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Men’s Grey Pants Outfit Inspiration: 15 Foolproof Looks For 2024

A pair of grey pants might be what your wardrobe is missing. Here we showcase their versatility in a range of easy to wear looks.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

Granted, grey isn’t the most exciting colour. But that’s precisely why it works so well when it comes to legwear. From casual weekend fits to smart, tailored getups, grey pants provide a muted backdrop for the rest of your clothing to shine.

So if you want to break free from your navy and khaki rotation, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know before pulling on a pair of grey pants, along with some foolproof outfits all men can master.

How to wear grey pants: key points

Pant style

Men's lightweight grey pants, knitted polo shirt and blazer outfit

Brunello Cucinelli

As with any pair of trousers, the first thing to consider is style. The type of pants you go for should be influenced by where you intend to wear them most, whether that’s to formal events or more laid-back occasions on the weekend. For the former, you’ll want to consider sharper options such as tailored or pleated trousers, while more relaxed chinos or jeans will likely look best for the latter.

Of course, material plays a big part here too. Flatter wool blends and twills make for much smarter trousers, whereas anything goes for casual designs. Popular fabrics for casual grey pants include cotton, corduroy, linen, moleskin and, of course, denim.

Focus on fit

Men's pleated grey trousers worn with knitted polo shirt


Fit is largely objective when it comes to trousers as it is primarily influenced by your body type and the look you’re trying to achieve. However, there are a few simple rules to follow if you’re after a pair of trousers that will look good no matter the occasion.

Firstly, don’t go too slim. Overly-tight pants not only look unflattering, they’re also incredibly uncomfortable. Restrictive on the thighs, the seat and even the calves, skinny trousers will make it harder to walk than it should be, and that’s before you even sit down.

Instead, look for a pair that is cut with a bit more room through the thigh and tapers down from the knee, so you achieve that desirable svelte silhouette without constricting your legs.

Secondly, pay attention to those hems. Due to us all being different heights, the majority of trousers are far too long, resulting in them pooling on your shoes and looking scruffy. For casual styles like chinos and jeans it’s perfectly fine to roll the hems to solve this issue, but for smarter trousers you’ll want to get them altered by a local tailor. Ideally, they should finish just touching the tops of your shoes, leaving a clean, unbroken line that makes it look as though the pants were made for you.

50 shades of grey

Men's grey tailored pants with tucked in polo shirt outfit


The shade of grey you choose will have a drastic effect on the overall look and feel of your outfit. Darker tones are undoubtedly better suited to monochrome looks made up of white, grey and black. All-black outfits can often look fairly severe, so incorporating a dark grey pair of trousers offers a way to soften it slightly, while retaining the simple, minimal feel of tonal attire.

Dark grey is also much more formal, and for tailoring works especially well with navy. Dark grey pants and a navy blazer might just be the ultimate separates combo, after all.

Light grey on the other hand is inherently more casual and summery. It acts as a blank canvas, anchoring and complementing a wide spectrum of colours from green and red through to softer pastel shades of pink, yellow and orange.

Grey pants outfits for men

Combat ready grey pants

Men's military trend outfit with cargo pants and boots

Brunello Cucinelli

Combat pants are traditionally available in green, navy and black. A grey pair therefore is more unusual, but makes for a stylish way to reference their military heritage without looking like you’re playing soldiers.

Combine them with brown work boots, a blue roll neck and a neutral gilet for a contemporary take on outdoor-ready attire.

Modernist grey pants

Men's grey pants, white T-shirt/vest and checked Harrington jacket outfit

Todd Snyder

Grey pants are the perfect anchor for any look, whether you go fully tailored or smart casual. For the latter, why not try borrowing from the mods of the 60s and opt for a check Harrington jacket?

This classic motif perfectly complements the mid grey of the trousers, while the simple canvas sneakers and white tee add a modern feel that makes this retro look surprisingly easy to wear.

Casual tailored grey pants

Men's wool grey trousers, grey sweatshirt, suede jacket and grey suede slip-on sneakers outfit

Officine Generale

Grey tailored pants combine effortlessly with other smart casual pieces like sweatshirts, suede jackets and minimal sneakers to create sharp, everyday outfits.

A pair cut from textured wool or cotton in a slightly relaxed fit, such as the above, stops them from appearing too business-like, allowing them to be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

Grey jeans alternative

Men's grey checked pants, grey T-shirt, beige overcoat and white sneakers outfit

34 Heritage

Jeans are actually a type of trouser, so they don’t have to be made from denim. In fact, some of the best pairs we’ve seen aren’t. So, for a more luxurious take on a wardrobe staple, try some crafted from moleskin or wool – both no less versatile than denim but far smarter.

Checked wool trousers can be used to dress up a white/grey/black tee, as proven above, and work as a great alternative to classic indigo jeans. Finish the look with a soft beige overcoat and clean white sneakers for a superb take on high-low dressing.


Men's smart grey pants, grey sweatshirt, black blazer and Chelsea boots outfit


Naturally, grey pants slot seamlessly into monochrome looks. Smarter than navy trousers yet not as stark as white, they are a versatile, in-between shade that all men can wear successfully.

What’s more, they’re an excellent partner for black, toning things down slightly yet complementing it in a way few other shades can.

Grey chino pants

Men's grey chinos, black T-shirt, striped overshirt and white sneakers outfit


Grey might not be the most obvious choice for chinos. Navy offers ultimate versatility, while stone and khaki are easy to wear both casually and with tailoring.

Grey shouldn’t be overlooked though, working well as a smart casual pant that’s an ideal choice when combined with other staples including overshirts, polo shirts, tees and minimal white sneakers.

Grey jeans

Men's grey jeans, blue flannel shirt, beanie and running shoes outfit


An underrated style staple, grey jeans could be what the bottom half of your wardrobe is missing. A favourite of everyone from David Beckham to Ryan Gosling, these casual classics combine perfectly with workwear, from chore jackets to navy work shirts and everything in between.

Try teaming yours with the latter, finishing with vintage running shoes and a tonal beanie.

Cropped grey pants

Men's gcropped grey pants, navy dress shirt and white sneakers outfit


Grey tailoring is synonymous with office wear and often connotes unimaginative, dreary attire that’s best avoided. But grey tailored trousers can work surprisingly well as part of a more interesting smart casual look.

The trick is to go for a tailored, cropped fit which finishes just above the ankle. This transforms them into something much more contemporary and allows them to be worn with a dress shirt in a variety of colours and minimal sneakers, like above.

Grey pants & printed shirt

Men's light grey pants, printed short sleeve shirt and leather penny loafers outfit


Printed shirts typically only work when surrounded by muted garments. Anything too flashy elsewhere and you risk creating unsightly clashes.

Enter, grey pants. Pared back and understated, they allow the print up top to take centre stage, keeping things from becoming garish.

Menswear classics

Men's grey wool pants, brown boots, chunky roll neck and navy Harrington jacket outfit

Private White V.C.

One way to wear grey pants is to treat them as you would any other wardrobe staple. That is, combine them with simple, timeless garments including chunky roll necks, T-shirts, Harrington jackets and leather boots.

They’re the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe of interchangeable classics, and will likely become one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you own.

Keep it simple

Men's light grey pants, green polo shirt and slip-on sneakers outfit


As is often the case, the best way to dress is to keep it simple. This is no different with grey trousers, which are usually at their most effective when worn as part of a pared-back, minimal outfit.

For example, a slim-fit cotton pair teamed with a bottle green knitted polo and suede sneakers makes for a stylish look that’s ideal for wearing to the pub or out and about on the weekend.

Grey and navy

Men's grey drawstring pants, navy sweatshirt and sneakers outfit


Grey and navy is one of menswear’s classic colour combinations. The two work together flawlessly, whether utilised as part of a relaxed weekend look or something more office appropriate.

For an outfit that sits somewhere in between, try combining a slim-fitting navy sweatshirt with tailored drawstring grey trousers and some off-white canvas sneakers, like above.

Grey on grey

Men's grey pants, grey roll neck and suede sneakers outfit


While we’d usually recommend light grey for maximum adaptability, darker shades can be just as effective. Slightly softer than black, dark grey pants work especially well as part of a monochrome look.

Try yours with a light grey turtleneck up top to keep things from looking too severe, and finish with black sneakers down below for a versatile, easy-to-wear casual fit.

Blank canvas

Grey trousers, jumper and sneakers with a camel overcoat outfit


Like with white trousers, grey pants often work best when used as a blank canvas. Their neutrality and understated feel ensures they succeed with virtually any shade you choose to match with them.

Navy, bottle green, burgundy, mustard, orange… grey trousers allow any colour to pop, without clashing. Combine yours with a tonal grey sweater and light grey sneakers then layer over a rich camel overcoat to make a statement in a sophisticated way.

Sports luxe grey pants

Men's charcoal drawstring pants, grey zip neck sweater and white sneakers outfit


Athleisure isn’t something that’s ever gone away. In fact, it’s influenced a large part of how many men dress today, with comfort and ease of movement becoming just as important as look and feel.

If you want to try it for yourself, a pair of stretch, drawstring grey pants are a great place to start. Combine them with a lighter grey sweatshirt up top and minimal, white leather sneakers down below.