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11 Major Men’s Hoodie Trends For 2024

Whether you wear one for work, sport, posing or six-hour streaming binges, here are the men's hoodie trends that are set to dominate the next 12 months.

Hoodies are everywhere, again. It’s a sign of just how ubiquitous the garment has become that here we are in 2024 writing an article about a dozen of the biggest hoodie trends of the year. Once the preserve of skaters and gym-goers, everyone has a hoodie these days. And we do mean everyone: politicians and billionaires, streetwear kids and high fashion grandees, rich and poor, jocks and nerds.

With such a wide fan base, labels now produce hoodies in a multitude of styles. It’s no longer just a block color top in loopback cotton with a kangaroo pocket on the front. Whatever your style, there’s a hoodie out there to fit your wardrobe.

So whether you wear one for work, sport, posing or six-hour streaming binges, here are the best hoodie trends we’ve seen this year.

Oversized hoodies

Man wearing black Fear of God Essentials oversized hoodie with wide black pants

Fear of God Essentials

After a decade or more of slim and skinny cuts, menswear embraced oversized fits several seasons ago. If you’re still hesitant, an oversized hoodie is a great way to try out the trend. Hoodies hold their shape in bigger cuts thanks to the thick cotton and jersey they’re made from, with folds, creases and bulges giving you an interesting, chunky silhouette. 

It’s also true to the hoodie’s streetwear and hip-hop heritage, of course, and oversized hoodies work particularly well with baggy jeans, track pants and loose-fitting cord trousers. But they can be minimalist in their own way, too. Find a baggy hoodie in a stripped-back block color and wear it with matching trousers for something loose and louche. 

Heavyweight hoodies

Two men wearing heavyweight black Reigning Champ hoodies underneath grey overcoats

Reigning Champ

Heavyweight hoodies have been a major trend in recent years, maybe as the backlash to fast, disposable fashion takes hold. These chunky models are built to last and you can feel the quality between your fingers. Look for something that’s at least 400gsm to make sure it hits fighting weight.

As well as rugged, an oversized hoodie is warm and flattering. They’ll slip easily into a workwear-inspired wardrobe. Try one with carpenter pants or baggy jeans. Alternatively, you’ll also find outdoorsy labels creating heavyweight hoodies for their insulating properties, making them must-pack items for camping trips, long-haul flights and sick days in front of the TV.

Quiet luxury hoodies

Man wearing a Luca Faloni charcoal cashmere quiet luxury hoodie over a pink shirt with black pants and a black premium baseball cap

Luca Faloni

Nobody likes a show-off, but few items say you’ve made it like a well-fitting hoodie made of pristine cashmere. The use of luxury materials in something casual like a hoodie has been A Thing ever since the coronavirus lockdowns when loungewear went both mainstream and deluxe. 

Since then, the quiet luxury trend has kept this hoodie trend going. Flex your inner Kendall Roy and wear your success lightly but elegantly with a luxury hoodie from one of the world’s most esteemed fashion houses, practically all of whom are in on the act.

Cashmere and merino are the usual fabrics but occasionally, you’ll also find silk in the mix. In all cases, the softness is beyond indulgent.

Big logo hoodies

Man wearing black AMIRI logo hoodie and white crossbody bag


Big logos splashed across sweatshirts and hoodies are nothing new. Labels have been doing it since the 80s when skatewear brands pioneered what is now standard design and marketing rolled into one. Before that, college students would wear styles with the name of their college or university proudly displayed on the front, too. 

Today, hoodies with throwback designs are playing on all this history. Labels big and small are getting creative with their own branding – not just doing the Gap thing, but redesigning beloved logos and trying out old-school fonts.

It feels quite 90s, so pair it with your favorite mid-wash denim or layer the hoodie under a coach jacket or leather bomber.

Distressed hoodies

Man wearing a distressed black hoodie, white T-shirt, black leather biker jacket and black pants


The distressed look is a tried and true way to wear a hoodie, popular with grunge, hip-hop and other subcultures. It’s having a moment again right now, with luxury designer brands putting out hoodies that are faded, bleached, torn or have an acid wash treatment applied. It’s a little bit punk, a little bit angsty teen and it brings that attitude to streetwear looks in particular.

It’s also a good way to bring something loud into your wardrobe because the distressed detailing tends to catch the eye. Try one with either wide and skinny jeans and a pair of statement sneakers.

All-over print hoodies

Man in A Bathing Ape BAPE all-over camo print hoodie and logo black T-shirt

A Bathing Ape

Scroll through the hoodies at any of the big menswear e-commerce sites and you’ll see row after row of block-color designs. No surprise there. This year, however, we’ve noticed a little more variety in the feed with a few bold prints and patterns in the mix. Think all-over Burberry checks, wavy squiggles and repeating patterns as well as designs that have been around for a little while like tie-dye. 

It’s clearly a louder look than a simple grey or black hoodie so the styling needs a little more thought. Your best options are either to lean into that volume with clashing prints and colors or play it safer with a simple pair of black jeans or chinos. 

Preppy hoodies

Man wearing Todd Snyder preppy burgundy Brooklyn hoodie with blue Oxford shirt, raw denim jeans and a brown overcoat

Todd Snyder

Hoodies started life on the campus, worn off the field by college sports teams. So it makes sense that, just like letterman jackets and other collegiate staples, preppy hoodies are having a renaissance. Influential labels like Aime Leon Dore and Noah NYC are bringing fresh takes on preppy fashion to modern menswear while classic brands like Ralph Lauren never stopped doing what they do best. 

If you want a preppy hoodie, look for details like raglan sleeves and collegiate-inspired logos, branding and rich colors. This is the kind of hoodie you can wear with practically anything, but it works particularly well with other preppy items like chinos and cord trousers.

Gothic hoodies

Man wearing black Gothic AllSaints hoodie, black/white check overshirt, black pants, wallet chain and black leather baseball cap


Bring a little anarchy to your look with a hoodie inspired by goth fashion and heavy metal hoodies. In recent seasons, higher-end brands like Balenciaga, Vetements and Amiri have leaned hard into the style, with black-and-white designs, gothic lettering and plenty of moshpit-ready prints. Not everyone will want to wear a flaming skull across their chest, but it works for moody or irony-drenched takes on streetwear. 

A pair of black jeans is a must-have partner and you could also layer a loose-fitting biker jacket over the top. And of course, it doesn’t have to be a designer piece. This is the perfect opportunity to dust off your Slayer, Pantera or Iron Maiden merch.

Terry toweling hoodies

Man wearing a matching terry toweling hoodie and short set by The Resort Co.

The Resort Co.

Fashion got the holiday bug in recent years with more labels than ever releasing capsule collections designed for upmarket resorts and other holidays. There are even a few young labels that only do resortwear. For all these brands, a Terry toweling hoodie seems to be a core part of the collection. 

And honestly, we get it. The lightweight fabric is ideal for that kind of indulgent trip. It’s soft and comfortable to travel in and easy to throw in a bag. It’s also perfect to put on after a swim, soaking up the water and keeping the sun off your skin until you’re ready for the next round of sunscreen.

The material also holds color well, so look out for bolder jewel tones among the usual summer neutrals. 

Performance hoodies

Man in matching shorts and performance hoodie by Vuori holding a basketball


Hoodies started life as sportswear, but the classic loopback cotton version is today better suited for lazing than chasing down a PB. The right kind of hoodie is, however, still a practical option for Gainsville. Lightweight, stretchy and moisture-wicking, many brands now use modern fabrics for hoodies designed specifically for the gym, hiking, cold outdoor runs, yoga and more. 

Look out for details like a gusset under the arms for extra movement or subtle holes for ventilation. You’ll even find some treated with odor-repellent coatings, which are perfect for heavy training days when you’ve earned a few extra calories.

Sustainable hoodies

Three sustainable organic cotton hoodies for men by ASKET


In response to the ever-growing demand for low-footprint fashion, sustainable labels are taking fresh approaches to the materials they use and the way their clothes are made. Think of the sustainable hoodie as the anti-trend hoodie trend.

If you’re looking for one, check out brands that offer lots of information about how their garments are made (check out Pangaia for a good example). You’re looking for recycled or responsibly sourced materials, small collections, non-toxic dye methods and circular fashion initiatives.

If you’re uncertain, you can also look up the brand on Good On You, which provides ethical ratings of fashion brands across a number of criteria.