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12 Luxury Resortwear Brands For First Class Vacation Style

These high-end resortwear labels will upgrade your vacation wardrobe with their blend of style, quality and craftsmanship.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

You’d be forgiven for thinking your vacation wardrobe is the same as your summer wardrobe. While there is certainly some crossover, your holiday haul needs to be able to deal with the sea, the pool, horizontal days,cocktail nights and, well you see where we’re going with this.

Yes, they are both designed with the summer in mind, but on vacation your clothes need to have another level of comfortable stylish versatility.

Elevated resortwear incorporates lightweight layers of cotton, linen and terry cloth garments (among others) with an unstructured tailored aesthetic that looks elegant, whether you’re at airport lounge or beachside shack.

What makes resortwear luxury?

Man wearing a luxury popover white shirt, navy shorts and sunglasses on vacation

The Resort Co

Travel has become a business wrapped up in ‘luxury’, selling itself on stories of unforgettable memories in beautifully designed hotels, stunning swimming pools and exquisite restaurants. Never shy of grabbing an opportunity by its lapels, fashion has followed suit, with a host of vacation-specific and luxury travel clothing brands creating collections that perfectly combine comfort, functionality and style.

Take Orlebar Brown, perhaps the best known luxury resortwear brand – it started by launching its Bulldog shorts, inspired by the construction of tailored trousers, and has since expanded to offer everything you could possibly want to pack while staying in the world’s finest hotels and resorts.

What makes labels like this ‘luxury’ is not just the promise of good times – it’s the fabrics they use and the quality of construction. Organic cotton and linen feature heavily in the dressier aspects of these collections, while quick-drying technical fabrics rendered in superior cuts make up the more functional garments.

The best luxury resortwear brands

So, which brands do the 1% pack in their suitcases? Here we rundown the labels you’re likely to spot at high-end resorts and six-star hotels across the globe.


If you’re looking for an antidote to the pared-back minimalism of the quiet luxury movement that seems to be gathering pace right now, then a good dose of Vilebrequin in your suitcase will go a long way.

With bright vibrant prints across its beach shorts range, the luxury French label spills over with St. Tropezian charm. It also produces a host of great travelling kit, such as cotton corduroy stretch joggers, loopback cotton crew necks and terry cloth polos.

Ultimately though, you shop here for the eye-catching patterns, which play out best in its eclectic collection of swim shorts.

The Resort Co

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019, The Resort Co set out on a mission to craft the perfect vacation wardrobe, and we’d say they succeeded.

The brand’s range incorporates all the core elements of a capsule vacation wardrobe – from tailored swim shorts and suede espadrilles to terry cloth shirts and acetate sunglasses – with each piece handmade using the highest quality sustainable materials in family-run factories across Italy, Spain and Portugal. 

This is high-end resortwear with a focus on slow production and ethical craftsmanship, meaning you can splurge without the guilt.

Orlebar Brown

As previously mentioned, Orlebar Brown was the first mover when it comes to men’s resortwear and has continued to cement its status as one of the premier luxury brands in the category thanks to its chic tailored aesthetic. It essentially takes sartorial elements of menswear and repurposes them for the beach or poolside.

Besides its iconic Bulldog shorts – which come in a wide variety of lengths, colours and prints – where it has really expanded in recent seasons is its resortwear staples, from linen shirts, Cuban collar button ups and cashmere polos to stretch cotton chinos and terry cloth blazers.

OB is way more than just a luxury swimwear brand these days – it is a one-stop shop for every stylish holiday scenario you could imagine.

SMR Days

Founded in 2020 by industry veterans Adam Shapiro, Dan May and Gautam Rajani, SMR Days is relaxed yet sophisticated menswear designed to travel in style.

The premise is simple: laidback menswear cut from beautiful natural fibres, perfect for those chic summer holidays

Exquisitely made resortwear garments such as grandad collar cotton shirts, knee-length tailored shorts and slouchy cotton trousers, combined with a great capsule of sunglasses and tote bags makes SMR Days a must-have in your carry on.

Frescobol Carioca

Frescobol Carioca is a unique proposition, combining the founder’s Brazilian family roots with a chic European luxury aesthetic.

Its garments explore the South American nation’s iconic beach culture, thanks to an array of geometric prints inspired by Brazilian architecture.

Its sophisticated collection of shorts will look right at home on any of Europe’s best beaches, but if you’re heading to the swanky restaurant for a toes-in-the-sand blow-out lunch, Frescobol’s stunning range of linen and tencel shirts, terry cloth camp collars and linen pants will ensure you’re the best-dressed by some margin.


Casablanca, founded by designer Charaf Tajer, burst onto the scene a few years ago with an outstanding and completely unique offering of vibrant silk shirts, for which the brand is still peerless.

While the silk shirts might be the hero product, Casablanca has since evolved its collection to include eye-catching swimwear featuring the brand’s stunning geometric motifs, as well as knitwear, tees, trousers and tailoring.

While the vibe might definitely be thought of as ‘vacation’, that’s just Casablanca’s sunny disposition – this is truly an iconic luxury fashion house in the making.


Casa Marané’s strapline is ‘Swimmers are Dreamers’, which is pretty spot on when trying to define the Uruguayan brand’s raison d’etre.

Everything about the label has a pure and organic feel to it, from the sexy marketing to the garments themselves, exquisitely made and with an incredible level of detail.

While its shorts collection is extensive, we’re in love with the wovens, replete with tapered cropped trousers, shorts and lightweight jackets constructed from 100% Irish heritage linen.

It’s resortwear for the barefoot travellers who want to pitch their pareo on a deserted beach and surf till the sun goes down.

Endless Joy

Originally conceived as an art project by Stevie and Alexandra Anderson, Endless Joy has evolved to become a living, breathing, environmentally friendly brand that uses original artworks exhibited on carefully selected sustainable fabrics.

As the Andersons state, “Each artwork is… imbued with cryptic symbology, myth and mystery, and paying deep respect to the history of human symbolism and the veneration of nature.”

Each eco-friendly product is only produced to a run of 100 pieces to ensure that each one is thought of as a piece of art, rather than something that is forgotten after a season and laid to waste.

The shirts, which come in a variety of silhouettes and fabrics (mostly organic cotton and silk) are beautifully wild, with bold snake prints and intricate artworks used to head-turning effect.

If you’re heading to a party destination such as Ibiza, Miami or Tulum and want your vacation wardrobe to make a statement, Endless Joy will speak volumes.


While the brand founded by French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus is a bonafide luxury fashion label, there is a definable resortwear vibe about the summer menswear collections.

That’s because it is largely inspired by the Provence countryside in which Jacquemus grew up, hence the bold use of sunny yellow and blue tones, played out among softly tailored silhouettes and bohemian shirts and trousers.

This is high-end vacation wear for discerning fashion followers who want to step out in a slice of French luxury and an expensively maintained tan.

Corridor NYC

New York doesn’t usually spring to mind when one first ponders resortwear, but the city’s hectic bustle and sun-scorched summers have been perfectly encapsulated by Corridor, the independent NYC-based menswear label founded in 2013 by designer Dan Snyder.

Snyder has spent a lifetime working up and down the Northeast corridor so he’s perfectly placed to manifest the energy of its summers, creating menswear that has a bohemian leaning to it.

Expect a playful aesthetic rich with acid plaids, crochet knits, classic striped motifs and stunning fabrics, from linens to organic cotton seersuckers.


Founded in 2009 in New York by Carl Cunow and Nathan Romano, Onia started life as a swimwear brand before branching out into men’s resortwear. We’re glad they did.

They’ve handily curated a vacation shop online that features a handpicked selection of their key summer holiday pieces – from the patterned print shorts that made their name to a host of sophisticated linen garments that are ideal for incorporating into a smart travel wardrobe.

Think slubby hoodies and terry cloth pullover sweaters, as well as viscose camp collar shirts and tailored shorts.


An award-winning eco-conscious brand from Brazil, Osklen is the brainchild of Oskar Metsavaht, a polymath with a passion for sustainability.

The collections inhabit a bohemian South American place, with lots of fabric diversity and textural elements combined with a laid-back aesthetic.

This isn’t five-star resortwear, but rather a global uniform for a barefoot traveller seeking adventure and connection. Hemp tees and linen short-sleeved shirts provide an effortless sense of summer style, embellished with floral motifs on a soft palette of muted neutral tones.