Nixon Watches Picks

Nixon watches are timepieces with an attitude and a young vibe. While they can equally find themselves on the wrist of a professional or on a student, they combine fresh details with the traditional features of any quality watch. Slick leather bands are found in new variations: bright white, smooth imported leather, and bright gold paired with a highly individual watch face.

Nixon watches are for anyone who is creative, who has a sport-related job, who works hard and plays hard, or who just craves alternative designs. Nixon prides itself in being an alternative solution for individual, funky watches, and it works.

As with many fine watch brands, Nixon provides a service for repairs and parts replacement. If you’ve tried to have your watch repaired in any old jewelry shop, then you know the difficulty it can be to find specialty pieces. If you buy a watch from Nixon—whether it’s the Esquire, GTO, or Player—at least you know that it will be around for as long as you’d like it to be. Get springbars, pins, batteries, and bands from Nixon and protect your timepiece.

Check out these top styles from

Nixon Esquire
While being one of Nixon’s most basic designs, the Esquire style certainly don’t feel like that. With coordinating watch faces to the band, they have an unusual chameleon effect. The watch face sinks into the band as though it’s inset. Stainless steel or a 23K gold coating highlight cool symmetry and a very pleasing basic shape.

The Nixon Esquire has a smooth grain leather band in white, brown, and two versions in black. Wear yours out at night to fully appreciate the glowing hands. Get it at $180.00.

Nixon GTO
The Nixon GTO will really work with casual duds and your vintage or retro finds. The imported leather  or denim band has prominent stainless steel grommets available in both monochromatic and contrasting styles. Reminiscent of the cuff bracelet trend, the GTO watch is a bigger than your average timepiece and definitely more interesting, too.

Choose your GTO in dark denim or leather. This statement watch is available in a deep brown mock croc leather, two black versions, and white for $120.

Nixon Player
The Player comes in a lot of different versions, and you can choose the one that suits your wardrobe and your attitude the best. The band, constructed from stainless steel, is not just available in a silver tone, but also in a brassy bright gold and midnight black.

Nixon Player watch is priced from $160 to $265.