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The Best Heavyweight T-Shirt Brands For Men

These are the labels making the most substantial men's tees on the market right now, with each weighing in over 6oz/200gsm.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

There’s very little we need to tell you about T-shirts – aside from finding one that fits well, which admittedly, can be a challenge. Possibly the most worn items of clothing in the world, they rightly form the backbone of every stylishly casual wardrobe. 

But while tees are ideal for spring and summer, the cooler months require something warmer and better suited to layering. Enter the heavyweight T-shirt. 

Made from thicker, denser cotton, the heavyweight tee is just as easy to wear as its featherweight cousin. But its warmer fabric keeps you toasty in the fall when worn under a hoodie, while also working on its own as makeshift outerwear when the mercury rises. 

So let’s get into the thick of it. From what to wear them with to the best heavyweight T-shirt brands, here’s all you need to know about this underrated staple.

What makes a heavyweight T-shirt?

A a thick, heavyweight ecru men's T-shirt folded up and laid on concrete


The only thing differentiating a heavyweight T-shirt from a regular one is the fabric. While your typical tee will be made from a light cotton jersey and weigh seemingly nothing, we’re talking about fabrics that weigh 6oz and above.

When you start shopping, you’ll see ‘gsm’ a lot in the product descriptions. This stands for grams per square meter, and it measures the weight of the fabric. Brands that are serious (and a little nerdy) about their T-shirts will tell you what gsm they are. You’re looking for 200 gsm (equivalent to 6oz) and above for heavyweight styles.

Usually reserved for crew-neck jumpers and thicker hoodies, this denser cotton jersey transforms the humble T-shirt. You’ll literally feel the difference between your fingers. It transforms the tee from a garment traditionally used as underwear to a legitimate piece of outerwear.

If lightweight tees work well as a base layer, heavyweight versions are more robust and durable. They are excellent alternatives to polo shirts, short-sleeve Cuban collar shirts, and light knits.

Best men’s heavyweight T-shirt brands


Man wearing a taupe heavyweight pocket T-shirt with brown pants

Although the ‘NN’ part of NN07 stands for ‘No Nationality,’ this modern label was founded by a group of friends in Denmark in 2007. It has since developed a cult following thanks to a unique blend of Danish and Japanese menswear aesthetics crafted from stunning natural fabrics.

Its heavyweight T-shirts are some of the most varied on the market when it comes to fabrications and styles. There are cotton-Tencel blends, 100% Pima cotton and even knitted boucle yarns, with designs ranging from classic pocket tees to slouchy drop-shouldered takes to printed streetwear options.

Whatever you’re searching for, you’ll surely find something you’ll like.


A heavyweight men's black T-shirt being weighed

It started life making luxury underwear, but CDLP quickly moved on, establishing a full range of everyday menswear essentials.

For its heavyweight tees, the brand has turned to a lyocell and Pima cotton mix, which boasts a silky hand feel that’s incredibly comfortable. The fit is regular, allowing you to size up or down as you see fit.


A selection of heavyweight men's T-shirt hanging on a clothes rail in multiple colours

There aren’t many labels that do well-made, beautifully designed basics as well as ASKET. The Scandinavian brand pays attention to the responsibility aspect of its production, choosing only to work with independent European factories that respect both their staff and the environment.

ASKET’s T-shirts should be considered staple pieces and will quickly form the backbone of your casual attire. Made using a heavyweight 180 gsm cotton jersey (just below the waterline we set, making them excellent as layering and standalone pieces) and with a contemporary tailored fit, they go with practically everything.

Hamilton + Hare

Man wearing a relaxed, heavyweight T-shirt in navy

The aim at Hamilton + Hare is to create the best basics from the best materials, so you can expect its heavyweight T-shirts to be crafted from the finest, softest cotton jersey. The loopback fabric it works with is reminiscent of traditional sweatshirts, while its oversized fit makes them just as versatile.

Manufactured in small batches at a Portuguese mill, these are tees produced with care by an indie label on a mission to look good while doing good.


A heavyweight Carhartt T-shirt and beanie laid on a work bench

If you’re in the market for a heavyweight tee, one of the first names that springs to mind might be Carhartt, and for good reason. The Detroit brand has been producing hardwearing, durable essentials for over a century, and T-shirts have been a big part of that.

Look out for its pocket tees, which are often made from sturdy cotton (220 gsm and higher) with subtle branding at the chest, bringing a little streetwear cred to any fit.


Man wearing a heavyweight green T-shirt with white jeans sitting on a stool

H&M’s more considered stablemate does a fine line in well-made basics you can build a wardrobe around.

The brand’s heavyweight tees are a good example: made from thick 220 gsm cotton, they’re slightly loose-fitting and have a coarse-but-comfortable, lived-in feel.


Mean wearing an oversized heavyweight white T-shirt holding a denim jacket over his shoulder

Slow fashion label Everlane wears its green credentials on its ethically made sleeve and incorporates that ethos into its garment design, too.

Like everything it produces, Everlane’s heavyweight T-shirts are made to last, with densely stitched 6.2oz cotton that gets softer and softer the more you wear it.


Man wearing a pale green heavyweight T-shirt and multiple pieces of chunky jewellery. T-shirt is tucked into black jeans.

For contemporary clothing with a workwear slant, P&Co is well worth checking out. From utility vests to leather motorcycle gloves, the brand places great emphasis on quality materials and outstanding fit. And so it goes with its heavyweight tees.

Made using a scale-tipping 300 gsm cotton jersey, its relaxed fit, heavy T-shirts boast slightly dropped shoulders and boxy silhouettes, making them incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

Camber USA

Man wearing a heavyweight black T-shirt by Camber USA

Classic US sportswear is a good hunting ground for heavyweight T-shirts because brands often lean into the jersey-heavy college jock aesthetic. And few do it as well as cult favorite Camber.

Its small collection consists only of tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts, all of which are obsessively – even secretly – produced in the USA. Its heavyweight T-shirts are made of 8oz cotton and have relaxed fits and durably thick necklines, making them a warm-weather sweatshirt alternative.


Man wearing a heavyweight black T-shirt with dropped shoulders

Simplicity is the name of the game at Unrecorded. From its half-zip sweaters to its Oxford shirts, its minimalist racks make it easy to build a wearable, beautifully made wardrobe.

For its tees, the brand has gone for an easy, relaxed fit in a substantial 220 gsm heavyweight cotton, which will only get better with age and wear.

A Day’s March

Close up of a man wearing a heavyweight white T-shirt

Scandi label A Day’s March made its name with robust outerwear, utilitarian designs and tough fabrics, ensuring everything the label makes is designed for life.

The brand doesn’t skimp on its tees, either. Expect regular fits and minimal detailing in a suitably heavyweight 250gsm cotton jersey.

Pro Club

Close up of two heavyweight T-shirt collars in black and white

Pro Club’s tees don’t mess about. Made from 7oz cotton with distinct wide neckbands, they’re easy-to-wear, durable staples that stand the test of time.

Available in a limited range of shades, from heather grey to maroon, they might be the only heavy T-shirts you need. Like Camber USA, it’s also astonishing how affordable this much-loved producer is. You get a lot of tee for your money.

Power House

Man wearing an oversized heavyweight green T-shirt, oversized cargo pants and a blue cap

Japanese brand Power House isn’t trying to change the game with its heavyweight T-shirts. Using US-made cotton woven into a dense jersey, these are the perfect, relaxed-fitting tees.

Wear one underneath a chore jacket or overcoat, then finish with selvage denim and brown leather work boots.

What to consider when buying a heavyweight T-shirt


Bright blue men's heavyweight T-shirt up close


The fabric is the biggest thing to consider when investing in a heavyweight T-shirt. It will be thicker than you’re used to, but this is a good thing. You typically can’t buy tees in fabrics heavier than the cotton jersey used for sweatshirts, but you probably wouldn’t want anything thicker than that anyway.

Anything up to 10oz jersey or 350 GSM is perfectly doable and will give the tee a more durable look and feel. Because of that trusty thickness, it will sit slightly differently on the body and won’t flow quite as well as the more breathable, lightweight stuff.


A man wearing a thick, heavyweight white T-shirt with jeans and chunky jewellery


The way a T-shirt fits is largely down to the individual. You may favor something on the slimmer side, in which case you want to aim for a cut that fits close on the biceps, chest and underarm but allows for a bit of room towards the waist so that it doesn’t cling to you. Or maybe you prefer something boxier – a relaxed fit with a roomy middle and longer, wider arms.

It’s much the same for heavyweight tees, but to be on the safe side, it’s worth going for the latter. Given the denser, thicker fabric, a heavy tee that’s too slim will just look strange.


A selection of men's heavyweight T-shirts in neutral colours


Whether you go for color or not depends on how you plan to layer your tee under other pieces. For maximum versatility, you can play it safe with white, grey, navy or black designs, which you can easily wear on their own or mix and match with other wardrobe essentials.

Bored of neutrals? Don’t worry. T-shirts, regardless of weight, are excellent ways of adding color to your fits. So don’t be afraid of going for a seasonal shade, like deep olive green or brown in fall, or more spring-friendly pastel shades in the warmer months.