for an elevated off-duty look. Riffing on the various hues of blue is always a good idea, keeping things simple.

The pale blue shirt is the canvas upon which the darker blue tones can work their magic.

Men's Navy blazer, blue jeans, white striped shirt, camel crew-neck sweater and brown leather monk strap shoes worn sockless outfit


The blazer and jeans combo here feels nice and modern thanks to the tapered leg and rolled-up hems, but it’s the clever layering that adds the interest.

The tan crew neck is an excellent addition, pairing well with all blue tones, while the sliver of shirt underneath offers the look more depth.

Men's navy blazer, stonewashed light blue jeans, cream knitted polo shirt and black leather penny loafers outfit


These jeans are the palest of the trio and as such create the greatest degree of contrast with the navy blazer, helped on its way with the relaxed knitted white polo.

The choice of black loafers are smart, but you could just as easily opt for white sneakers if you wanted a more relaxed finish.

Mid-wash jeans with a navy blazer

This category of jeans are more aligned in colour with the navy blazer than light-wash jeans so you need to think about introducing other hues to augment the tonality. This can be as simple as a white shirt, or a pair of brown suede loafers. You just need something to add a little extra depth to the ensemble.

It’s a combo that’ll work in virtually every smart-casual situation.

Navy double-breasted blazer, mid-wash jeans, white shirt and brown suede penny loafers worn sockless outfit


Maybe it’s us, but there seems to be something innately Parisian about this look. The jeans are relaxed yet tapered, while the double-breasted blazer is worn open and boxy.

The standard white shirt gives the look some structure but you could also go with a polo or T-shirt here.

Men's navy double-breasted blazer, mid-wash jeans, navy turtleneck and black leather tassel loafers outfit

Pini Parma

Same rudimental set-up with the blazer and the jeans as the look before but this example shows you just how versatile this duo can be.

Rather than the white shirt, a turtleneck offers a touch of minimalism by adding to the navy real estate, while the black tassel loafers round off the look by tying the dark elements together.

Men's navy double-breasted blazer, mid-wash jeans, white T-shirt tucked in, white baseball cap and brown leather penny loafers outfit


Same, same, but totally different. This outfit is proof that silhouette can completely change the attitude of a look.

On paper, it’s the same formula as the previous two, but the wide-leg jeans and boxy double-breasted blazer combination creates a much more modern and edgy aesrthetic.

The white tee and cap are a simple yet effective pairing that help bring out the different tones in the blues.

Dark denim jeans with a navy blazer

Dark-wash jeans, whether indigo or otherwise, are going to act much more like a smart trouser given the proximity in colour to the navy blazer, but they also bring that unique textural finish of denim.

Slim leg and tapered styles will work well with most navy blazers, providing a smarter, svelte silhouette, whereas wide-leg cuts will be a good match for double-breasted jackets.

Men's Navy single-breasted blazer, dark raw denim jeans, sky blue shirt and tan suede chukka boots outfit


Everything about this fit says business casual, and you have to look twice to check that those are actually jeans.

The pale blue business shirt keeps things looking professional, while the tan suede boots are a nice textural addition to the tonality of the ensemble.

Men's Navy single-breasted blazer, dark raw denim jeans, light blue striped shirt and brown suede penny loafers outfit


This is almost identical to the previous look, only with one key detail that makes a significant difference: the contrast stitch in the jeans.

Just that minute detail makes the jeans that much more casual. Lesson: never overlook the details.

Men's Navy peak lapel blazer, dark jeans, grey tucked in T-shirt, brown socks and brown suede penny loafers outfit


Elegant yet casual, wide peak lapels are usually the signature of a smart sartorial ensemble. But by juxtaposing the blazer with dark navy jeans, it transforms the outfit into something altogether more modern and relaxed.

The grey tee offers a nice light canvas to work with while the brown suede loafers bookend the look with a touch of texture.